World Cup Roster… Mother Svea.

So some nations have gotten there World Cup Roster posted here in the resent days. So lets take a closer look at what might be expected from Mother Svea. All the names are pretty much set so lets look at them and guess what lines we will see.

Johnson Unclaimed ???

With Brent Johnson going unclaimed on waivers, I cannot help but wonder why the Hawks have not laid their hands on him, especially considering the unimpressive play of Thibault’s replacements.

Eastern Conference Team Rankings

These are my power rankings for the Eastern Conference teams based on the first half of this year.

I just have to get this off my chest!

Ok, so they haven’t played up to there potential for much of this season. Actually, it was about a 20 game stretch that has been the downfall. The other 22 they’ve actually played really good hockey, but there still 2 games under .500. At the same time, there 4 points(ONLY 4 points)out of 8th. Why is everyone in this city(at least on the call in shows)and on this website(non Oiler fans), so sure there done??? I would really like to know why fans are POSITIVE that the Kings are going to be fine without there 3 star players, but the Oilers who still can get 76 points this season(obviously won’t, but they’re there)are done, and will unload everyone every other team wants.

Your canidate for the Awards

Well with all teams at or above 41 games I think it is time for us to look at the year end trophies and predict who will win them.

Presidents Trophy- Top NHL team

I’m picking the Avs. Despite being 3 points away from the Wings, they have 3 games in hand

WHA One Step Closer to Its Goal; But Is It All For Naught?

As reported in this week’s edition of the Hockey News, the WHA has officially announced that the league will start with 10 franchises and play its first game in December of this year. And to distinguish the league from others, one of those teams will consist entirely of Russian players, based in a Canadian city.

World Cup Roster

Ok, well let’s stick with the theme and make a guess on the World Cup team for Russia. I was going to do Sweden’s too, but I decided one/customer. So here could be the Russian team for World Cup.

Well, I Can't Come Up With the Headlines….So…..Just Read, OK?

For us hockey lovers who love watching, hearing, and reading about the sport….all of this may give you a long lasting orgasm.

I know, that was sick. No, really though, there is a ton to talk about as far as trade rumors and speculations. So, it’s a long read….and hey, take your time to read it. Take a break for a couple of hours, come back to it, whatever you want.

How have 2003’s UFA players turned out so far?

Annnnd, no off-topic rant this time, again, but there is something that made me laugh.

Ten Step Program for NYR

Ten Step Program for the New York Rangers

– 10 Steps Along The Road To The Playoffs –

Flyer's Goalie rumors circulating

Reports from the Toronto Sun say that the Flyers have been actively perusing goaltenders. Two names which came up that the sun believes could be Flyers by the trade deadline are Nikolai Khabibulin and Dominik Hasek.

US World Cup Roster

Well the Canadian one started a discussion, so, why not have some views on this one?

World Cup Roster

As reported on the TSN website:

“Hopefully, he’ll be ready for the World Cup,” Brodeur tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “If I have a chance to play, I’d love to be able to play with him again.”

Should the NHL change the playoff format?

As I look at the NHL standing at roughly the half-way mark, I notice that the SE division leader Atlanta Thrashers are in the 3rd position in the East while actually having 1 less point than the 8th place Islanders.

Experts Rumor Update: The Trade Deadline's Coming & Some Big Names Are Poppin Up


The trade deadline is just around the corner. And already we’ve got more then plenty trade talk going around….

New Jersey Devils Mid-Season Report

What Happened in Game 1 Through Game 41.

The first 41 games have been a battle between Jekyll and Hyde. Some nights the defending Stanley Cup champions take the ice and play a flawless game defeating the likes of the Senators and Flyers. Other nights the Mickey Mouse organization takes the ice losing to teams they should easily beat like the Pittsburgh Penguins. Brodeur and the defense, despite their recent troubles, are on pace to smash their goals against from last year when Brodeur won his first Vezina.

Colorado Avalanche Mid-Season Report

Okay, technically it isn’t “mid-season” until next game (1/10/04). But if I wait any longer, I’m sure Mik will get huffy. So, in the style and manner requested by the “powers that be” (wouldn’t want to get censored again), here we go…

Ronning signed

Various reports say that the New York Islanders have signed free agent center Cliff Ronning to a contract for the remainder of this season. The 38 year old Ronning has been waiting for a team to give him a shot, and I dont see the Islanders regretting this one.

Boston Bruins Mid-Season Report

The Bruins started off the year on a tear by ripping up the league for the first nineteen games until they went into hibernation. They picked up only a few wins in their next twenty games and looked lacking of heart and desire as they appeared passionless on the ice. The Bruins have started to emerge from their hibernation as they have managed to pick up some wins in their last few games.

Jackman's Season Likely Over reports that, “Defenseman Barret Jackman is expected to miss the rest of the season due to a dislocated left shoulder. Jackman, the Calder Trophy winner last season as the NHL’s top rookie, reinjured his shoulder in the first period of a 1-all tie with Minnesota on Jan. 5. An MRI exam Jan. 7 revealed the extent of the injury. Jackman was first hurt on a check by Todd Bertuzzi of the Canucks on Oct. 22. It’s the second long-term loss to the Blues’ defense this season. Al MacInnis is out indefinitely with a detached retina and may retire.”

Mid-Season Report for Top NHL Players

When watching the Detroit/ Boston game last night on TSN, they showed who they thought were the leagues top players. So here they are and you tell me what you think.

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