Owen Nolan: I'm 100%

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Owen Nolan was on the defensive on Wednesday amid reports that a hairline fracture in his vertebrae and a bulging disc could limit his playing time this season.
Nolan told reporters that he made the remarks about his back in a joking manner and emphatically denied any health problems.

I don’t have a back problem, he told TSN. I’m 100 per cent healthy.

Nolan told The Fan 590 all-sports radio station that he would play through the pain and hold off surgery until it was absolutely necessary.

Nolan, acquired by the Leafs at the trade deadline last March, endured back and hip problems during the 2003 playoffs.

The Leafs are holding a pre-season camp in Stockholm and Helsinki.

Credit: TSN.ca

25 Responses to Owen Nolan: I'm 100%

  1. bruinexpert says:

    so which story do we believe…if he was joking at least he’s having fun with Toronto’s insane media

  2. movingfire says:

    This article does not make sense. If he is 100% healthy, then why would he tell the Fan590 that he would “play through the pain and hold off surgery until it was absolutely necessary.”

  3. bruinexpert says:

    this article does make sense, if you read it it says that Nolan is now saying he was joking about those remarks to the FAN590

  4. SJML says:

    It seems like he is having fun with the T.O. media. Somewhat like Mogilny does during his interviews such as telling them he is in a slump because he has a bad case of the hemeroids.

  5. Cyrax89 says:

    Yah right, and did the leafs tell him to say that?

  6. Gforce says:

    Nolan…what a clown, his is as funny as tie domi

  7. defenestrate says:

    I sense a future in politics….

  8. Pucked says:

    Nolan has a long history of a wonky back, it’s probably true, but would you tell everyone you had a bad back and make yourself a target for an upcoming season? Hit me here Mr. Hatcher….. Hell no!

  9. Habfanforever says:

    lol the funniest thing about this is he had all the Leafs fans going on it!!!

  10. Habfanforever says:

    proves that any news is big news if you’re a leaf fan.

  11. tharock098 says:

    This is a very intreguing story, and one that requires deeper thought into the matter. First, Nolan tells the FAN590 that he has a fractured vertibrae, and then magically the next day, he retracts his statement, saying that he was joking.

    1. Why would you joke with something like that.

    2. Who are you lying to?

    Pat Quinn/John Ferguson obviously told Nolan not to disclose his “injury”, whether it is true or not. As far as we know, McCabe has a leg injury, Coliacovo pulled his groin and so did Roberts. These injuries have little to no outside information, especially with the McCabe case. Perhaps, if Nolan does have his injury, the Leafs do not want him to tell the other 29 teams that he is injured. Just a thought.

  12. Bishop7979 says:

    God damn people, the way you all are reacting to this I’m expecting Mulder and Skully to appear in the shadows with flashlights in hand. And Ferguson to magically turn into the smoking man, wait, do we know for sure that he doesnt smoke? are those flyings sausers overhead? was Sundins sister abducted by aliens at a young age? It’s all starting to make sense to me now . . . wait theres somone at the door

  13. markjohnston says:

    here’s some news for your hab fans then.

    your team still sucks and no one on it is worth talking about.

    the difference between leafs and habs fans.

    I (a leafs fan) won’t even bother to read an article about an injured hab, wheras you (a habs fan) not only read the article, but comment.

    go habs! 9th place in the east or die trying!

  14. big_booty says:

    Owen loves his mamma!

    Owen loves his mamma!

    Owen loves his mamma!

    Owen loves his mamma!

  15. Zamboni says:

    International support arrives in Iraq…in the form of Owen Nolan…the new Iraqi Information Minister!

  16. 24cups says:

    1- we read an article, that doesn’t make sense, about an injured leafs just because of hockey pools!!!

    2- how many years without the cup?!? hehehe…

    …you gonna have to rebuild too, sooner than you think!!!

    no offence hehehe huh!

  17. Habfanforever says:

    gosh is that what all those years do to the brain of a leaf’s fan?

  18. markjohnston says:

    keep dreaming about yesterday my friend =D

    I’ll be watching an exciting team, AND I’ll be watching them in the playoffs.

  19. TML51 says:

    In all fairness to Fan 590, I heard the interview that Howard Berger did with Nolan yesterday. Nolan stated very matter of factly that he had a fractured vertabrae and that it dated back to “sometime around the Olympics”.

    Nolan apparently “chewed out” Howard Berger infront of several witnesses for letting the story air. Today he pulls the “I’m fine” routine.

    Did someone yell at Nolan for speaking that candidly to the press? Probably. Why? He just may be trade bait for a half decent defeceman…who knows? I could see why the Leafs wouldn’t want him saying that if they were considering trading him. Highly unlikely, I know, but hey, anything’s possible!

  20. defenestrate says:

    I’m going to miss that so much….every time the Sharks played at Pepsi Center, and Nolan would be yapping at the ref, they would play that on the Jumbotron…

  21. SJML says:

    Do you have any source of Nolan apparently making “chewing out” in front of people for letting this slip?? If not stop making up bullshit.

  22. rojoke says:

    Nolan clearly said to a group of reporters, not just one from FAN590, that he had a fractured vertebra causing a herniated disc in his back, and that they would wait until they returned to Toronto to begin rehabbing it. Then he comes back a day later, skating effortlessly and making the usual cuts on the ice, to deny any problem with his back at all. He said he was referring to his back problems from the Olympics. Then why the reference to returning to Toronto to do rehab? If he does have a back injury, then his his pain threshhold is unbelievably high. Or they shot him so full of pain killers that he couldn’t feel a damn thing. Something isn’t right here, and this could be a very ominous start to the Leafs season.

  23. DonkeyDick says:

    HaHaHa! Owen, you are such a card!

  24. TML51 says:

    If you must know, it was discussed at length on the Fan 590 yesterday, at around 4pm. It was witnessed by several people including Darren Dreger of Sportsnet, and reported by Howard Berger himself, as well as several people at Fan 590. Satisfied?

    By the way, did you proof read your post? The real question here is can you speak proper english?

    Get a LIFE!!

  25. G_Money says:

    so who is to kick in the throat?

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