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Leafs will see 67 on ice. Sabres to declare bankruptcy. Osgood rejects long-term deal. Kravchuk coming to the Sunshine state.The Florida Panthers are still interested in signing defenseman Igor Kravchuk. GM Rick Dudley recently made an offer reported to be for one year in the $1 million range to the veteran. “[Coach Mike Keenan] and I know Igor, and we like him very much personally and as a player,” Dudley said. “We’ve assessed what we think we can pay a player of that caliber and we made an offer based on that. Igor hasn’t responded the way we hoped.”
Also with the Cats… The South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting that veteran goaltender Damian Rhodes has accepted an offer to tryout with the Florida Panthers to compete with Wade Flaherty for the job of backup to Roberto Luongo. “When you have the opportunity to bring a goaltender of that level in and take a serious look at him, it’s something that doesn’t take a lot of thought,” General Manager Rick Dudley said. Rhodes 33, spent the past three years with Atlanta, but was limited to 81 games as he battled various injuries. “It’s been a frustrating and different summer,” Rhodes said. “Things went very poorly in Atlanta, so it was good to get out of there. But it was hard, being rejected like that. But I’m looking at this as a fresh start.”

The New York Islanders and Chris Osgood are in preliminary discussions, trying to agree on a long term contract extension. Osgood would like to stay with the Islanders but rejected the team’s first offer of four years at just under $4 million a season.

Robert Svehla will give Toronto Maple Leafs fans an imposing reminder of their last Stanley Cup victory everytime he steps on the ice this year. Svehla will wear number 67, the Leafs last won the Cup in 1967. Bryan McCabe wears number 24, Svehla’s number with Florida last year.

Would have been freaky if Graves was still a Ranger playing on Messier’s left (9,11)

The Buffalo Sabres may be forced to declare bankruptcy to settle their $157 debt to Adelphia Communications before a sale of the team is facilitated, The Associated Press is reporting. An NHL spokesman said the league may have to continue operating the team until next spring.

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  1. mikster says:

    Florida is really relying on their defense for the wins this coming season. They also have a lot of youngsters who could make the defense. Bowumeester is a headache already. The hell with him, i am sticking with Pitkanen being the better defenseman.

    Milbury must have been drunk for offering Osgood less then $4 million sharp a season. I think Milbury is desperately hoping that DiPietro will have starting abilities so then he can trade Osgood, which is a great plan. But, the Isle’s do look weak for this first half coming. DiPietro is a cocky jerk too, so i’d stick with Osgood, sign him $5 million for 5 years.

    That is a cool number for Svehla. Good way to come in Toronto and introducing himself to the fans. If the jersey is cheap, i’d buy it!

    I might do a report for a business class on Adelphia. I have yet to decide, but it looks interesting. As long as the Sabres stay in Buffalo, stay up northeast, or move in Canada, then i am happy. If they go south or west, then i’d like to hire a hitman to eliminate Bettman the homo who wears make up and shakes his head every time he talks.

  2. big_booty says:

    Amazing. You chastise one person for directing a racial slur at Lou Liamorello, yet as a “vice-adminstrator” you can insult Gary Bettman’s sexuality. I wonder how Mrs. Bettman and the kids would feel about that. Why don’t you ask them?

    If you had any sense of couth or fair play, you’d give yourself a strike for that remark.

    You probably won’t, though. You’re such a ***** hypocrite.

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