Dear Santa

My mom always told me not to make my list too long or ask for unrealistic gifts, so I’ll try my best, but keep in mind it’s only a wish list! You see, Santa, my Montreal Canadiens need a bit of help, so here goes:

More on the Comrie Trade, Today's Latest Trade Rumors and more…

Mike Comrie will wear a Flyers jersey, but there are a lot of things that don’t make sense. In depth analysis.

Today’s latest trade rumors around the league from Spector’s Trade Rumors.

The National Hockey League Fans’ Association wants you to answer some good questions.

Listen to’s Radio Show, I’ll tell you about that later.

Any former Whalers fans? There’s a nice site for you to look at.

Annnnnd, no off-topic rant today. But, I would like for you to give us your opinion on what the site could do to make it better. Just want to know if anything new comes to mind, so glad we got over 8,000 sign up members.

A Christmas Carol: Chapter Three

Mario is visited by the ghost of hockey’s present, who takes him on a journey through present-day NHL to show him that having a small payroll isn’t an excuse to suck.

Great Day to Be an American, Too Much on Comrie, A Shot at Larry Brooks and more

Challenging Mikster

It’s a great day to ba an American and an Iraqi.

This Comrie story is too exaggerated, hopefully it ends soon.

A step away from the worst journalist (Garrioch), and a shot at NY’s media rumor headcase Larry Brooks.

My comments on a couple of articles, and my replies to the previous CM article’s comments.

Also…… off-topic rant and my two favorite music CDs of 2003.

How Much Would You Pay To Get Bertuzzi?

Ok, this idea isn’t mine but yesterday I was listening ”Les Amateurs De Sports” on the radio and they came up with something surprisingly interesting…

CBA A Good Thing????

Has the CBA disagreement this season actually started the NHL’s metamorphosis into the league we all want and hope for?

Comrie, Cujo, Jagr, Latest Play of Some Teams, Other Articles

This Mike Comrie story is worst than the Lindros one back in 2000. But is Lowe really the bad guy here?

Curtis Joseph played quite well in last night’s major win over the miscoached Sabres, and Holland made a statement that teams are interested in him.

Why do people think that the Capitals fired Cassidy to accomodate Jagr? And……Rangers fans should really stop wimping out on bringing in the Czech star.

Speaking of….

Rangers are water and oil. The Panthers need to make moves as well as the Falling Stars.

Also, some interesting articles.

…..Annnnnnnnnnnd……my off-topic rant.

Sneak Preview of HTRFHL

Just a sneak preview of a HTRFHL’s article, and this one could be useful for anyone.

Finding systems and strategies that other leguers don’t know is same as a football team with its own special playbook that the opponents don’t know of, or don’t understand.

Whole Lotta Love…??? Not!

Bruce Garrioch continutes to shoot more crap with his brainless head. Do Canadian hockey fans read his stuff? I mean does this guy still have a job? Canadians should SPEAK OUT against this pinhead.

Where does Cujo go?

Annnnnd……………we’ll go back a couple of days ago from the previous Challenging Mikster.

CuJo an answer for Chicago?

According to and the Chicago Tribune.

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