Most Under-Rated NHL Defencemen Today

Ok, with all the lists hitting HTR lately, I decided to join the fun with a different type of list. This is a list dedicated to the under-rated defencemen who do all the little things that lead a team to victory. Without the contribution of these players, their respective teams would not be as good as they are.

Tuukka Rask making NHL debut vs Leafs

Boston radio station WEEI is reproting that the bruins have announced that rookie goalie Tuukka Rask is making his NHL debut against the team that drafted him the Toronto maple Leafs.

I want to be in Toronto for the reaction if he has a great game vs the leafs

Getzlaf Signed through 2012-2013 season

The Anaheim Mighty Ducks have signed Ryan Getzlaf to a US$26.625 million, five-year contract extension. This all but squashes those insane rumors regarding Brian Burke wanting to trade him due to contract issues. Good job by Burke locking Getzlaf up.

Your team of the 90's

Just want to get opinions on who some of your favourite players were from the 90′s. Doesn’t have to be the best but simply guys you liked watching (make a team of them). In order for a player to be eligible he must have played at least 4 seasons in the 90′s.

Ducks acquire Washington's Sutherby

I just read on that Brian Burke traded Anaheim’s second round pick in 2009 for the Capitals Brian Sutherby. It makes the Bryzgalov move make sense. Sutherby only makes Anaheim a bigger team. Maybe Bertuzzi is going to be out a lot longer than expected. Too bad Bert!