Sabres offer contract to Briere, expected to let Zubrus go is reporting that, as of Wednesday night, the Sabres have offered unrestricted free agent forward Daniel Briere a contract, and are not expected to offer a contract to trade deadling acquisition Dainius Zubrus.

Why Cliff Fletcher would be a better choice than John Muckler

All the talk about John Muckler coming to Toronto has got me concerned. I think this would be a bad decision and here is why. Muckler has made some bad decisions concerning his old club the Senators, he has left them in a pickle concerning the salary cap not looking towards the future at all.

Penguins Ryan Whitney close to an extension

The Penguins latest offer to Ryan Whitney is reportedly a 4 year deal worth 14 million according to the Buzz on the Burgh. The two sides appear close although a 5th year may be tact on. A announcement is due this weekend. This is great news for the Penguins to lock up Ryan Whitney to a multi year deal. Now the Penguins can address their needs through free agency and hopefully sign Sid the Kid to a long term extension.

Oilers to go Shopping??

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that the Oilers will aggressively seek to sign free agent talent come July the first.

Buffalo News Free Agent Speculation

The Buffalo News continues speculation with regard to Drury and Briere.

They indicate that the Sabres are saying nothing in regard to Drury or Briere’s pending free agency however they do suggest possible teams (mainly a repeat of past articles) that are said to have supreme interest.

Khabibulin being Shopped

The Daily Herald is reporting that the Chicago Black Hawks are shopping goalie Nikolai Khabibulin.

Preds owner Craig Liepold not selling the preds to Balsillie?

According to the national post preds owner Craig Liepold has contacted Jim Balsillie’s lawer and informed him that he will not be selling the team to Balsillie. Instead Liepold will sell it to L.A based buisnessman William DelBiaggio so he can move the team to Kansas City. DelBiaggio’s bid is believed to be 190 million US.

Nylander Not A Done Deal, Rangers could target BOTH Drury and Gomez

Larry Brooks of the New York Post is reporting that the Rangers have not had serious negotiations with Michael Nylander, and his new agent Mike Gillis, and that the Swedish center appears poised to hit the free agent pool on July 1st.

Think outside the BOX – Line up

Hi everybody, it’s my first writing out here but I’m reading you guys at least once by week. I heard about Things like Marleau (that I found would be the best pick for MontrĂ©al since 2 years, bu they won’t do it), Briere, Yashin, Drury…. You don’t find that all this is too easy to think and that something more underground or just more flashy could happen. Bob never thinks like the Habs fans and everytime he did a move we are all surprised or chocked. So Here quickly what I’m seeing the habs could do.

Islanders to offer Smyth a mountain of money?

Darren Dreger of TSN is suggesting that the Islanders may offer Ryan Smyth a deal that he may not be able to refuse. He is suggesting the possibility of a 7 or 8 year deal worth about 6 million per year. Put differently that could mean a 48 million dollar deal.

10 Things I Would Change As Commissioner

Is it just me, or do any other hockey fans think that Gary Bettman is secretly (or not so secretly) conspiring to ruin the NHL? Okay, okay. I’ll admit it. Yes I’m a Canadian, and yes I’m the fan of a Canadian hockey team, so maybe I’m a little biased. However, you can’t deny that Mr. Bettman is an incompetent commissioner. The NHL needs somebody in that position who knows what’s right and wrong for the game of hockey. Get out of there Gary, let a real fan be in charge! This is what my NHL would be like if I made all the decisions.

Pitkanen trade pending

According to, Joni Pitkanen has been traded to Carolina pending Niclas Wallin is willing to waive his no trade clause. This would allow the Flyers to pick up a big named player on July 1st.

The proper leaf team to make the playoffs

Since Eklund has announced a possible pickup of Calder it has had me thinking of how the leafs should look for 2007-2008.