Oilers have kept their promise of roster makeover

Because Sheldon Souray cleared waivers Saturday and still tops the Edmonton Oilers’ to-do list, there is more dirty work ahead.

But some significant and admirable housecleaning has already spruced up the 30th-place roster. So, while the Oilers are determined to distance themselves from Souray and his $5.4-million US salary-cap hit, season-ending trade demand, rehabbing wrist injury and bridge-burning condemnation of management, there is reason for general manager Steve Tambellini to feel like a man who accomplished more in 10 days than some National Hockey League franchise-builders can claim in a year.

“You have to wonder, can you change that much in a short time? We did,” said Tambellini.

There is more to come. The Oilers may well sign No. 1 pick Taylor Hall while the kid is still twirling around the ice in Edmonton with the rest of the franchise’s brightest young prospects in the coming days.

“I’d rather get it done sooner than later,” Tambellini said Saturday afternoon.

There is really no sense waiting for training camp, since Hall’s contract should basically mirror that of John Tavares, the first pick in 2009 by the New York Islanders whose cap hit for the coming season is $3.75 million. As per the collective bargaining agreement, Hall will receive $900,000 in entry level salary and signing bonus for three years and will have a handful of easily achieved performance bonuses worth millions more written into the deal. It’s expensive, but wholly uncomplicated.

If the two sides can pull it together quickly — Tavares was signed in mid-July of 2009 — the news conference would rank as more good news for a team that has followed through on promises to change itself in dramatic fashion. And not a bad way to introduce the kid to Oiler fans.

“I think everything we needed to do from a staffing standpoint and the players that we needed to change, I feel good about all of that,” said Tambellini, who has shed bad contracts, players and leaders and, in so doing, has given the next generation of Oilers both the figurative chance and the literal room to grow.

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  1. camsoilers says:

    As a life long oilers fan i have to say; regardless of how this season ends up i could not be more excited for it to start. My hats off to the oil brass especially Tambillini for making so many moves. Ballsy very Ballsy.

  2. Mapleleaves says:

    Im not really an Oilers fan but i am exited to see how Hall plays, same goes for Seguin. I dont know how good either will be but itll be fun to see.

  3. reinjosh says:

    What did he do that was ballsy? Pick Hall? Put a bunch of players on waivers? Trade for Vandermeer? Put Souray on waivers and destroy any of his trade value? Not really seeing it.

  4. coyotes_bettman says:

    YET Josh if this had been a Brian Burke article you'd have been dick riding like  he just landed on the moon.

    "Personally I like the way Burke handles his truculance while wiping back to front it shows that he's a Burkie type of player"
    God I hate Leafs fans.
  5. albertateams says:

    It might not be ballsy but he has had a great offseason so far. Picking Hall was the smart move, putting 3 players on waivers and actually only having to buy out one was smart, the vandermeer trade was pretty smart provides a role dman and gets rid of a buyout contract. Souray didn't have any trade value to start with. At the very least it shows Souray that he is worthless and if he comes back might light a fire in him for the next year. He has put together a very interesting young team and he still has assets that are highly marketable in Penner and Cogliano. The oil still need a first line center I think moving Hall to center would be a mistake but they might be able to translate Penner and Cogliano into Brad Richards or Jason Spezza or anther 1st line center. 

    Hall 3.75 Richards 7.8 Hemsky 4.1
    Paajarvi 1.525 Gagner 2.0 Eberle 1.158
    Omark 0.875 Horcoff 5.5 Brule 1.8
    Jones 0.975 Fraser 0.825 Stortini 0.7

    MacIntyre 0.5

    Gilbert 4 Whitney 4
    Souray 5.4 Smid 1.300
    Vandermeer 2.3 Foster 1.8

    Chorney 0.942 Strudwick 0.725

    Khabibulin 3.75 Drouin-Deslauriers 0.950
    Dubnyk 0.85

    With that line up the Oilers would still have over 5 million in cap room if they want to strengthen there defense or get another goalie. With the cap room they have they have the ability to get more assets from a team that needs a salary dump. For the first time in a long time Edmonton is heading in the right dirrection.  

  6. reinjosh says:

    Right… Your a moron. *****ing hate douchey, ignorant, arrogant leaf haters. They have no clue as to what they speak. Can't even respond logically or with a hockey centric comment. Skip right to to useless, baseless and weak insults of simpletons and low level intelligence based trolls.

  7. reinjosh says:

    I never said it was bad or even criticized him. Just wondering what was ballsy about his moves.

    I really like the Vandermeer trade. I became a fan of his during his time with the Leafs and getting rid of O'Sullivan is a smart move for both sides.

    Fair enough on Souray. I figure you could have got some lower picks and maybe a risky prospect plus a salary dump. Now though, Edmonton has no choice but to take a crappy contract.

    Getting Spezza or Richards would be huge. I would undoubtedly pick Edmonton as the next turn around team if they could do it. I did very much like the Foster signing too. He has had a solid offseason but it wasn't a ballsy or great one yet. Thats all I'm trying to say. Its like the Leafs offseason last year (before the Kessel deal and a little less expensive. I'm still not thrilled with Burke and his free agent spending. Never have been, never will be), just a little better. Next season will be the real change season.

  8. nordiques100 says:

    Ballsy is the Habs choosing Price over Halak after that playoff Halak had.

    Tambs made a no brainer 1st round pick and grabbed 3 role players.

    Ballsy would have been had he acquired Spezza giving up the likes of Gagner, Cogs, etc.

    or traded top scorer Dustin Penner.

    or had managed to convince Chiarelli to trade him the 2nd overall pick.

    nothing Tambs did was Ballsy. it was NECESSARY.

  9. Mapleleaves says:

    I heard about you..  i thought you were a myth..  EVERYONE LOOK ITS THE COYOTES FAN.

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