Let it All Out!

Ok, I’m sure some members on here remember that more than two weeks ago HTR.com has mentioned the new addition of Fan’s Rant. If you don’t remember, please take some Cognitex and copy and paste the link below:


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What I Missed!

Well, I am back to the uncivilized world (NJ) after a pleasing and relaxing vacation. It’s incredible how most times I leave on vacation and a lot of things happen. Fedorov signing with the Ducks, de Vries with the Rangers….and more rumors of Cujo. I felt like I missed too much and could not post any comments when the events occured. So, just giving some interesting opinions on the big acquisitions and so on, especially a discussion of Cujo going to……

Girard of Bruins in hospital after car crash

According to TSN, Jonathan Girard of the Boston Bruins is in hospital after a car crash that left him with an injured pelvis. Two other people were in the car at the time of crash. The crash occured near Joliette, Quebec. It is not suspected that alcohol was involved.


A good rangers team

Looking at the rangers right now it is obvious to say that they should be a good team. The problem is that they dont have enough team players. Ive come uup with a fairly good solution for the rangers which should work for now and for a long time down the road. Now the rangers team would look something like this:

A REAL, EFFECTIVE Way To Get Rid of Obstruction

I was thinking about the obstruction problem. By this point, everyone should realize that referees are not going to fix it (we differ on the reasons referees won’t fix it, but that’s not my point here…let’s not turn this into another “refs suck!” thread).

If I were Bob Gainey, GM of the Montreal Canadiens…..

If I were Bob Gainey, GM of the Montreal Canadiens I would…….

What does the future hold for the Pens?

With several reports that Mario Lemieux is returning, a new arena closer than ever (thanks to Ted Arneault), and a surplus of young talent the future looks bright in the ‘burgh. The best thing that could possibly happen for this franchise is for the league to go on strike (which is expected) and for Gary Bettman to put in a salary cap (also expected, supposedly at $35 m). Paul Kariya, Teemu Selanne, Sergei Fedorov, Brian Leetch, and many others have all been available this offseason (some still are), and the Pens don’t have a shot at any of them. Instead of us watching Mario send saucer passes to the Golden Brett (like it was reported two seasons ago), we’re watching Le Magnifique get hacked while Rico Fata misses his passes.

Ken, Mike, and Sergei: A Fable

Sergei often thought about the open road. “Oh, the things I could do out there. Boy, howdy. What I could do out there. I’m stuck in Motown. I could be living it up in the sun.”

Mad Mike at it…again

CuJo for Yashin? Couldn’t be. Or could it?

Miscellaneous Signings

Here are some random signings from around the league………..