Kovalev, Jovanovski searching for Extension

Well, Jovanovski is searching a contract extension, his contract expires July 31st, year 2003, and don’t expect him to sign one any time soon, more on that & other news around the NHL.


Regular season has just started. People, try to avoid submitting team analysis of 2,3 games…because it means squat to many others. I do appreciate reading them, but too many other members do not want to read them. Besides, first 15 games or so mean very little; even the first half of the season means little. The best hockey for teams to play is in the 2nd half of the season (i.e. Devils, Canadiens, Canucks).

Nabokov, Stuart Closer To Deals?


After the San Jose Sharks opened their season with a 6-3 loss to the Detroit Red Wings on Thursday, General Manager Dean Lombardi re-newed his efforts to sign restricted free agent holdouts Evgeni Nabokov and Brad Stuart.

McLaren for Savard?

Yes, I know most of you are probably sick of hearing McLaren trade rumours, but this is another good one (unlike Kovalev). Marc Savard is a healthy scratch for Calgary bcuz they are hoping to trade him. Now, The bruins want some more offence to HELP the lose of Guerin, and Savard could do this. Calgary has obviously showed some interest in McLaren, and since they want Savard gone, I strongly feel that it is a good trade.

Now people, don;t go nuts on me for making another McLaren rumour, but this website is hockeytraderumours.com so ppl should stop complaining about rumours. Now, I’m just curious to hear what everybody’s views are for this

Surpassing a Milestone

Hockey Trade Rumors now has 3,501 members. Congratulations HTR, and welcome kazzask

This still remains my favorite hockey site, thanks to Trademan.

Colin Campbell Still Emotional Since Rangers Fired Him

Eric Lindros has been suspended for a high stick slash on Montreal Canadien Stephane` Quintal, during last night’s 4-1 vicoty for the Habs.

The slash caused no blood, no injuries, and was a simple two minute penalty just like any other slash. This was totally unecessary by the league as we have witnessed many slashes on players’ faces which caused bleeding and injuries, yet no suspensions.

Bure to New Jersey?

No….not Pavel Bure, Valeri Bure. The Devils didn’t show much in their season opener, and their offense had little to do with their win. When the Devils traded three prospects for often injured Zyuzin, Zyuzin didn’t show enough to crack the Devils defensive pairs, or Tampa Bay’s as well.

The NYPost, such a ‘reliable’ source, reports that the Devils could trade Zyuzin to the Panthers in return for Valeri Bure. Though I hardly believe it is true, Panthers have too many defensemen, it could go through.


Will the Habs Flourish with New Refereeing?

Hey Habs Fans,

I’m sure we’re all still slightly glowing from last night’s road victory over the hated Rangers. But let’s not forget a big part of the reason why they won. The Rangers took numerous penalties, especially in the 3rd, when they needed to mount a comeback.

Turco's 40 Saves

Sorry to break your heart, Peroni, but Marty Turco kicked the Avs tails last night.

We’ve seen many reports claiming that the Stars would keep tabs on Marty Turco, and if he appeared incapable of running this ship, the Stars would look into signing Byron Dafoe.

I know, I know, it was only one game. But did Turco at least open the discussion for shutting up his critics last night?

He stared down the ice at Patrick Roy and outplayed him, even though Roy played a heck of a game. Roy faced about 25 shots and only allowed one goal on a beautiful play by the great Niko Kapanen, who also handed Rob Blake his jock on the play. Roy made some great saves.

But Marty faced almost 45 shots, and allowed only one goal, despite the fact that the refs gave the Avs about forty powerplays in the game (slight exaggeration).

It sounds, based on the reactions from the club and the insistence of Andy Moog, that Dallas is more than confident riding Turco 60-65 games this year.

So, does Dafoe end up in Chicago, St. Louis, Vancouver, New York, Philly? I don’t know, but let’s put a rest to the Dallas claims.

Why the Jackets will win respect

As a lurking Jackets fan I have sat back and watched people bad mouth this team since I began frequenting this site. I believe that this is theyear this will come to an end.

Messier and Richter lead team, with a magic number…

That’s right Mess and Richter have a magic number. The number 2. Mess put in his first career 2 goal opener at the age of 40. Richter let in less the 2 goals which was something he couldn’t do last year….

And last but not least…. 2 years remain on both contracts….if Messier reaches the incentives for the option.

Kovalev's days numbered?

The self imposed deadline of signing superstar center Alex Kovalev to a contract extention passed yesterday for Pittsburgh Penguins general manager Craig Patrick leaving us all to wonder throughout the season how many more times we will see Kovalev in the new penguins’ sweaters that he modeled nearly 2 months ago.

Chipping in Some News

Leaf_Expert participates…

Fedorov’s losing his Wings next season?

Canucks looking to trade _____?

Philadelphia's Prospects – Some Surprises After Camp

Taking a cue from the mikster, here is a look at how the top prospects for the Philadelphia Flyers looked in training camp. There were some surprises, as those who were expected to make some noise and play for the big club fell short of expectations and will be toiling across the street in the Spectrum for the AHL’s Phantoms.

Zubrus Agrees To Terms With Capitals


The Washington Capitals and restricted free agent Dainius Zubrus agreed to terms on a two-year contact on Tuesday.

Fleury Back In Rehab

E.J. Hradek, of ESPN the Magazine, is reporting that Chicago Blackhawks winger Theoren Fleury has re-entered the active care stage of the NHL’s substance abuse program for the second time. It is unclear at this time whether or not this action is being taken due to a positive drug test, or on a purely voluntary basis.

Fleury raised some eyebrows last week by skipping a practice without informing the Chicago coaching staff or management. It later came out that Fleury’s father was undergoing prostate surgery.

His emotional and substance abuse problems have been well documented ever since he checked himself into a rehab facility in February of last year, when he was with the New York Rangers.

Like the guy or hate him, we should all wish Fleury the best of luck in straightening out his life.

ESPN.com story – http://espn.go.com/nhl/news/2002/1008/1443071.html

Mclaren has to go!

It is no secret that Kyle Mclaren is on the trading block. However, it seems Mike O’connell is asking too much in return and therefore no team is willing to swap a player in return for the injury plagged defensemen. Here is my humble unbiased opinion on a few deals which the Bruins should explore. Let me know what you think!

New Scoring Title Award |||| HTR AWARD!!!!

rrud: We have a scoring title award for he who scores the most goals (the Maurice Richard), and one for he who scores the most total points (the Art Ross).

We also have a team award, essentially, for the goaltender(s) who allow the least goals over a season (the William M. Jennings).

Why not an award for the TEAM that scores the MOST goals over the course of a season? Sort of an anti-Jennings award.

Discussion here should be threefold:

1. is this award a good idea, or just contributing to an already bloated awards ceremony;

2. after whom should the award be named (insert your own columbus bluejackets joke here);

3. who are the likely winners of this award for this season? vancouver, colorado, detroit, dallas, rangers? another team?

NHL Top 10

Since the most recent survey posted by Micki, I’ve noticed a major conflict in opinion among the members. Who are the top 10 players who would have the best chance to lead the league in scoring after the first 10 games of the season??

A different look on trade rumours- October 7 Edition

After seven long months, I’ve decided to return with “A different look on trade rumours”. This edition: the Derek Morris trade, Byron Dafoe and Kyle McLaren

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