The Islanders have decided that Tony Amonte is too expensive and have bowed out of the running for his services. They have also alledgedly reset their sights on Scott Young instead.

source: www.thefourthperiod.com


  1. big_booty says:

    Young is a better fit for the Isles anyway. Similar style, not as old, and will come cheaper. Also he is better defensively, and would be great when paired with a healthy Peca.

    As for Amonte, I am under the impression that he wants to stay in the Western Conference. It’s surprising to me that Los Angeles hasn’t made a play for him yet, since the Kings have been rumored to make a big trade/FA splash since March.

  2. mikster says:

    Gee, no major improvements for the Isle’s? They missed out on Kaspar and Amonte.

  3. mikster says:

    Young will also stay in the west.

  4. wrightstuff77 says:

    One team down only a few more to go until Amonte becomes a Leaf!

    Bring him, and a quality 2nd tier d-man to play in the 3-6 slots on d and the leafs will have done well.

    If niether comes we could always sign Cory Cross and trade him for Kariya again…I don’t know why we didn’t do that the first time (just kidding!)


  5. topshelf05 says:

    I could be mistaken, big_booty, but Scott Young is 34 going on 35 and Tony Amonte is 31.

  6. big_booty says:

    You smell that? It’s a brain fart. Quite a distinct aroma.

    Sorry about that, y’all. Nobody’s perfect.

    I still think Young’s a better all-around player, though.

  7. Zamboni says:

    Young is not even close to the player that Amonte is. Living near Chicago, I can assure you that as much as Blackhawks management is trying to claim that they need need him, Tony has been Mr. Everything for the Hawks for several years now. Amonte is every bit the player Guerin is, minus a bit of muscle, plus a bit of defensive skills. He’s the biggest fish left in the pond, hands down.

  8. isles4life says:

    Its funny that a Dallas fan would report an Islander topic.I hope for your sake that Dallas does sign Amonte or you will be going POSTAL.

  9. Zamboni says:

    Whoever said I am a Dallas fan? I am a Modano fan, I am a Guerin fan, and yes, I am an Amonte fan. I am a fan of USA hockey, and if several Americans end up on one team, I’m going to be pulling for that team. That said, I must be an Avs fan because they’ve got Drury and Hinote. Or maybe I’m a St. Louis fan since they’ve got Weight, Tkachuk, and Johnson. Nope, I really oughta be a Philly fan, they’ve got Roenick and LeClair!

    In summary, nope, won’t be going postal.

  10. rrudd says:

    i think there’s no question amonte’s the better player. i like young. he’s a good guy, and a good player. i just think there’s no element to his game that is superior to amonte’s.

  11. rrudd says:

    don’t worry, nobody here will be going postal. guerin and boucher immediately makes this team better. good enough to beat col or det? probably not. amonte is not a necessity, though. obviously selanne is still an option. young would make this team better. heck, dahlen would make this team better.

    if the team goes to camp as is, they’re decidedly better than last season. and now an arnott/prospect/pick package could fetch you something really special come trade deadline.

  12. IslesFan888 says:

    There are reports from thefourthperiod.com and newsday that the Isles’s have offerred Domi a 2 million contract…And obviously have offerred Young a long term deal for I’m guessing 3-4.5 mill…Why not combine the salraries and just go after Amonte. This would more than satisfy the fans who have had nothing this summer expect a bunch of rumors with the loss of a 30 goal scorer and getting some grit players. Also in the NY Post today theres an article about how die hard Isles fans are making calls and sending faxes to Amonte’s agent. The agent says he’s been looking them over as his client continues to have interest. If Amonte is still even considering the Isles after they publicly said there not gonna spend as much this might mean he would like to be here with Yahsin, etc. Why not make everyone happy and get the deal done? They have already sold tons more season tickets than past years and can continue to build the fan base with making a move such as this. All of this leads me to believe there not really out of it yet, I’d still be happy with Young though, as opposed to, no one at all.

  13. nskerr says:

    Although I would have loved Amonte next to Yashin, 7-8 million a year for a high 20 to mid 30 goal scorer is a lot. Although I wouldn’t want to trade some of the young talent in the Isles system, there are some good wingers that are available in the league, a la Sergei Samsanov or Anson Carter that can be had for players the Isles are looking to trade. Brad Isbister, Dave Scatchard and even Oleg Kvasha might be moved to a western team like Edmonton which will keep the payroll down and the production up.

    Scott Young would come cheaper and definitely would be a solid 2 way winger to put with Yashin at first and maybe Peca if either Mark Parrish or Shawn Bates doesn’t produce. The only problem I see there is he is 35 and would be a short-term solution.

  14. Forsberg21 says:

    Well they just missed out on Young too. Reports are saying the Stars have signed scott Young to 2 year $7 million contract. Better start thinking fast NYI, your running out of choices.

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