Tie Breaking Your Way Into The Playoffs

The East is so close, 2 points separates the 7-11 spots, you have to figure that at the end of the regular season, at least 2 teams will be tied in points for the final playoff spots…..

Leafs offseason

I wanted to know, how realistic it would be to try and resign most of the Leafs upcoming free agents. So, here goes…

What would Lecavalier cost?

I’m extremely curious to know what Gainey thinks of a potential blockbuster trade for Lecavalier. The guy wants to play in his hometown, he’s said it before, and he will one day or another. Let’s just hope he’ll still be in his prime when that day comes…

I know Bob doesn’t want to sacrifice his youth, but would that really be a sacrifice? As long as the 2 Long Islanders are not involved, I’m very open-minded.

Slowly coming together….

The Leafs of late have showed an old fimiliar face that Leaf fans remember…. the face of determination.
In the beginning of the season, if the Leafs were down even one goal, the game was over. The Buds had so much trouble coming back. Not like the old Leafs… the good old days when the leafs would fight their way back to win a game.
It’s nice to see that grit and determination again.

Bashing European players….especially as Captains

One too many times have I heard the red-neck comment of “The Leafs will never win the cup as long as a European is their Captain”….are you kidding me?

To those who feel this way; you couldn’t be any less educated; you have NOTHING to base that on whatsoever:

New Super Arena, Same Super Ownership

On the heels of the announcement that the Pittsburgh Penguins would be staying in the Steel city thanks to a new $290 million arena in the works, it was announced today that Mario Lemieux has taken the Penguins off the market, and he and his partners have no plans to sell the team.

Vertigo may force retirement

TSN is reporting that the vertigo that Kovalev is suffering from is not from the flu but in fact may be career threatening. Here is the URL http://tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=200082&hubname=


Like the GM of the Atlanta Thrashers in the 2005-2006 Season I am stating the Toronto Maple Leafs will, in fact, make the Playoffs and land the 8TH Spot!

East Rat Race

How things can take unexpected sharp turns.

Rick DiPietro Injured in loss to Canadiens

New York Islanders starting goaltender Rick DiPietro left with an apparent head injury when he collided with Steve Begin of the Montreal Canadiens in a 5-3 loss in Montreal on Tuesday night.

Shanny Skates

Larry Brooks of the NY Post reports that injured Rangers forward Brendan Shanahan skated on his own for the first time since a brutal collision with Flyers forward Mike Knuble on February 17th.

New Arena In Pittsburgh

According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the Penguins have reached an agreement with local and state officials for a new arena in Pittsburgh. The new building is reportedly to open for the 2009-10 season, and will be announced officially before the Pens-Sabres game Tuesday night.

Habs need to rebuild? C'mon!

Just to clear out something I’ve heard too often recently…

The Habs definitely aren’t and don’t need to go in a rebuilding phasis! The rebuilding has been done through a more than decent drafting by Savard & Gainey. The youth is good and is coming soon. Sure they should continue such decent drafting, but if by rebuilding they mean spending a few years in the League’s dump to scrounge a few high draft picks (in other words, “pull a Penguin”), by no mean I think it is necessary.