Fllyers Contract Extensions

Flyers have extended a contract to Braydon Coburn for two years at $2.6 mil. The cap hit will be 1.3mil a year.

Peguins Habs, Lets make a deal…

Penguins have had enough of Fleury and rumor has him going to Colorado in exchange for Defense J.M. Liles and second round pick.

Bad Apples

Bad apples spoil a bunch.

Its just a saying,,, but it is getting too much play in the NHL.

The flyers are NOT evil.

Now this is coming from a person who has watched Bergeron play every NHL game of his career, as well as Alberts- and is heart sick over what must be going through Bergy’s mind and that of his families. It is one thing to loose an NHL career, but worse to loose a peaceful life.

The whole story

I said the best thing for the leafs is some consistency, and now they have that.

Now that the weekend has rolled over, lets look at the entire story.

Rangers to loose option on Jagr?

Larry Brooks of the New York Post is reporting that the New York Rangers gave up the option on Jagr’s contract. Unless he hits some performance clauses he cold become an UFA this offseason.