An Offseason of Filling Holes?

The free agent signing period is essentially over, and for now the Canadiens offseason amounted to not much more than filling holes left by departing players. Some of the players who departed (David Aebischer, Janne Ninimaa & Sergei Samsonov) had provided little to the team last season, but some such as Sheldon Souray, Mike Johnson and Radek Bonk were key players on a team that struggled to make the playoffs. This is a look at what’s been done and what might happen in the next couple of months.

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2006-2007 Salaries….were they worth it?

With all the “this coming season” predictions I thought I’d take a step back and look at the 2006-2007 season that just passed us and discuss three things about the top 34 highest paid players in the NHL (I say 34 because I’m not including Yashin, we all know he was likely the biggest and most obvious bust), I am also not holding it against players whom were injured, however feel free to use a point per game percentage in those cases, take a look into the following:

Trades, Signings, Retirements

Selanne, Forsberg, Niedermayer retirement questions.
Colorado, Islander, Leaf, habs, Nucks trade rumors.
Where Peca, Yashin, Markov, and Sutton might end up?

A Look At The New And Improved Flyers

After a terrible season last year, GM Paul Holmgren has put together an amazing roster. So lets take a look at some potential lines.But first I’m gunna change things up. I’m tired of people listing the forwards first, so we’re going to take a look at the goalies first.

Cullimore Interested In Returning To Bolts

Damian Cristodero reports for the St.Petersburg Times that Jassen Cullimore would like to return to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Jassen is a UFA and played for the Blackhawks last season.

Stanley Cup Favourites

I know it’s very early, and most of us will look like fools come June 2008, but judging by the current lineups who do you think will be the major Cup contenders next season? Pick any three from each conference and give a short reason why.

Campoli On The Move?

As someone from another site reported, the name of defenseman Chris Campoli has been taken off the Isles website. There are rumors outhere that Toronto could be on the receiving end, in return of Pavel Kubina

Could involve more players too…

Habs Standings???

Ok, this is purely one man’s opinion, some may agree, most won’t, but it’s an opinion. Now, I’ve heard it all. Sens will net 120 points. Leafs will run away with the division and win the President’s Trophy. The Rangers will break the Habs single season point record of 132 points. The Pens will be a dynasty for the next 5-10 years.

A New Sharks Logo?

According to hockeybuzz, the San Jose Sharks have leaked a new logo. Instead of the old plain shark bitting through the hockey stick, they have made it look more like a cartoon. It was described as looking more like a logo “from the AFL” (Arena Football League).” I for one like the new Sharks logo, it seems more aggresive, which could fit the new look Sharks.
To get some talking started, what do you think the sharks should go for in a logo? The old one, the new one, maybe a brand new idea? I know most Canadians whould rather they just send the team up North of the border.

The Atlantic Divison

I’m not going to make some crazy predictions that the team i love and cheer for is the best team in the league and that they will win no matter what, like some other fans. But i’m going to break down what each team did to improve, or what they didn’t do to actually take a step back.

John Ferguson Sr. Dies

Former Five Time Stanley Cup Winner John Ferguson Sr. has died today at 68

Ferguson Sr. played Left-wing for the Habs and won cups in 1965, 1966, 1968, 1969, and 1971
Ferguson later went on to coach Winnipeg and the New York Rangers and worked behind the scenes with the Ottawa Senators and San Jose Sharks.

Salary dumping

There is an unwritten list of players with a no trade clause disguised as a monster contract. Players like Kubina on the leafs, Gerber on the Sens, Richards on the Bolts. Last year, their high cap hits made them untradeable.

Analysis from the North West

I thought i should put my analysis from the teams in the North West division.I will include offseason additions and subtractions, possible line combos and players to watch out for..