Oilers Jackets talking trade.

The Ottawa Sun reports that the Oilers may send Jarret Stoll and/or Raffi Torres and/or a pick to Columbus for Gilbert Brule. While both Stoll and Torres are more established players, Brule’s numbers (4 pts in 28 games) do not reflect his talent and potential. Brule put up large numbers in the WHL, he is signed through 2008/2009, has a cap hit of just $1.2M and is but 20 years old.

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  1. KingCanada says:

    Brule has had a few years now to prove his worth and everytime he has the chance he doesnt put up big numbers and ends up getting hurt.  Good for Hitch if he can get something for this waste of a 1st round pick and shame on Lowe for being desperate enough to trade one of Torres or Stoll for a glimor of hope in Brule.  Although Brule still does have potential i believe Hitch is smart enough to get more then just Torres or Stoll for him and Lowe is desperate enough to be more lenient when it comes to trading.

  2. Pronger44 says:

    I don't see Edmonton doing this. They want something in return to benefit the team right away, not wait for another young player to develop, they wanna make the playoffs and pulling off this trade would help them how……….

  3. CDyer says:

    Brule isn't the answer for Edmonton, Edmonton needs someone to carry the offense. If Columbus and Edmonton are talking trade, then you gotta figure Fedorov figures in there somewhere… And Fedorov isn't the answer either…. Lowe is getting way to desperate (Dustin Penner). Lowe needs to gut this team and start rebuilding… Although that wouldn't help Lowe's job out either.

  4. habsrock99 says:

    Hitch***** isn't the GM of Columbus, Scott Howson is.

  5. Duecey says:

    Forget about this trade Scott! As a dedicated jackets fan I've seen the ups and downs (mostly downs) of our hockey team over the past 7 years. Now that we finally have a goalie tandem we can rely on we need to get a D man who can play a legitimate 20 minutes a night. This is where you get to finally make some noise Howson: get beauchemin back in C -town! Burke already has a cap dilemma on his hands and Beauchemin has been widely rumored to be readily available to other teams. Zherdev is finally playing under Hitch's system so I wouldn't be hastey and deal him just yet, but I would part with brule and any defenseman other than Russel. Get this deal done with and we not only could make the playoffs this season, but with Brassard and possibly Voracek coming up next year, we could threaten for a Western finals birth.

  6. KingCanada says:

    Oh yea ur right, my bad, i still believe my point stands tho no matter who is in front office.

  7. oilers7890 says:

    I think its another dumb mistake by k lowe if he goes through with this. I highly doubt that this would happen since stated above  that the oilers need a proven goal scorer instead of another young  gun. hopefully the oilers put something together and package  stolly and chopper up maybe, if they dont start picking up there games. Theres a lot of teams looking to pick up young players and the oilers have a lot of that so good luck k lowe

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