Agent: Turco will end up with competitive team

Kurt Overhardt chuckled when I asked if he is worried that Marty Turco might not end up with a place to sit in this free agent game of musical chairs.

“You’re the second guy to ask me that exact same question in that exact same manner,” said the agent for Turco. “The answer is no.”

Overhardt is confident that something will get done in the 7-10 days and that Turco, the all-time Stars win leader who was not offered a contract extension, will be on a contending team.

Kings replace Frolov with Ponikarovsky

So Frolov has signed with the Rangers at $3m for one season. As a replacement the Kings sign Alexei Ponikarovsky also at $3m for one season.

Is this a sensible choice. Off the top of my head I’d say no – Frolov is a much better option but let’s look at some stats to see if they agree.

Is Bieksa safe now ?

With the recent injury to Sami Salo and surprisingly cap friendly deal Mason Raymond signed it looks like Kevin Bieksa could stay in Vancouver after all.

Newly-signed Frolov boosts Rangers' attack

The Rangers upgraded their offensive capabilities yesterday by signing left wing Alexander Frolov to a one-year, $3 million deal that is not only cap-friendly but should serve as motivation for a player looking to build leverage in the market.

There is nothing negative about the signing of the 28-year-old winger whose personally disappointing 51-point season (19-32) in Los Angeles would have made him the Rangers’ third-leading scorer and whose contract leaves general manager Glen Sather enough cap space with which to maneuver.

What Will Happen With Tomas Kaberle?

As Brian Burke returns home from his fishing trip, talks could once again commence on the possible moving of Tomas Kaberle.

Here are some other various sources on Kaberle:

“The Sharks are the team to beat. The Leafs are aiming for Ryan Clowe as their target”

“The Sharks aren’t offering Clowe yet, but Brian does believe he could get Clowe if he just were to get some kind of bidding war going.”