Oilers to make a move for Murray?

Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal is suggesting that the Oilers may have some interest in Glen Murray. It is reported that the Oilers were in serious discussions with the Bruins this past summer about a possible trade for Murray that could have saw J.F. Jacques go the other way. Murray is off to a horrible offensive start this season with just one goal and HTR believes that it is not that likely that the Oilers would be willing to part with one of their bright young prospects as they have been stockpiling young players for their future. Read the full article from its source

8 Responses to Oilers to make a move for Murray?

  1. JuicemaN says:

    Does anyone really care? 

    this is about as interesting as the Leafs being interested in Tim Cheveldae…actually Tim Cheveldae would be more interesting.

  2. turdfergusson says:

    J.F. Jaques is a bust. He avoided his game like the plague when handed a great opportunity to stick with this hockey club  . Go get Murray.  A little more muscle on the team would help lots too though.

  3. jimbob says:

    thats what they need…another underachieving player.

  4. NHLman says:

    Why is a terrible team trying to trade youth for a veteran? They're better off just doing their best to win this season while keeping as many prospects as possible.

  5. KingCanada says:

    Terrible trade IMO, Murray makes too much money and is nearing the end of his career.  Maybe you sign him after his contract is over 2 seasons from now at a very low price and thats fair.  The Oilers cant just send JF Jacque because the Oilers need to move 2.5 million in cap space to fit Murray in.

  6. Rico71 says:

    Take Ryder!

    Worthless if not scoring goals. A 'unidimensional' player. Comes at a good price and if he continues sucking…let him walk into UFA!

    Come all!

    I'll settle for J. F. Jacques. Though I would prefer Raffi Torres.


  7. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    I concur:


    I know they're struggling right now, but the Oilers have one hell of a team when healthy. They need time to gel as a team, with all the pieces in place. I mean, they are not a "contender" but they could be a play-off bubble team. Eventually, the youth should step up and they should be a contender.

    When healthy, this is the Oilers line-up:




    Now, this has the potential to be a solid team, like I said. But players need to step up. Torres and Penner need to be physical and put in the garbage goals. Horcoff and Hemsky need to feed them the puck. Stoll needs to..well be Stoll. Gagne, Nilson and Cogliano need to continue to improve and show they belong in the NHL.  Moreau and Pisani need to..get better I guess(It's not their fault I know, I'm just saying).

    Souray needs to just worry about firing his shot and not trying to do to much.

    Now, I'm not saying th players are lazy, but they do have to step-up their games.

    Anyway, the whole point of this is, the Oilers do not need Murray.

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