Best American players under 25

I thought I’d follow up the previous article with one listing the best young American stars. The US hockey program is gaining great praise over their development of young players into well rounded pro athletes and it is starting to show at the NHL level.

Boogard vs. Cooke

Ever since last nights game between the Canucks and the Wild Derek Boogard and Matt Cooke have been jawing. Boogard started off by saying this:”It was a two-handed baseball swing obviously a slash like that, you expect to see at least a five-game suspension, said Boogaard, who was given a 10-minute misconduct and a double minor for roughing with five minutes left in the game. The two teams meet again in Minnesota on Wednesday.

Best Canadian Players, and under

This is my opinion on the best young Canadian players in the league today who are under 25. Let me know what you think.

Coyotes grab Bryzgalov is reporting that the Phoenix Coyotes have grabbed Bryzgalov off waivers and plan to play him in todays game against the LA Kings.

Andy wozniewski….????

For gods sake please take Andy wozniewski out of the line up , this guy has cost the leafs at least 8 points. every single shift that his been out there on the ice the leafs defense look shaky he looks totally lost and doesn’t know what his doing or who his covering , he gave the puck away 4 times last night in his own end which is absolutely ridiculous and the coaching staff is rewarding him with penalty kill???

Ducks/Leafs on the Verge of a Deal?

With Anaheim basically dumping Bryzgalov on waivers and further watering down the goalie market in the NHL today, it is being reported on some sites that the Ducks and Leafs are on the verge of making a deal. What the components of the deal are is unknown at this moment.

Ilya Available

Now that Anahiem have made Ilya Bryzgalov available through waivers, who will be the takers?

What To Do As A Leafs Fan?

Yet another loss for the most valuable hockey club in the NHL right now…

Illya Bryzgalov

A bit of speculation on my part.

Sourced Trade Rumours 7

Here is the 7th Sourced Trade Rumours article.