Thrashers make a deal

The Atlanta Thrashers have made a dip into the trade market but acquiring Alexei Zhitnik from the Flyers for Braydon Coburn. Although not a major deal it is a sign that things are starting to roll. Expect further trades to happen before the weekend comes to an end.

Why a trade with COLORADO would make perfect sense!

Why trade with detroit for NO REASON, when you can trade with colorado.
First if Toronto would trade with colorado the trade should go like this.

TO COLORADO: 3rd round pick, Brendan Bell, Staffan Kronwall, or aleksander suglobov, which ever one works., and Green

Ducks Acquire 1st Round Pick!

According to, the Anaheim Ducks have acquired a first round pick from the Tampa Bay Lightning for Defenseman Shane O’brien. This deal helps Tampa Bay this year, giving them a little depth in defense, but only benefits anaheim next year. Personally, this move doesn’t make much sense considering they’re going for the cup this year and the extra defenseman would help their cause in case of injury.

Blake Available?

Seeing as there is a massive need for more Pens rumours, here is one.
According to TFP Blake may be available, and the Pens may be interested.

Berard Available!

According to spectors hockey and the Columbus Blue Jackets have revealed that defenceman Bryan Berard could be moved at the deadline because of a youth movement in Columbus. Berard is apparently in Hitch*****’s doghouse and was quoted saying he would like to be moved and be able to play in the playoffs. Fellow defencemen Anders Eriksson could also be dealt.

Sturm signs for 4

Sturm will make an average of $3.5 million a season in his new deal after signing a $14-million, four-year contract to stay with the Boston Bruins.

Blues Re-Sign players is reporting that the St. Louis Blues have re-signed Eric Brewer and Manny Legace. Apparently Brewer has signed a four year deal while Legace is locked up for two more seasons.

Wings about to make a deal???

The Detroit News has another case of speculation regarding a player on waivers. Yesterday they placed their third string goalie, Joey MacDonald on waivers and it is rumored that this cap space savings could total about 115, 000. Although not much in itself it could add up to possibly enough savings to allow the Wings to make some trades.

Philly looking to make a deal????

Rumors are swirling that the Flyers are up to something. Yesterday they re-called Nolan Baumgartner from the AHL and in order to do they he has to clear re-entry waivers meaning any team can pick him up and the Flyers will be responsible for half of his wage.

Some more rumors with the Avs.

The Toronto Star has the Leafs in the market for a forward before the deadline, naming Colorado’s Marek Svatos, Boston’s Marco Sturm and St. Louis’ Jamal Mayers as possibilities. Defencemen Brendan Bell, Andy Wozniewski and Staffan Kronwall would be the Leafs’ first trade options, according to the paper.

Laraque's too costly, Pens targetting Boyes?

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that the talks between Phoenix and Pittsburgh involving a trade for Georges Laraque, are unlikely to produce an actual trade, because Mike Barnett’s asking price for Laraque is too steep for Ray Shero.

IF Colorado Throws in the Towel…

It’s a hard thought to process, the Avalanche not making the playoffs, but with Edmonton finally pulling things together the Av’s chances of continuing their playoff streak is about to be broken. Expect some big names out of Colorado before the deadline.

Kubina Out For Two Weeks, Time To Focus On Getting A Defenseman?

Lets set this straight, the Leafs will not try to get Keith Tkachuk or Bill Guerin at or before the deadline. They will be getting 3 amazing additions at forward soon. Those players are Peca, Tucker, and Wellwood.