oilers showing they belong at this years playoff dance

As of saturday morning one thing has become evident. That the Edmonton oilers have found a sense of ergency, to belong in playoff contention.
During the season the oilers have lacked consistency and chemistry at some stages.

Begining with a goaltending trio headache Dwayne Roloson has once again shown he is a dependible workhorse at the tender age of 39. Facing 51 shots, in a 5-3 victory over the contending Anaheim Ducks in a key match up in the tightly positioned Western Conference. Roloson Has needed to be sharp in all of his 31 consecutive starts, and this campaighn hes both tied personal best records in wins, and for the sake of laughing is the nhls oldest iron man behind the blue paint.

Roloson all season has been the key ingrediant in successful hockey, and based on his statistics last night for instance with a .944 save percentage should be considered for the mvp this year/ vezina trophy and depending how deep they go the conn smyth award if he continues to quarterback the surgeing oilers.

Another key ingrediant is secondairy scoring and chemistry within the lineup too. Notible players lately include Sam Gagner playing at more then a point a game, and Dustin penner with 8 points in 6 games.

Other notible aspects of the team sucess is dependibility, shot blocking and were seeing alot more grit from the oilers lineup.

Chemistry within the line up has improved with the additions of Kotilik and O’Sullivan. Look for the oilers to possibly pass 6th place and once again be the dark horse in the west.

In the off season it be great to see Roloson sign a new contract to help carry the oilers to possibly an upcoming dynasty like no other. I see the oilers attracting some key free agents this year as well your thoughts ?

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  1. mon167 says:

    Roloson may be good, and he may be real good right now and it could be a reason why the oilers are real good right now. But woah, overall, over the whole season, the oilers are about average and Roloson's season stats of 2.76GAA and  .916 save % is good but not vezina and MVP common lol

  2. reinjosh says:

    although roloson has player admirably he in no part should be considered for the vezina or hart
    maybe as the team mvp but he has not played near well enough to garner the hart and as for the vezina he will not and should not win. that honor should go to rinne or mason (both have had incredible games, and i think that rinne should win but he probably wont)
    and for the mvp, their are about 20 players that should get consideration before him
    but of those players only about 2 will be considered because of their "popularity"
    the nhl awards are a farce and the only thing that really matters is should be the cup
    but i think that if they stay in they will be a dark horse just as nashville will be

  3. hockeylegend488 says:

    i say when the oilers go 16/21 during there playoff run this year to there cup celebrations roloson will be highly considered for vezina/hart and mvp this year….

  4. reinjosh says:

    nope not gonna happen
    even if in the unlikely event that the oilers get to the final and then in the unlikely even they win that final he still would get the vezina or the hart (which is the mvp)
    considering that in 2009, they havent one a single game against detroit, san jose and calgary
    they have no chance

  5. shakrmakr says:

    Are you kidding me? Being an Oilers fan and living in Edmonton I can definitely say they don't serve to be in the playoffs. Roli has been the only reason right now that they are in the playoff hunt still. They got outplayed by the Red Wings big time when the Wings played the night before, they got outplayed by Phoenix, outplayed big time by the Ducks (all Roli there) and played brutal against the Wild yesterday.

    They are an incredibly soft team with no character. You have Cogliano, Gagner, Smid, Gilbert, Pouliot, Penner, Hemsky, O'Sullivan etc… who are all soft players. Sorry but if you want a capable team, you should only have a maximum of 3 of those type of players. The best thing for this franchise is to miss the playoffs so Mac-T can and should be fired. He is one othe worst and overrated coaches in the league!

    If they lose Roli to free agency they are in trouble big time! They went from one of the most promising teams to one of the worst out of the canadian teams. they should look at the platform of the Leafs for what to do with the club. The leafs are slowly building with bigger bodies who can score, has youth and character. They make players accountable by having a good coaching staff that challenges them. Yet they are still way below the cap to sign guys and have their draft picks in tact to develop through the draft.

    They are far from deserving to be in the playoffs!

  6. FlamingHomer says:

    Ummm, shortly after you hit "Send" they dropped to 10th place.

  7. avsjoendryan says:

    LOL, havent laughed that hard in a long time.

    Dont get me wrond roli is good, and im a edmonton boy, despite the fact that I bleed Maroon and Blue.

    BUT MVP????VEZINA??????? Even f he had a chance,

    Idk ever heard of MALKIN???? or OVECHKIN?????? hmmmm maybe THOMAS??????? or NABAKOV???????

    Roli for oldest player, give him the masternon for perservearence or someshit like that.

    MAYBE WHEN HES 40??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!

    HELL lets give the guy the selke. LOL maybe the Norris!?!?!?!

    XD, ohh edmonton fans. Win one big game and think your gonnna go all the way, probally wont even make the post season.

    W/e, well have tavares or hedmen so GL.

  8. mon167 says:

    Well apparently the oilers aren't dancing this season lol

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