Red Wings Sign Jason Woolley

The Detroit Red Wings have signed defenseman Jason Woolley of the Buffalo Sabres.

It was not secret that the Wings were shopping for a defenseman, after Jiri Fischer suffered a torn ACL, and will likely be out of the lineup for 4 to 6 months.

Richter May Retire

It is more of a suggestion, but I think Mike Richter should take it seriously.

Should the Senators trade Arvedson ?

Midway through the month of October, rumours were brewing about the Ottawa Senators wanting to trade Magnus Arvedson. It seems like all this trade talk has died down, but why?

Bruins looking at Isbister?

Durring the TSN telecast of the Bruins Isles game tonight, the TSN analysts stated not once, but twice that the Bruins GM Mike O’connell was watching Islanders player Brad Isbister like a hawk durring the pre-game skate. They later commented that it was known that the Bruins wanted to move Mclarren to the Isles. (Where did they get that from?)

I don’t think that the Bruins would move Mclarren for Isbister streight up. It would take a couple of semi-biggish names for Mclarren and lower level Bruin.

It is definatly a sellers market in Mclarrens case. The Bruins have nothing to lose by letting him sit, and they are #1 in the league right now I think. If the Bs move Kyle now, to the Isles, or anyone else, it will have to be a NICE deal for Boston.

What are your speculations on this? Please don’t be insane and suggest that the Isles trade Yashin to Boston. Lets not waste each others time with that one, and I wouldn’t speculate a whole lot on Samsonov either, he isn’t going anywhere.

Suter to Come Out of Retirement?

It was first reported on a Detroit radio morning show that the Red Wings are reportedly looking for help on their blueline, which has seen Steve Duchesne remain unsigned and Frederik Olausson join the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. Now that defenseman Jiri Fischer has injured his left knee and out for 4-6 weeks, the Red Wings are supposedly looking for some help. Gary Suter has been rumored as speaking with Wings’ GM Ken Holland, as reported on

Fischer out for 4-6 months

The fourth year Wings defenseman tore an ACL late in their victory vs. the Predators. This will be a major blow and may force them to sign a veteran defenseman to fill the void. Possible replacements:

Report: Tucker on the move?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are reportedly trying to trade forward Darcy Tucker.

Rangers Ought to Have Back-up Plan

The NYPost and NYTimes (as if both are good sources) report that Mike Richter does indeed have a concussion. Though it is a very very very minor concussion (much lighter than the one Lindros suffered last year), Richter is still not ready to play a game. He has been in practices, but not worth the risk of putting him in the crease for a game.

Ave's Looking for Help

After going 0-5 to start the season, Abishier has the Aves brass looking for better back-up help, now and for the future.

Reports out of Colorado state both President and GM are not so sure Abishier is the real deal, and reports of a deal that would send Tanguay to NYI for Ibister have now also included Depietro going back to the Aves. rumors of the Aves looking to sign Dafoe were quickly squashed by Lacroix stating they are looking for someone who can learn from Roy, but also replace Roy once he retires(which will not be too far off in the future). There are a few options out there, if they can not find a young goalie in a trade they might look for a vetran presance to plug the holes. It is difficult for a goalie to come in behind the legend of Patrick Roy, a lot is expected of him, but after going 0-5 it has the Aves questioning their goaltending.

Former NBA star Manute Bol signs hockey contract withe Indy. Ice of CHL.

Former NBA freakshow 7′ 7” Manute Bol has signed a contract with the Indianapolis Ice of the CHL. Bol is expected to be in uniform for Saturday nights game vs the Amarillo Gorillas.

Bol who played with the Philadelphia 76ers and Washington Bullets. Bol was last seen a year ago fighting William “refrigerator” Perry on a Celebrity Boxing T.V. show. Before that he was a political prisoner in the Sudan trading cows to get family members out of slavery.

General Manager of the Ice Larry Linde had this to say “How do you defend a 7′ 7” Dinka Tribesman?” On another note Hell froze over earlier this morning.

Whata world.

Rumors are just That

I’ve been looking over the various articles that have been posted about possible trades/moves, etc. for about a year now on this site. One thing that always amazes me is that people will jump all over one another and bash/flame people when speculations are made.

It seems to me that the Leafs fans have it the worst. Especially this year with the rocky start that they have had. As a Leaf fan I am admittedly disappointed with the way things have progressed so far. The fact that 2 expansion teams are having much better seasons then the Leafs are is very disheartening (Wild & Columbus) BUT I am still a Leafs fan and will continue to be.

Those of you that ‘tear into’ the Leafs fans for speculation/opinions/wishful thinking make me wonder just who your favourite team is? Do you really have a team that you ‘religiously’ follow or are you just a ‘band wagon’ jumper and cheer for the team of the moment. Or do you cheer for the team that won the cup last year?

Those of you that ‘blindly’ say that a trade will not happen, what basis do you make that on? Are you in the GM’s office of each team? Are you related to a GM? Maybe you are, but most likely you are not. You are making a statement based on your opinion just like the one stating their thoughts on a rumour or opinion that they may have.

I would like to think that while there are rivalries on the ice, we as spectators/fans can treat each other with a little more respect.

Staurt and Sharks agree to deal

The San Jose Sharks and restricted free agent defenceman Brad Stuart have agreed to terms on a new multi-year contract.

The deal will pay Stuart $1.25 million this season, although he will lose a portion of that for missing the first part of the season, and will pay him $1.75 million in the second year.

There is both a player option and club option for a third year that will pay him slightly in excess of $2 million, the precise amount being determined by which party exercises the option.

Trottier Suspended?

The NHL has suspended Rangers Forward Krzysztof Oliwa for 5 games and Ranger head coach Bryan Trottier for 2 games after a later fight occurred in the Ranger’s loss to the Blue Jackets.

Isbister for Tanguay Rumor Heating up on the Island

Someone suggested it earlier here on HTR, but it seems as if is reporting the potential deal in which the Islanders will land Alex Tanguay for Dave Scatchard and Brad Isbister. My guess is Colorado will add something more.

Florida after Antropov?

Terry Koshan of the Toronto Sun has reported that the Toronto Maple Leafs and Florida Panthers have been negotiating players. Rick Dudley has been told to unload salary and Yushkevich’s $2.75 million is expected to be moved, possibly to Toronto, Long Island, or Los Angelas.

Blues' Goaltending Situation

The St. Louis Blues hockey club has been using goalie after goalie after goalie this season. With Brent Johnson getting injured over the summer, Fred Brathwaite, Reinhard Divis, Curtis Sanford and Cody Rudkowsky have all been used thus far. The team, in hopes to fill a temporary hole in the goaltending department, has signed UFA Tom Barrasso, who has played eighteen seasons in the NHL. But now that Fred Brathwaite has returned from injury and Brent Johnson is extremely close to being 100%, who will be the odd-man out?

Little Latvian longs for a BIG change

First of all, I feel that it is a crime that no one wrote an article about this sooner, and I am doing this because I feel it should be addressed on this website. As a goal tender myself, I must say that Arters Irbe is probably the coolest goalie in the NHL, and he is really ticked off right now. Kevin Weekes has been treated as the #1 guy in Carolina as Irbe is 0 and 3 so far this year. As many of you may know, Irbe is a workohloic and can’t stand to play less than 75 games a year.

Leafs interested in Yuskie?

Leafs looking to bring back Yushkevich

Other teams in the hunt for Yushkevich’s services are believed to be the New York Islanders, New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings.

Sens Sign Rachunek….

Ottawa announced today they signed Rachunek to a 2 year deal. Fine and dandy but will he stay or will he go. Sens d-men are solid right now and mixing up the fray could prove negative. Rachunek is off to Binghamton for 2 weeks for training. More to come but brief story at .

Stuart, Sharks Reach Impasse In Talks

The agent for Sharks’ holdout defenseman Brad Stuart told The San Francisco Chronicle that his client has left San Jose and returned to his offseason home in Calgary because of an impasse in contract negotiations.