One for the Money two for the Show

At the moment the defending champ Ducks are sitting 3rd in the pacific division one point behind Dallas and San jose, well dont look now but I think its gonna be another Quacky spring.

No Good bye for Koivu

So alot of people are saying the Canadiens should trade Koivu this year or next cause he’s not what we need. Well check this out.

Where Do The Habs Stand At The Deadline?

Sorry to non-Habs fans for another Habs article, it’s just I haven’t written about them in nearly 6 months. So yeah, sorry.

Now, over the last 4 or 5 days, I’ve been asking myself just where does Montreal stand going into the Trade Deadline, which isĀ in 30 days. Should they be big buyers…

Hossa in demand

The TorontoStar is reporting that Maran Hossa is a “hot commodity.”

Can the Montreal Canadiens become cup contenders with the right moves?

The Montreal Canadians have surprised everyone this year and are likely to continue to do so. Still they are not considered cup contenders and the only way they could be is to pickup a couple key players and fill some holes at the same time. The problem is that they are often out-classed when playing the teams with franchise players like Jarg and Spezza but that could change with a couple serious moves.

All Star Game Excitement ???

Are you as excited as I am ? Probably…which means, not at all.

Let’s face it, the popularity of the All-Star Weekend is going downhill, to a point where the players themselves (and now coaches) are declining the invitation. And who can blame ‘em ? I mean…sure it can be exciting for newcomers, but when your name is Brodeur, how are you suppose to get excited about it ? Same old, same old. Going on a three-day road trip just to chat with other players…bah ! Gimme a call, and we’ll chat. I’d rather take the three days off and rest.

The NHL needs to rethink the whole All-Star Weekend…

East wins Superskills and leads West going into the All-Star Game

As most would have predicted, the East won the Superskills contest 9-6 versus the West.
What was your favorite moment?
Personally, I gotta give comps to Phaneuf who was the West’s sole shooter and beat Thomas, whereas Malkin, Gomez and Timonen were all stopped by Legace in the Elimination Shootout.
Also, Kaberle’s accuracy shooting was outstanding.
I was surprised that Kovalchuk wasn’t part of the Hardest Shot competition. He can really rip ‘em.

In Bob, We MUST Trust

The trade deadline is quickly approaching, and many Habs fans are wondering, what will Bob Gainey do? The question we should be asking is, what should Bob Gainey be doing.
The short answer: Be a limited buyer…


Hi I’m here to expand my opinion about the TML Prospects.

1 – Anton Stralman (D) Doesn’t he remind you of Lindstrom- When he has the puck the announcers wont shut up about how good of a passer/shooter/skater he is. Not to mention his amazing progressing talent and his offensive ability. Getting rid of him would be compared to Detroit going and doing something like getting rid of Pavel Datsuyk because they want to rebuild or get a better trade? Who’s better than Pavel these days other than our superstars. Honestly. Dont trade Stralman. Hes one of the NHL’s Offensive Defensive future superstars. GM’s would die for him. DONT TRADE HIM AWAY.

Are the Habs contenders ?

When was the last time the Montreal Canadiens were ranked 2nd in points in the east…It’s been a hell of a long time. So what do the Habs need to remain contenders in the East ? I would say a power forward and a right handed D-man. So how bout this…