Sather Strikes Back

After completing a heavily lopsided deal with the Pittsburgh Penguins to acquire Alexi Kovalev, many GMs/Personnel in the NHL decided to voice their opinion on the trade and how it “destroys the system.” Glen Sather came out and has told the people of Toronto to stop whining.


Flyers Give Ragnarsson Two Extension

Flyers And Defenseman Marcus Ragnarsson

Agree To Two-Year Contract Extension

The Philadelphia Flyers announced today that they have agreed to terms with 6’1”, 215-pound defenseman Marcus Ragnarsson on a new two-year contract extension, according to club President and General Manager Bob Clarke.


Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Hockey Day from up North. It is a pretty kick ass holiday- everyone’s out playing hockey and all the NHL Canadian teams are playing each other so it is going to be a great night.

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Sens trade rumours

Today, on (slam Sports) there is an article speculating on some potential moves by the Ottawa Senators. Owen Nolan (who seems to be going to just about every team in contention these days) and Bates Bataglia.

And now for something completely different…..

This is ludicrous: I personally don’t think the Rangers have the personnell to pull this one off. But when it comes to the Broadway blueshirts and Glen Sather you just never know.

Experts Rumor Update: (Trades Are All About Salary, Nothing Else),

Lasts nights game between the Oilers and Leafs added speculation that the Leafs are considering persuing scoring forward Anson Carter.

Battaglia to Ottawa, Irbe's future, and other notes…

The Raleigh News and Observer reports:

With Sami Kapanen gone and Irbe on his way out, more changes could follow before the March 11 trade deadline.

The New York Rangers’ deal for Alexei Kovalev makes it less likely they will be interested in Jan Hlavac, but the Ottawa Senators have been poking around the Canes lately and may be pursuing Bates Battaglia.

While Battaglia has had a miserable season, the Canes are still enamored of his long-term potential and would want a similar caliber player back in any deal.

Defensemen Aaron Ward and Sean Hill could also be made available to a contender for the right price.

Other Canes’ News:

The Canes are really trying to get a deal done for Arturs Irbe. Although he is willing to go to the minors, assistant GM Jason Karmanos said late yesterday: “The fact that he cleared is a pretty good indication there are 29 other teams that don’t want to pick up his contract. Hopefully, somewhere down the line for Arturs’ sake there’s something that can be changed so another team is interested in picking him up.” The Canes are not planning to renig on their previous plans of recalling Patrick DesRochers and sending Irbe to Lowell, but I would look for an Irbe deal to be worked out before the March 11 deadline.

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The top five things you do after dumping salary…

On the heels of trading the 4th leading scorer in the National Hockey League to the NY Rangers, for what appears to be a bag of pucks and a few pairs of skates, the Pittsburgh Penguins have continued the rebuilding process that began with the trade of Jaromir Jagr almost two years ago.

What next?? Here is what I believe the Penguins should do…

Irbe Clears Waivers and sent to Minors!!!

Arturs Irbe has cleared waivers and will be sent to the Lowel Lock Monsters of the AHL after tonites game in Dallas!!! Here is the source:

This article states that the Canes are going to continue to try to trade Irbe before the March 11th trade deadline, Jason Karamanos also stated that Irbe will not be a part of the Hurricanes future.

Will Irbe even report to Lowel? And if he does, will he end up like Jim Carey did in Providence/ Boston. I do not know for sure, but Irbe certainly must have a one way deal with the Canes.

If Irbe is traded before the deadline, would any of the teams that could be interested in him also have potential interest in either Wesley, Ward or Hill, all of whom are rumored to be available? As we saw with Pittsburgh, teams trying to dump salery might be more likely to send alot of guys off at once. This last part is purely speculation on my part of coarse.

Where do the Leafs look now? Leaf_Expert Says.."Still Plenty of Fish Left"

With the trade of Alexei Kovalev to the Rangers the Maple Leafs are now forced to accept it and move on, and look for another player that can be obtain in their hopes to win the Cup. Following is a list of the best of the potential FORWARDS that could be traded, either to the Leafs or somewhere else, by this years trading deadline, along with my predictions on the odds (out of ten) that it will happen.

Ottawa out of trouble?

While everybody called the Rangers/Penquins deal the end of hockey, why don’t we look at a possibility of new life for another team. The Ottawa Senators and their recent (pending) purchase by Rod Bryden.

Have a look

From the Globe and Mail

Flyers Looking for Blueline Depth

“Tim Panaccio reports the Flyers want to add another veteran defenceman to their blueline. Potential acquistions include the Kings Mathieu Schneider or Dmitry Yushkevich, the Sabres Alexei Zhitnik or the Coyotes Teppo Numinnen, with “lesser options” being the Sharks Bryan Marchment or the Flames Bob Boughner. The NHL would have to ok a trade of Zhitnik, as the league is running the club while it searches for a buyer. Panaccio notes the Flyers have the Coyotes first round pick this year and they might want it back after their disapointing season. Also both clubs have made deals with each other in the past. Coyotes GM Mike Barnett said he won’t trade Numminen, but Panaccio believes that could be a bluff to raise the asking price.

Chuck Gormley reports the Flyers could ship defenceman Marcus Ragnarsson, an unrestricted free agent at season’s end, to the LA Kings, along with a first round pick, to obtain Schneider. He also claims the Flyers could go after Zhitnik and Chicago’s Phil Housley. The only way this could happen if the Flyers are interested in acquiring another defensemen some where else.”

Flyers-Sabres Deal Iminent??

It was reported on that a deal between the Flyers & Sabres could waiting final approval by the league. The source of the rumor is said to be Bob MacKenzie reporting between periods of a Habs-Capital game last night. The deal was reported as follows:

The Kovalev Deal…Talk About it Here.

A possible steal for the Rangers, but mostly likely a fair deal for both sides.

Patrick loses out on valueable players again; GM Pat Quinn a genius.

What does this mean in the off-season for the Rangers?

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Kovalev Back on Broadway

The Penguins sent Kovalev along with defencemen Mike Wilson, Janne Laukkanen as well as forward Dan Lacoutoure to the Rangers.

In exchange, the Rangers sent defencmen Joel Bouchard, Richard Lintner and forward Rico Fata as well as an undisclosed amount of cash, believed to be around $4 million dollars in cash.

The cash is clearly the centre-piece of this transaction and the trade was initially held up while the league approved the amount of financial compensation going to the Penguins.

Kovalev has 27 goals and 37 assists this season. The 29-year old will be a restricted free agent at the end of the season, and will be eligible for arbitration.

Details to follow.

Senators looking for some grit

“The Ottawa Senators will continue to search for more physical presence as they head towards the playoffs. Ottawa Senators GM John Muckler, despite obvious financial restraints because of the club’s recent bankruptcy declaration, is still searching for more grit for his first-place club. One player Muckler knows very well is Rangers agitator Matthew Barnaby, who was with Muckler in Buffalo a few years ago. So far, the asking price for Barnaby’s services, however, is too high. According to the LA Times, Muckler was reportedly rebuffed by Rangers GM Glen Sather when Muckler offered Swedish winger Magnus Arvedson for Barnaby’s services. However, Muckler isn’t likely to give up.”

Kovalev Does Not Anticipate A Trade Anytime Soon

According to the post gazette in Pittsburgh, PA Alexei Kovalev does not expect to be traded soon. Kovalev stated…

“My feeling is that, for the next month, I don’t think anything is going to happen. Maybe closer to the deadline, it might happen.”

Alexei Kovalev stated that he would like to play in Pittsburgh next season, but that does not look like the case because of financial troubles in the organization. No word was said on possible teams that Kovalev might be traded to, but so far rumors have it that it will be either, Toronto, Philidelphia, Colorado, or Detroit.

Satan Would Welcome Trade To Contender

Sportsnet has reported that Miroslav Satan the teams 5 time leading scorer is upset with the teams bankruptcy and apparently wants to be traded. Satan told Detroit News that he would definitely welcome the chance to play for a team that has high ambitions and would like to win something (Stanley Cup).

-Go Leafs Go-

Will Fedorov leave Detroit?

TFP has reported that Sergei Fedorov was very upset over his ice in Detroit’s 5-3 loss to Colorado.Federov played 14 minutes and 59 second that is well below his average of 20 minutes and 58 seconds.Federov also hinted that there can be other factors “maybe it’s because my contract is up. Maybe something else. I don’t know what to think anymore. I’m just upset.” Sources in Detroit say that actually is a possibility. But for all you Detroit fans I don’t think he will leave even though he is a unrestricted free agent after the season.

Bobby's not done?

Flyers Notes | More moves likely are in the making

By Tim Panaccio

Inquirer Staff Writer

The sense around the Flyers yesterday afternoon was that another deal is coming. Maybe not right away, but coming.