Our Loss is Europe's Gain?

Well with the fans here in America and Canada struggling to watch classic NHL games, college games or other various leagues games European leagues have been benefiting from the use of our NHL players. There are roughly 419 current or former NHLers playing in different leagues throughout Europe. There is no doubt that ticket sales have gone up in those leagues due to the NHLers. So for the owners and fans this is a dream come true.

But not everybody is happy with the rush of NHLers coming over. But for every NHLer that comes a player of way lesser talent is sent home. It might be a player who is good enough to play but not good enough to make the NHl. It could be a former NHLer who wasn’t good enough to stay in the NHL. Corey Hirsch is one of them. I found this link which explains his point of view. http://www.majorwager.com/fusetalk/messageview.cfm?catid=41&threadid=112860 These players are definitly feeling the effects of the lockout. Maybe worse than we are.

So this is just the another example of how the lockout effects people.