Another Coach Canned!

According to Dave King has been fired by Columbus. Apparently GM Doug MacLean will take over in the interim.

Could this finally be the iopportunity for Ted Nolan to step in and coach…I’d like to say yes but somehow I doubt it!


Russia is 2003 World Jr Champs

Yuri Trubachev scored the winner midway through the third period as Russia beat Canada 3-2 to win their second consecutive world junior title.

Finland held off the United States 3-2 in an earlier game to win its second consecutive bronze medal.

The 2004 world championship will be held in Finland at Helsinki and Hameenlinna.

Thrash Talk: More of the Same

Another tough stretch of games for Thrashers fans to endure, not exactly new territory. It’s always been tough to be a Thrasher fan but we somehow trudge along. All we ask for is a bit of hope, and hopefully some will be coming in the next week or two.

Expert's Look: Who Is On The Block?

Just a list of of players that have been rumored to be on the Trading Block for the Maple Leafs, and what they could bring in return…..

Oliwa traded to the Bruins reports Kristof Oliwa has been traded to the Bruins. Here is the press release:

Something Big Comin' Up in Philly…. + Other News

(Source: Les Amateurs De Sports, AM 550)

According to ”Les Amateurs De Sports”, Bobby Clarke is planning something really big that might take place as soon as in the next few days…

Race For The Vezina

In previous NHL seasons the formidable quest for the Vezina has been one of the most honorable and prestigious awards to receive. The winner of this will forever be marked as an elite goaltender and will forever be considered to be one of the best. As we approach the halfway point of the 2002/2003 campaign it is a race between four goalies, Belfour, Brodeur, Thibault

and Turco. The outcome still uncertain, it is anyone’s hand.

MantaRay Power Rankings for 1/5/03

To start off the New Year, here is this weeks MantaRay Power Rankings for games ending 1/4/03.


Top ten:

-B’s descend two more spots to #6.

-Stars & Blues move up

-everyone else status quo.

Middle of the Pack:

-Av’s & Isles making some impressive strides.

-Kings are conquered and depleted

-Tampa Bay playing more like Lightning Bugs

Bottom of the Barrel:

-Sabres winning?

-Yotes winning

-Flames getting hot.

Flyers shopping for Goalie and/or scorer?

Flyers to acquire scorer?

Hackett to don orange & black?

a trade rumor that might actually be true!

Not just because i saw this link from ESPN,

The Flyers really ARE interested in Jagr!

(i have a reliable “friend of a friend inside source”)

Anson Carter to the Hurricanes???

ESPN was speculating the rumor that Anson Carter would be headed to Carolina. I didn’t think much of it, but every time his goal from tonight is shown, they mention trade speculation. I guess it’s curiosity that drives me to post this. I’ll give my speculation, but I’d like to hear from you.

To Carolina: Carter, 3rd rounder

To Edmonton: O’Neill, Wallin, late pick…

What do you think???

Follow up on the Senators (***Corrected***)

It is being reported now that the Senators did not pay their players and local papers are saying the players instead of a paycheque got a letter.Here is the update:

Islanders pick up Laviolette's option

Newsday is reporting that sources inside the organization have told it that coach Peter Laviolette’s option for a 3rd year was picked up by the team. “I am truly grateful for that,” Laviolette said, acknowledging it only when told the secretive move on his contract had been revealed to Newsday. “There’s no place I’d rather be.”

Is Gomez Available? Do the Hawks need a Back-up Goalie? McLeod on Block?

(Dec. 31st) While the Devils continue to ride their defense and Martin Brodeur’s goaltending, another star forward is said to be the focus of yet more trade talk. According to the NY Post, Scott Gomez has joined Patrik Elias and Joe Nieuwendyk among those mentioned prominently this season as Devil trading material.

(Dec. 31st) The Blue Jackets have until June to sign center Kiel McLeod, one of the team’s touted, second-round picks in the 2001 draft. It appears, however, that the Jackets are done negotiating. According to a article, word is the Blue Jackets have put McLeod on the trading block.

Are the Senators done?

An article on the TSN website is reporting that the Senators will run out on money within weeks.Here is the article:

GM's Playing Domino>>>A look at teams so far>>>Senators Forced to Trade>>>The Wa

Domino effect, coaches get canned, will Trottier be next?

My view on the 30 teams in the NHL as teams are approaching mid-way (alphabetically: Team A through C).

Senators to trade players with the Rangers?

Some hockey history to share.

My hockey novel, ENFORCER, has been published(!)

Hope you all don’t mind–but I just had to tell somebody!! A book I wrote, called ENFORCER, has been published in paperback and is now available at Barnes and Noble and the publisher’s site, 1st Also, local bookstores should be able to order it within the next few weeks, as well.

There is info and a preview of the book at 1st Books – ENFORCER and I have a new website with the links and info at Official Website for ENFORCER .

The book just became available this past week — and I am hoping to hear back from hockey fans & fight fans about it. A friend of mine, Link Gaetz wrote the foreword for me. Please wish me luck in this!! :)


What is with these new referees?!

I am not one that likes to blame goals and games on referee’s, but while watching this Kings game I am incredibly unimpressed with these young refs. There have been complaints about them all year. Stuff like, they are trying to show that they are cracking down on penalties and so they give out stupid penalties. Or, I have heard that they don’t see as much as the veterans. I thought these complaints were nothing more than silly until my experience with them today.

Thrash Talk: Auld Lang Syne

Expected to be a light report due to the holidays, there has been quite a bit of activity with the Thrashers in the past few days. The axe finally falls and Atlanta fans now hoping for a new start.

MantaRay Power Rankings for 12/29

Here is this weeks MantaRay Power Rankings for games ending 12/28/02.

Pace is starting to pick-up for a lot of teams.

A few comments for this weeks post were based on an informal poll of NHL GM’s from the Toronto Globe and Mail. ENJOY! and Happy New Year!!!


Top ten-

-Wings and Blues move up.

-Much to Rushings chagrin, Stars drop.

-Leafs enter the elite.

Middle of the Pack-

-Caps move up

-Habs & Kings move down

-Pens exit the bottom of the barrel

Bottom of the Barrel:

-Panthers lose focus after last weeks lofty words.

-Pred & Thrashers move up

-Sabres reacquire worst team in NHL status