O'Neill Getting The Boot?

Jeff O’Neill has struggled to find his goal scoring touch all year and now has wound up as one of the big names in the rumour mills and the trading block. As reported at TSN.ca, Bob McKenzie thinks that O’Neill will be moved by the trade deadline for the right price. His $3.7 million dollar contract expires after this year. McKenzie also reported that the ‘Canes have “looked to the future without him” implying that O’Neill will be moved, and maybe a young player with potential will come in return.

My take: Spector goes on to note that the ‘Canes would move him if they get a good offer. I don’t think they have much bargaining power here, as O’Neill has slumped, and his contract ends after this season. With that being said, it might not make much sense to move him, being that he had one bad year, is still 27 (28 in February), and was consistently a 30 goal scorer in the 3 previous years, scoring 40 in 2001. The teams that I think could be interested are LA, NYR, St. Louis, Edmonton, Detroit (if Zhamnov is not obtained – for more on that, spectorshockey.net), and Montreal.

It should be interesting to see where he ends up.