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In Sunday’s (February 24th) sports section in New York’s Newsday there was some speculation about some Islanders trade rumors. Reporter Alan Hahn reports that while it was mascot day at Nassau Coliseum that there may have been more then just the Calgary Flames mascot in attendance. Two Calgary Flames scouts were in the stands observing the Isles and were also spotted in the sky box with Islanders General Manger Mike Milbury. Before the game Fox Sports announcer Howie Rose interviewed Milbury in a segment called ”Behind the Bench” and Mad-Mike suggested that the Islanders may not just sit back come the March 11th trade deadline. He also went on to add that he thinks with some added depth the Islanders could be a “dominate force” in the playoffs. The names that are most likely on all of your minds is Mr. Iginla. While that would be an amazing aquisition for not just the New York Islanders but any team, I would tend to say that it’s more about a player like Chris Drury….Should be fun to see who get’s dealt and who doesn’t…..GO ISLANDERS!!!

Borque next Bruins Head Coach???

O.K. this is from The Fourth (the same “source” that broke the Thrasher hiring Hartley story). Here’s the article than I’ll give you my take.

MantaRay PowerRankings for 2/23/03

Here we go again the MantaRay PR’s for games ending 2/22/03.

With an emphasis on playoff aspirations and picking the bones of the non-playoff teams carcass.

Manta Match up:

STARS vs SENS Thursday, Feb 27th


Top ten:

-Sens ascend again

-Strong team effort finds Leafs higher

-St. Louis singing the Blues

Middle of the Pack:

-Snow season good for Isles

-Bruins still hibernating

-Caps allow Lighting opportunity for playoffs

Bottom of the Barrel:

-Rangers and Pred’s contending or pretending?

-Jackets and Flames finished

-Sabres still claim the dishonor of #30

NHL's Top 20 Goalies

I am sure this story will be controversial, however I have decided to rank the NHL’s top 20 goaltenders for this season. I am sure not everyone will agree with my choices, but I believe these to be the fairest choices.

Dafoe Done for Season

Atlanta Thrashers goaltender Byron Dafoe has been diagnosed with a sports hernia and is likely to miss the remainder of the season, according to a published report.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution stated that the injured goaltender, who has been sidelined with groin injuries three times, is expected to have surgery. The 31-year-old Dafoe is 5-11-1 with a 4.36 goals-against average this season.

Nolan to Flyers for Williams?

According to Al Morganti,The Flyers are interested in Owen Nolan,and said that it would take “an injured(Knee)Justin Williams.”to get him.He goes on to say that “that Price would be too high for the Flyers.”Morganti said,however,that the Sharks can use other eastern conference teams for leverage,with thier other players such as “Selanne,and Thornton”

More on Iginla to Philly Rumors

TFP has a new look.

Flyers in hot pursuit of Iggy
February 21, 2003
The Fourth Period –

If you thought that bringing in Eric Chouinard and Sami Kapanen were going to be the end of the Philadelphia Flyers’ player moves, you may have been mistaken. TFP has learned that the Flyers have stepped up their efforts in trying to bring Jarome Iginla to the City of Brotherly Love.

According to a source in Philadelphia, the Flames, who are highly interested in Flyers GM Bob Clarke’s untouchable Simon Gagne, would instead settle for a package that would include injured forward Justin Williams and highly-touted defense prospect and Alberta native, Jeff Woywitka. The names of Flames defenseman Bob Boughner and Philly forward Micael Handzus have also come up as well. When asked if the Flyers had any interest in Iginla, Clarke refused to discuss trade speculation. Philadelphia would like to add some scoring punch before the deadline, and Iginla would obviously fill that void. Before scoring five goals last night, the Flyers had just 16 goals in their previous 12 games.

The price for Iginla according to K. Jones & Morganti

The price for Iginla has finally been revealed… and in my opinion, its *WAY* too high.

Keith Jones and Al Morganti have a feature that airs locally here in Philadelphia on the SportsNet channel called “Facing Off”. Today’s primary topic was what it would take to get Iginla here.

According to Morganti, it would take: Gagne AND Williams AND either Woywitka or Pitkanen (the hot defensive prospects).

That’s way too high… but Morganti said the Flyers should go for it anyway. The salaries would benefit Calgary, so it makes sense from a financial standpoint, but the Flyers would be mortgaging their entire future for one player. When their old weight gets a little older, they’d be back to the doldrums instead of a maturing, good team.

Over and out from Philly,


Palffy Wants To Remain A King

Ziggy Palffy is among one of the players most mentioned as the NHL trade deadline approaches. But Palffy’s agent says he has begun talks on a long-term contract extension with the Los Angeles Kings….

Do I detect a little hatred?

Now, to any of who know Lehtinen, once you have read this, you will know that this has to be BS! Why, Lehtinen hardly ever gets any penalties nor has ever been known to. He isn’t the type of guy that is known to do anything of the sort or will he ever. Second, these excuses are just so lame that it’s pure pathetic. Downey don’t need to be on the ice at the time? Downey isn’t a “great” player so what’s it going to hurt? Pleeeeeeeease!!!

Voice of the Rangers-Jim Gordon–RIP

For those of you who grew up in the New York area and learned about hockey watching the Rangers on WOR-TV Channel 9 (when they were a competitive team and not the Ranger$ that we know today) Monday marked a very sad day.

Iginla, Palffy, Nolan, and some other stuff

Where are these’s bumb’s heading?

Iginla afer having a terrible year with the Calgary Flames will most likely be on the market. The flames will miss the playoffs for the sixith or seventh straight year, it’s hard to remember the last time they were there. Anyways, expect the NYR to make a dive into another decent player so that they can over pay them for under production. Iginla is not worth the money he makes and Calgary should have signed him to a short deal with less money. Therefore if he would have performed again he may deserve the money he’s making now.


With all the problems surounding the Penguis of late. Mostly regarding questionable trades. There may be one more deal that may raise a few eyebrows around the NHL.

“CTV SPORTNET” is reporting that Penguins owner and star forward Mario Lemieux may consider moving himself out of Pittsburgh. In order to improve his first love, the Penguins, he may trade himself to a contender in order to acquire two or three good players.

MantaRay Power Rankings 2/17/03

With apologies for last week, here are the MantaRay powerrankings for games concluded on Sunday, Feb 16, 2003.

In light of the Kovalev giveaway last week I decided to put a Craig Patrick trade evaluation for some of his past deals. Patrick was once hailed as a trade genius, but in light of recent deals it seems that his star has faded.

Please note that previous rankings are from two weeks ago.


Top Ten:

-Rushings prayers answered: the Stars finally earn the #1 spot finally.

-Sens also move to #2,Devs drop in light of recent play.

-Av’s go from #20 a few months ago to #10 and break into the elite with some impressive play.

Middle of the Pack:

-Bruins drop out of the elite for the first time all season.

-Oilers jeopardizing playoff spot

-Long live the Kings?

Bottom of the Barrel:

-Patrick has lost his trade touch, Pens fall

-Canes drained

-Watch the Yotes.

Islanders News

In a recent article in New York’s Newsday, reporter Alan Hahn writes the Islanders are still very much interested in Zigmund Palffy. “I’m sure fans would love to see us make a move for a player like him or any other player of great talent,” Milbury said. “We’re always wanting to get better. But it’s not easy to make trades, especially now, with fiscal awareness. Every trade involves money. And not many teams are looking to take on a lot. And that includes us.” If a deal isn’t struck between the Islanders and Kings for Ziggy, Milbury and the Islanders may turn to some other interesting options. One has winger Geoff Sanderson from the Blue Jackets coming to the Islanders and another exciting option involves Florida Panthers young star winger Kristian Huselius. Right now the biggest problem with the Islanders is the same problem every other team has(except the Rangers) the unwillingness to spend money. If the Islanders can find it in the budget to make a trade and pick up a player with the talent of Palffy that does two things for them. First of all, being a season ticket holder myself for the Islanders, the Coliseum will be packed out with people who WANT Ziggy back and second of all with the Islanders adding a nasty scoring threat they finally have that first line. Hopefully Yashin will start puting up some numbers. It should be fun these last few weeks until the trade deadline to see what happens. The Islanders are one of the teams that would really benefit from a trade right now!

Burke to Blues?|| My take on Iginla to NYR|| Leafs should go for it!||March MADn

Like I mentioned before, Burke should be heading to the St. Louis Blues.

Media exaggerates Iginla to Rangers rumor.

MARCH MADNESS COMING SOON!!! And no, not college basketball.

Yashin on the FOURTH line? Yikes!

Funny news of the day!!!

Islander's on lookout for Winger

Numerous reports from most New York papers report that the Islanders are on the lookout for a winger to pair with Yashin. The Islanders NEED some more scoring to become a true contender! Owner Charles Wang has stated in reports from Newsday that he is not opposed to adding to the bottom line if the player is the right guy.

Colossal Rumors

TSN still discussing Iginla to New York, aetherial adds his opinion.

Leafs looking at Nolan…..


maybe not! leafs looking at Brazilian born defenseman.

habs_88_4life says no way jose` on Iginla to NYR.



For the last two months, Jerome Iginla has been almost traded to Toronto, Colorado, NY Rangers, New Jersey…and the list goes on and on.

Devils target Iginla, Drury…and more

According to Tom Gulitti of the Bergen Record Lou Lamerillo is one of the many GM’s inquiring about Flames power forward Jarome Iginla. The article states that the Flames want D Colin White who is a punishing top 4 dman F Jamie Langenbrunner who played for Button when he was director of player personale in Dallas, and highly touted Goalie Prospect Ari Ahonen. In my opinion this asking price is ridiculously high for a player who is good, but not great, if the Flames want they can have a couple defensive prospects plus NHL ready players like Berglund, Bicek, Guolla, Gionta, Rupp which I do not believe they will accept for their “franchise player”


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