Our Loss is Europe's Gain?

Well with the fans here in America and Canada struggling to watch classic NHL games, college games or other various leagues games European leagues have been benefiting from the use of our NHL players. There are roughly 419 current or former NHLers playing in different leagues throughout Europe. There is no doubt that ticket sales have gone up in those leagues due to the NHLers. So for the owners and fans this is a dream come true.

But not everybody is happy with the rush of NHLers coming over. But for every NHLer that comes a player of way lesser talent is sent home. It might be a player who is good enough to play but not good enough to make the NHl. It could be a former NHLer who wasn’t good enough to stay in the NHL. Corey Hirsch is one of them. I found this link which explains his point of view. http://www.majorwager.com/fusetalk/messageview.cfm?catid=41&threadid=112860 These players are definitly feeling the effects of the lockout. Maybe worse than we are.

So this is just the another example of how the lockout effects people.


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  1. oilfans_suck says:

    what a stupid *****in article, I am disapointed that you would waste your time wirh this shit. There is so many better articles out there. Why would anyone post this crap. I am disapointed with this sight and with you.

  2. hock3yfan says:

    No kidding what CRAP! He is complaining that he got bumped for a better player. Jesus Christ…that is what happens in sports. If there is a better player available why keep the lesser one? What a waste of space. It is part of the profession he chose to pursue…

    what happened to the european guy whose spot he took…what a hypocrate! People like him are a joke!

    He is *****ing about someone doing to him what he did to someone else…cry me a river.

    bringing his pregnant wife and kids into it…shame on him…gimme a break!


  3. PeterPuck says:

    He has a right to complain because it will be the same players going over seas that will be voicing their complaints against replacement players calling them scaps, yet they all go over their to play and take their jobs with 99% of them haveing out clauses to come back to the NHL if it resumes, no wonder they are upset. They play in leagues that have caps but won’t play in the NHL with a CAP, I think everybody should look up the word Hypocrite and see if it applies here, YES!!! I wouldn’t have so much of a problem with them playing in Europe (not as much anyways) but it is the “out clauses” that shows me that they don’t care about the hockey fans in North America or do they care about the fans in Europe !! They care only for themselves and that I have a problem with. The only one that has any merit is Forsberg who said he will play the whole season even if the NHL comes back. !!!

  4. ranger_fan says:

    what a stupid *****in poster, I am disapointed that you would waste my time wirh this shit. There are so many better comments out there. Why would anyone write this crap. I am disapointed with this sight and with you.

    Learn English.

  5. ranger_fan says:

    I love how Hatcher, and everyone else will play in leagues with a cap and cost certainty in time of lockout, but when its the other 95% of his career they wont

  6. RichterFan says:

    hey all i was trying to do was show another side of the lockout. just trying to show everybody that other people are effected too.

  7. RichterFan says:

    you are right. 100% but it just goes to show just how this lockout effects everyone worldwide.

  8. oilfans_suck says:

    why do I have a feeling that Richterfan and Rangersfan is the same person. I am going to open another account so I can agree with myself when I am being an Idiot.

    Thnx for the Idea

  9. ranger_fan says:

    Yes we are the same person. Couldn’t you notice how are writings and thoughts are identical every time. Good one.

  10. hockeyhead says:

    boy you are really becoming a popular person on this site.

    what a little idiot. they should call you the lidiot. maybe that can be your new account “the lidiot”

  11. Aetherial says:

    The usual, well thought out, arguement; presented with eloquence and class.

    I have come to expect nothing less from you.

  12. ranger_fan says:

    That technique is definately catching on.

  13. RichterFan says:

    we are not the same person you idiot. i can’t wait for you to write an ariticle so i can blast it.

  14. hockeyhead says:

    yes, the lidiot is setting himself up for a big fall. nice post richterfan.

    he is good for an arguement which is what we need with no NHL>

  15. 19Yzerman says:

    NCAA will also benefit from the lockout. U of M’s yost ice arena is a very hard ticket to get now and the team has 5 seniors.Totaling 14 players who have been NHL drafted. Watch NCAA hockey and go to a game if you can.

  16. RichterFan says:

    its very hard to see an NCAA team on my cable network. foxsports only shows it on one station and its never a set day or set time.

  17. hock3yfan says:

    thank you.

    When in Rome….


  18. Aetherial says:

    Yes, SHAME on him for bringing his pregnant wife and kids into it.

    Yeah, uh THINK for a second before you open your big mouth and criticize moron.

    THINK about comments from yoru precious innocent NHLPA… you know the ones about bringing feeding his DOG into it? Or how about the one where he needs to feed his kids and therefore can’t accept an AVERAGE salary of 1.3 million a year.

    Yes, these are actual quotes from these guys.

    Then you come on here and criticize the poor schmuck making 500 or 700 bucks a week because he IS concerned, legitimately about his family.

    Care to debate that genius? Care to explain to me how you are not a complete fcuking A-hole? Where am I wrong here? Where are you right? Where are your eloquent arguements to defend your stupid-ass opinion?

  19. Aetherial says:

    By the way, yes, I know these guys don’t make 500 to 700 bucks a week.

    The POINT is your criticism, in light of the quotes from the people you so vehemently defend who are FAR MORE rich and FAR MORE spoiled, is total stupidity and BS.

    Start defending yoruself here jerkoff because your ignorance really put you in a hole this time and I can’t wait to hear what pearls of wisdom you have to explain this one away.

  20. RichterFan says:

    Are you barking at me? Because if so you are way off the mark. I’m not defending anyone here. All I was stating is the fact that the lockout is worldwide. Believe me I can care less if those players are losing their jobs to better players. I know that thats the nature of the game. I’m not defending any athlete. Especially the greedy athletes in this sport.

  21. Aetherial says:

    No Richterfan I am not.

    I am clearly barking at the idiot who constantly is on the player’s side then criticizes a European player for bringing his family into the discussion….

    but it is A-OK for million-dollar cry-babies to make comments about feeding their dogs or their kids… and relating them to why they can’t accept an AVERAGE 1.3 million dollar salary.

  22. RichterFan says:

    oh ok sorry. I wasn’t sure. But I agree with you 100% these players have to realize that they can’t make more money than the league can sustain.

  23. oilfans_suck says:

    boo hoo

  24. hock3yfan says:

    Um how to respond…hmmm

    First: At no point in time have I said I support the player’s statements saying how they can’t feed their kids/dogs etc on 1.3 mil…obviously they can. You are a master at pointing out the obvious and I would appreciate your refraining from insinuating that I think these are reasonable positions. (not that self restraint is a talent you have demonstrated here very often) furthermore there are many MORE players who have not made ridiculous claims than those who have, so to use the exception rather than the rule to make an argument is false logic.

    Second: “poor shmuck”, your words not mine, is in a profession where there is always someone breathing down their neck to take their place, as are ALL professional athletes. If he were so concerned about his family when he realized the dream of an NHL career had evaporated he should have sought employment in a more stable profession/occupation. To complain about how the sport treats him is hypocritical.

    Reasons I am not “complete fcuking A-hole” there are too many to list here sporto but suffice it to say I own my own successful business, support my family, and am surrounded by many loving people who care deeply for me. This board is not my “life” as it would appear that this is all you have…you are a sad little man. I would pose the same question to you…but I think the answer is readily evident in your posts.

    Finally: I grow weary of answering to the beckoning of a madman. I will act on this forum as if you don’t exist, do not expect any further refutations to your preposterous arguments and personal attacks. I will respond if you have something constructive to add to a discussion however that seems unlikely given your history.

    I think you should check out the following link:


    They have a support group for people like you in the Toronto area and I think you could really benefit from their help. If this anger management group is not the right fit for you I would suggest a Google search on “anger management in Toronto” where I am sure you could find a plethora of information regarding your condition. Anger kills; it can be a cause of hypertension and stress that only affects the angered individual.

    Dude…get some help. I want you to be here for a long time to come but not with the anger that consumes you.


  25. hockeyhead says:

    i love this site!

  26. Aetherial says:

    So *I* need help?

    Your posts are endlessly mocking and attacking.

    When I broke down some very valid reasons for my arguements you went down point by point and tore them up… not with logic, or valid points ofyour own, but with derision and sarcasm… the weakest of all tactics. In fact, your respone was pretty much the equivalent of “na-na na na-na”. You have done this same thing time and time again on this board. I did not even bother to resopnd. What is the point.

    But now…

    you are oh so nice of a guy and *I* am the bad guy because you got caught up in your own hypocrisy.

    I don’t care if you specifically supported those assinine statements by the players. The fact is, you feel free to criticize the guy displaced from his job because he brings up his family concerns… but you then turn around and fully support the NHLPA who has given you numerous, and WAY more ridiculously inappropriate statements.

    You support the same guys who are now displacing 500-700 a week players… to go play in a league THAT HAS A CAP. Somehow, you can’t see the sad irony in this. Somehow, it has not dawned on you that these guys are not worthy of serving you fries… never mind your adoration.

    Apparently have 2 different sides to you to contend with. I think maybe YOU should be the one seeking help for your bi-polar mood disorder.

  27. hockeyhead says:

    if i just may….i don’t know what you guys are fighting about but consider this……

    how many NHLers would be pissed if someone crossed the line and scabed?

    how many care that they go to europe and take someone elses job?

    the NHLPA is a hyprocracy

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