DG's Quick Hits- December 8, 2003

This edition, I’m covering everything from the last time I did this (November 8). Coincidentally, it’s my 22nd today too…not that it means anything.

To the mudslinging!

Fleury, will he play for Canada's Juniour team?

According to MSN.com, Fleury will be able to play for Canada at the world juniours. Apparently, Fleury will be at the training camp on thursday.

This is awesome news for Canadian Juniour Hockey fans! Could this be Canada’s ticket to a GOLD medal??!!

Who Did You Vote For??

One quarter of the season has already gone by and it is now time to mark your votes on the All-Star ballot…

Time to use this site for what its for

I, like many others check this site daily if not hourly. ( I work all day with a computer). I check it daily to finally read an article about my favourite team or an article about potential trades, and that is what this site is for.

From a Mad Isle Fan To a Mad Owner Regarding a Mad Mike

Charles Wang is the owner of the Islanders. He decided to keep Mike Milbury as his GM when he bought the team in April 2000. Here is a letter to Mr. Wang regarding Milbury.

A Variety of Topics to Talk About

Cujo gets treated unfairly by what’s supposed to be a classy team.

Are Jaromir Jagr’s words true?

Comrie to Devils? Don’t think so!

Peca a cheap shot, Isle’s dug a huge whole.

And…… It’s your decision to find out a special system to use for your Yahoo Fantasy Hockey Team.

Jagr trying to fix problems

Tracking the Jagr Story part III

Well, it’s being said that Jagr now told media he never wanted to leave Washington and was just upset his team was not doing well.

Could it be Jagr really loves Washington and feels bad? Or Could it be Jagr’s now putting on an act so that other teams don’t worry about his attitude in the locker room?

Seems to me as if either Jagr has lost his mind totally or just figured something out.

Milbury is getting itchy trigger finger.

From this fans perspective, it is Mike who should go. He has clainmed responsibility for the Isles 3 week slide after breaking up the “good ole boys” group that formed when the Isles took their team to West Virginia for training camp. This group that wore jeans and CAT tractor hats included Wiemer, Peca, Aucoin and some other veterans. Rookies couldn’t break into the group. Getting rid of Wiemer not only was supposed to save salary, but break this group up. The remaining players countered with “Members Only” t-shirts. There is obviously friction in that locker room. The Isles started very strongly winning 7 of their first 11, however they have won only 2 of their last 11 since Jason Wiemer was let go. They have lost 6 in a row.

CUJO on Waivers

TSN.ca is reporting that Ken Holland informed Curtis Joseph this morning that he has been placed on waivers. CUJO will not accompany the Wings on their trip through St. Louis and Toronto. In the event that CUJO isn’t claimed, he could be demoted to the AHL.

Could The Leafs be actually talking about Cairns, and More on Comrie

I was driving to lunch today when Howard Berger of the Fan 590 continued to mention that there have been talks between the Leafs and the Islanders. He reiterated that many of the reports are on Peca, but he also doesn’t understand why the leafs would want Peca with their glut at centre. However he did mention that JFJ has actually incquired about Defenseman Eric Cairns.

Top 10 Worst jerseys of all time

Well the jerseys for this year are out, and my critiquing them is over. But somehow I feel my crusade is not over. So frends, here is the list of the worst NHL jerseys ever!

Peca to Toronto?

If the Hotstove says it will happen…it’s going to happen…right?

Last Saturday night, on the Satellite Hotstove, on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, a rumour quickly popped up, and ducked out, about Mike Peca heading to the Toronto Maple Leafs. SLAM! Sports has an article posted, “Maple Leafs Watch” by Mike Zeisberger of the Toronto Sun, citing a New York Post article commenting on this rumour as well.

Jagr to Pheonix

Before everyone starts to bash me, let me say off the bat that this is just an idea and there is no truth behind this. I propose that the Caps and Coyotes pull off a deal similar to that of the Kovalev. By that I mean getting rid of “mistakes”.

MantaRay Power Rankings for 11/30/03

“”Welcome to week #6 of MantaRay Power Rankings.

This ranking includes all games played through Saturday, November 29nd.

(The ranking in parenthesis reflects how each team finished the previous week).


Top Ten:

-Philadelphia earns their #1 spot

-Av’s coming on strong

-PREDS???? first time ever in the Elite

Middle of Pack:

-Thrasher drop out of elite

-Ranger$ and Stars climb out of the barrel

-Oilers slip several spots

Bottom of the Barrel:

-Islanders sending out an SOS

-Canes & Sharks improve

-Pens now officially the worst team in the NHL

It was historic, an honor to be there…..and I'll never do it again!!!

Welcome Oiler fans. Once again(2nd time in 3 weeks)I’m late again. I’ve had finals at school going on, and just not enough time to contribute. But there almost done now, just a few more demo’s left and I’m through with that. On to my boys. It was a good week for them. 2 for 3, and probably the most historic regular season game in NHL history. And if every outdoor game is going to be that cold, I don’t want to do it again! So let’s begin, and let’s try to contribute a little more Oiler fans, and non Oiler fans too. Let me know what you think of the team.

20 Games into the Season, Trade Rumors, US Heritage Game, and New HTR Addition

Twenty games into this maturing season is long enough for general managers to review their team rosters and maybe make some changes.

A lot of trade rumors are starting to roam around freely, too freely. Bruce Garrioch is a disgrace to hockey jounralism once again, and he is stealing money from Canadians.

A beautiful outdoor game between two great Canadian teams, how about the US teams do the same? And you know where they should do it…..or do you?

Finally, I will be pleased to release big news for HockeyTradeRumors. Come in and find out!

Habs on the move!

The NHL Network has said that Ron Hainsey and Marcel Hossa have been sent down to Hamilton and Mike Komisarek and Pierre Dagenais are coming up to “The Big Show”. What can we read into this?

It's Time For Bettman to Go

The upcoming outdoor game is drawing a great deal of excitement in the hockey world, and that is good. But I happen to think it is being handled very stupidly by the league office. It is yet another mistake in the horror that has been Gary Bettman’s tenure as commissioner.

Rocks Rumors: Kidd, Berezin, Allison, Straka and Detroit's Goaltending

According to several sources, Trevor Kidd, the Toronto Maple Leaf backup who underweant offseason surgery, is more than likely going to be bought out by the Maple Leaf organization. This news comes after Kidd has been cleared to play. Quinn also said that he would like to be cumfortable placing Kidd in net, but he has not felt that yet.

Another Sign That The Apocalypse Is Upon Us

Did you miss me? I didn’t think so….

The NHL has hired the consulting firm responsible for the content and tone of Al Gore’s failed presidential campaign to do “promotion and public relations”.

So stop complaining that the NHL doesn’t do enough to promote their product to the general public – because it’s about to get much, much worse……

“It’s been said that people in hell want ice water – if that’s all they want, maybe they deserve to be there.” – Andrew Vachss

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