The Races

Corey Johnson from takes a look at the current playoff races in the NHL, as well as his views on who will take 1st in each conference, as well as the other battles for position going on.

How The East Will Be Won (kinda)

We’re into March now and the playoffs are creeping up on everyone, especially the teams battling for the last few spots in the Eastern Conference. I’d like to take this time to focus on 7 teams from the Eastern Conference vying for 2 spots (fighting for the honor to lose to Buffalo or New Jersey, but I digress…)

Oilers to Target Richards? recenly suggested that one of the reasons that
Edmonton let go of Smyth was they would offer a huge deal to Tampa
for one of Lecavalier, St. Louis or Richards this offseason.

What happened to the Old Macabe???

OK My second post I donno which one will make it to the big board..but I have to say .. What happened to the old MaCabe??

The one Who used to….

Habs Slump

Due to the fact of a nonstopping slump, me being a montreal fan and will continue and never give up on my habs….I think the best descision for our situation would be for us to drop the rest or atleast a few of our upcoming games. This will cause our place in the race for the cup to drop and we will have a better draft choice! This may not seem to be the best for the player with their point totals but it may be the best for the team, im open to hear opinions and like I say I am a habs fan and will stand to be through any situation.

Race for the Calder thickening?

Before the start of the regular season and during the majority of the season until recently, most hockey panel experts/pundits/poolies have had Evgeni Malkin pegged to be the runaway winner of the Calder trophy for rookie of the year.
However, as the season gets closer and closer to winding to an end, another player has set a definite foot forward and is quietly making a name for himself- by stepping out from the shadow of his superstar father- and that is Paul Stastny of the Avalanche.

Stastny for Calder?

When this season got started, Evgeni Malkin was the runaway winner for the Rookie of the Year Calder trophy, this article is in no way trying to take away from what Malkin has done this year, he is fantastic. I am simply trying to shed light on an amazing player that has come out of nowhere: Paul Stastny.

Oilers Eye Brighter Future

After reaching the Stanley Cup final and returning the team to their glory years (albeit briefly), the Edmonton Oilers will be watching the playoffs instead of playing. This really should not have come as a big surprise with all the personnel losses the team had to endure this past year.

Trade Rick Nash?

Before you all freak out just read,Rick Nash is supposed to be a superstar
he has played 268 games in his career and his season high is 57 points.
That dosent sound like a superstar to me so I think Columbus should consider traded him this offseason. Here are a couple trade suggestions

Colaiacovo – Off Season Trade Bait

I am new here so take it easy on me. I just have to comment on the play of Carlo Colaicovo (CC). It is apparent the young defensemen is an up and rising Prospect and has been trying to come out of injury woes for the last couple seasons. Heres a list of Pros and Cons I been noticing lately with his play.

Champions League!

Lately watching the European club championship of soccer, I wonder: could something like this be interesting/viable in hockey?

The format in soccer is the big leagues like the Premiereship, Bundesliga, and Seria A get a bunch of teams in, maybe five, and the middle leagues, like Portugal might get a couple, and the crap leagues, like Belgium and Turkey get one.

Rookie on the Rise

I want write a quick blurb about young Defenseman Ian White. No one really talks about him much so I just want to see the reactions.

Ian White, born in Winnipeg Manitoba, was drafted by Toronto in 2002, 6/191.

Does Homer deserve more time?

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