NHL Top 10

Since the most recent survey posted by Micki, I’ve noticed a major conflict in opinion among the members. Who are the top 10 players who would have the best chance to lead the league in scoring after the first 10 games of the season??

A different look on trade rumours- October 7 Edition

After seven long months, I’ve decided to return with “A different look on trade rumours”. This edition: the Derek Morris trade, Byron Dafoe and Kyle McLaren

Prospects Signed

Colaiacovo, Upshall, Bowumeester, Nash, and Garth Murray.

participants:Leaf_Expert, oojuxeoo, GNashPred

Oilers Trade Grier

The Edmonton Oilers have traded Mike Grier to the Washington Capitals for a second and third round draft pick. The power forward has spent his whole six season career with the Oilers and collected 183 points in 448 games.


I think this is a good move for the Oilers. Everyone knew this move was coming…just not to Washington for Draft picks. He became expendable with the youth in the Oilers organization finally stepping up. Next on the list…..Marchant.

Time For Predictions!

Since predictions are “OH SO FUN”, why not start now? Remember when Jonathane, I think, used to check these articles months after? So, it will be fun making predictions now and after months go by you look back at what you said and go “oh! how did I come up with that!?”.

So, how about predicting what the standings will be by mid-season? When a team plays its 41st game, that will mark mid season.

Also, if you want, give a rason why you placed a team in that postion…much better that way.

The Dallas Stars: Realistically

The Dallas Stars have one of the highest payrolls in the NHL. After this off-season’s acquisitions, the team is heading into the next two years with the goal of two stanley cups.

The Buffalo Sabres Curse

It can be said that the whole city of Buffalo is cursed. It all started in 1991 on a January night. Super Bowl XXV ended when Scott Norwood booted his last-second, 47-yard field goal attempt wide right in the Bills’ 20-19 loss to the New York Giants. From that day on Buffalo has been cursed.

DG's Quick Hits- October 4, 2002

Is Ron MacLean worth $450,000?

Domi: Lay off the Eagle

On the radar screen: Jeff Farkas, Pierre Lacroix, the Buffalo Sabres, the All-Star Game and more

Waiver updates..

Thrashers selected Robidas, then dealt him to the Stars for a 2003 6th round pick.

…stay put for updates, which will be posted as comments written in bold font to this post.

Less than a week left

This is quite interesting…


(Oct. 3rd) As reports continue to suggest that the Penguins are close to signing forwards Alexei Kovalev and Alexandre Daigle, general manager Craig Patrick said he had no contract talks with the agents for the two yesterday, but Kovalev seems fairly optimistic that a deal can be struck before the Oct. 9 deadline imposed by both sides. “I’m really happy that this team is interested in signing me and keeping me here for a lot longer,” he said. “We’ll see what happens. We still have a lot of time.”

Waiver List

Two sources you can get the list:



Few good players out there

Kovalev Close to Re-signing with the Penguins


TSN Staff reports:

Oilers and Bruins Deal About To Go Down?

Like a bad forehead pimple on prom night, a possible deal is brewing between the Edmonton Oilers and Boston Bruins that would rid the Winnie-the-Pooh squad of the headache otherwise known as Kyle McLaren.

Drury to Flames for Derek Morris


Chris Drury was traded from the Colorado Avalanche to the Calgary Flames for Derel Morris. Stephane Yelle (Avs), MacAmmond (CGY) and Shantz (CGY) were also included.

Boucher Inks Deal With Coyotes


The Phoenix Coyotes on Monday made another commitment to a goaltender, signing Brian Boucher to a multi-year deal.

Hockey and Music and The Top 100 From 1997-2002

Well, the votes have been tabulated and the votes are in with regards to hockey and music, as well as my critical picks for the best 100 songs from 1997-2002. Here are the results:

(NOTE: Comments may contain spoilers)

McHockey Brothers on Spector's Are a Real Joke!

This made me furious, but then laugh at the stupidity and ignorance of these brothers. You’re in for some fun! Find out who is THE WORST goalie in the NHL, at least…who the McHockey Brothers think is the worst goalie.

McLaren for Kovalev?

Spector’s Hockey (http://spectorshockey.tripod.ca/default.html) is reporting that a McLaren for Kovalev deal might be in the works. This trade would benefit both teams as Mclaren would fill the defensive gap made when Kasparitis left and Kovalev would help replace the loss of Bill Guerin.

Is it just me or is this deal so lop-sided in favor of the Bruins? Kovalev had 76 points in 67 games last year, a Point per game of 1.12. He was the Pens’ offensive leader and I can’t see the pens replacing him. What do you think of this rumor?

TSN's Dirty Dozen

TSN Sports Forcaster has come up with the 2001-02 Dirty Dozen Awards, which goes to the worst player in the given category.

Without further delay, here they are:

Philly fans

A lot of people say all Philadelphia sports fans are crazy because of past things that they have done. The past incidents of a fan falling into a penalty box, throwing batteries at a baseball game and booing when a all pro wide reciever gets seriously injured. In this article, I will explain why.