Hurricanes sign top draft pick Staal

Just hours before the deadline, the Carolina Hurricanes signed first-round draft pick Eric Staal.

Staal led the league in goals during the pre-season.

Don't write the Isles off.

The Islanders tonight smoked the cross-state rival NJ Devils 5-1 in their final pre-season game of the year. The Isles finished the pre-season 7-0 defeating NJ twice, Philly twice, Pittsburgh twice and Boston.

Last Day

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What is Mario thinking?

It was reported recently that Mario Lemieux, majority owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins, is receiving $10 million to play this season ( This is the same Mario Lemieux who said, as an owner, that the league needs a salary cap. This is also the same Mario Lemieux that is stating, not threatening, that the Penguins will not be in Pittsburgh after their current lease expires if they don’t get a new arena. This is the same Mario Lemieux that traded Jaromir Jagr because they could no longer afford his salary. This is the same Mario Lemieux who traded Robert Lang last season for the exact same reason.

Best/Worst Owners

With all this talk about the CBA and such, I’ve but a list of the good/bad owners out there, and from my viewpoint there are only a few bad apples out there.

Gainey interested in acquiring the services of Keith Primeau

According to the Montreal Canadiens are interested in acquiring the services of Keith Primeau. I believe that this is exactly the type of centerman the Habs need.

Waiver Draftees

A list of releases for the waiver draft…

Rock Report: Spezza, the Next Best Thing

Drafted by the Ottawa Senators in the 1st round (2nd overall) in 2001, Jason Spezza has been known around Ottawa, and most of the NHL as one of the top young stars in the NHL. Jason has a wealth of playmaking talent. He also uses his size and reach very well in the offensive zone and he displays all the tools to eventually be a great No. 1 center. Amassing 54 points in Binghamton of the AHL and 21 points as a member of the Ottawa Senators, Jason Spezza will now finally, and deservadly recieve his shot on the Sens lineup.

Sports I Would Hate To See Hockey Turn in To:


Lacrosse (don’t want any players being killed would you?)


Well you get my drift.

What you DO NOT see on that list, and probably most disagree, is soccer.

For love of the game…..

Preamble: Well this is the second time I am submitting this article because frankly I think it needs to be posted. With all the negative things going on in the game right now, namely the CBA crisis, I think it is about time that something positive gets said about the game, and further, something that will re-kindle our strong feelings for the sport we love.