Price Sent Down For A Few Reasons…

So everybody found out today that Carey Price & Kyle Chipchura were sent down to Hamilton. After watching Carey Price play since the season started people have witnessed the potential he has but this is the first time Carey Price has ever faced a down point in his Pro-Career.

Sundin: I have no wish to move

Amid word that the Toronto Maple Leafs may be willing to trade him, forward Mats Sundin tells Toronto Sun’s Lance Hornby that he has no intentions of asking for a move out of town.

“That’s very safe to say,” Sundin said. “I didn’t sign a one-year deal last summer to (better accommodate a trade), I want to be a Leaf.”

A collection of items (articles) that provide for good reads.

Canes Looking For Offensive Defenseman

Gainey And Team On The Right Track

Forsberg Will Sign With Philly

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Interesting Leafs Should Clean House Article

The Sun Media is reporting that it may be time for the Leafs to clear house.

Hurricanes pick up Samsonov is reporting that the Carolina Hurricanes have picked up Sergei Samsonov on reentry waivers from the Chicago Black Hawks

The Coyotes…Surprised?

After half of the season the Phoenix Coyotes are not in the place almost everyone predicted…the bottom.

Another Selanne Update

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Teemu Selanne will make his decision to retire or not within the next two weeks.

Sundin Speculation

Coming from a true die hard Flyers fan, I am tired of the Leafs articles on here, and when I came across this one, it explains exactly what the Leafs should do with Mats Sundin so we don’t need about 100 more articles until he gets traded.

Given their current predicament, there really is only one unthinkable result to this season for the Maple Leafs.

That would be to miss the Stanley Cups playoffs – already a likely result – and then allow Mats Sundin to walk out the door as an unrestricted free agent at season’s end.

Gainey's Mid-Season Evaluation

Bob Gainey had a meeting with the media today to discuss the teams season so far. There are positives and negatives like usual but he spoke very frank and sent a message to the players.

Bob Gainey says:

“If the players here can’t solve it, I’ll look at adding or replacing a player here with one who can win….”

Mike Ribeiro signs 5 year extension!

Brett Hull just announced live during the Wild/Stars game that they have re-signed Ribeiro to a 5 year, $25 million extension.

They didn’t want to go the risky route of the Isles or Flyers. I think this was a very reasonable signing, though Ribeiro could slump in the future.

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