Ovechkin, O'Neill, OTR — Latest News

Some more news from the NHL has come out, concerning a phenom, a producer, and a talk show. Here is the latest news:

Ovechkin Cleared

The first pick of the 2004 entry draft will play in the NHL this season. Alexander Ovechkin exercised the option in his contract with Russian SuperLeague squad Omsk to void the contract, allowing him to join Washington.

Currently, Washington has only 4 players signed for just over $7 million. Ovechkin is eligible receive more than every other pick in the draft, but he won;t earn as much as he would have had the lockout been averted. Still, you can be sure he will make quite a bit.

Jeff O’Neill’s Brother Dies

Jeff O’Neill lost his brother, Donny, on Thursday, in a car crash on a ramp linking two major highways. He wasn’t wearing a setbelt and the car simply crushed him.

A tragic loss for Jeff and his family. Our thoughts are with them. RIP Donny.

OTR Has All-Hockey Show

On Off The Record on TSN yesterday, Jeremy Roenick verbally criticised NHLPA head Bob Goodenow, saying that if the players accept the salary cap by ratifying the deal (something Goodenow has not wanted all along), which they are expected to do, he will just walk away from the player’s association.

Roenick was at it again later on the show, this time talking about 2005 #1 draft pick (or soon to be) Sidney Crosby. The Flyers forward said the league should forget about the lottery balls, and let the New York Rangers have the first pick. JR stated that New York hasn’t made the playoffs in seven years, are the biggest media market, and are in danger of losing fans during their rebuilding process. Crosby would surely give the Rangers a lot of hype (not that they need much more) and help them make the playoffs (something the outspoken forward said was important to the NHL).

Newly appointed Devils coach Larry Robinson was also on OTR Wednesday, speaking out on the Todd Bertuzzi issue. He wondered why Bertuzzi had been suspended in the first place, saying that he was sent out on the ice to do the job, and that ‘Nucks head coach Mark Crawford should’ve been the one suspended, as well as the rest of Vancouver’s coaching staff.