In this very young season, there are already alot of fans that are using their “jump to conclusions” mat a little too soon. No where is this more prevalent than the eastern conference.

Hot / Not – Leht's Go!

The NHL season is less than two weeks old and there have been plenty of surprises. From the Hurricane’s struggles to the Panther’s and Thrasher’s early success the first 10 days of the season have certainly been interesting. I know its still really early, but there have already been some breakout performances and some player who have really struggled. As I said before, don’t panic yet, but this article will hopefully sell you either make a deal or two or pick up a hot young player while he’s still available.

Already clear Islanders need to make trades, NOW!

I’m a life long Islanders fan. I see every game. And if you have been seeing these first 4 games than you already know how clear it is that the Islanders have put together their worst team since the mid to late 90’s, and possibly the worst one since 1973!

Arbitration a ghost of seasons past?

According to Bob MacKenzie from TSN he indicates that the league has approached the NHLPA about the possibility of dumping salary arbitration.

Red Wings center Greg Johnson retires

DETROIT (AP) – Red Wings centre Greg Johnson announced his retirement on Wednesday.

Johnson, 35, was diagnosed with a hereditary heart abnormality during his training camp physical. He played for 12 seasons and signed with Detroit as a free agent after playing with the Nashville Predators for most of his career.

Fritsche on the the IR, Brule possibly heading back to the Giants

The Columbus Blue Jackets have placed Centre Dan Fritsche on the IR due to the partially separated shoulder he sustained on Saturday night against Pheonix.

Goaltending Controversy in Ottawa?

After 3 games, the Sens are off to a rough 1-2-0 start to the season. Goaltending was solid for the first game, but since then Gerber has not been consistent in making saves. With that, the Sens are going with Emery on Thursday against Calgary… is this his chance to steal the number #1 spot?

Aebischer the New Number 1?

After a tremendous performance against the Toronto Maple Leafs that resulted in a shootout victory for the Montreal Canadiens, it appears the team will ride the wave of good goaltending to their next game against the Philadelphia Flyers. As a result, number 1 goalie Cristobal Huet will sit and watch at least for now until Aebischer starts to falter.

5 down hopefully no more to go

What are we gonna do if Kubina is gone for a long time?

Good Start For the Leafs

What a difference a year makes. Last October at this time the Toronto Maple Leafs started out with 3 losses, including 2 in a shootout and garnered 2 of a possible 6 points in the standings. The outlook was not good as captain Mats Sundin lasted less than 2 periods before getting hurt, forcing him out of the lineup for over 6 weeks. The team struggled under the new rules looking slow and very undisciplined. Team defence was non-existent as the Leafs blew 3rd period leads in each of their first 3 games. Armed with the attitude that the league mandate would come and go like all others, the team looked unwilling to make the necessary adjustments with the expectation that the clutch and grab will return. Though the team finally won in their 4th game against Philadelphia, it took a great performance by the backup goalie to bail the Leafs out.

Another one bites the dust! Kubina leaves game with knee injury

Yet another Toronto Maple Leafs defensemen has gotten hurt. According to, Pavel Kubina left the game with a knee injury, and did not return (wasn’t home, didn’t see the whole game), joining Colaiacovo, Bell, Wozniewsky, and Kronwall, as the Leafs injured players. This is going to lead to speculation of an impending deal or signing. Tellqvist will likely be gone to make room, and with Marchment and Leetch still available, there are still plenty of options for the Maple Leafs.

Leetch in Philly?

Apparently the Flyers are interested in signing Brian Leetch. Not sure if Ranger fans will be to happy seeing this(i won’t be), but if Leetch wants to play in the Atlantic Division Area it probably won’t be with the Rangers who knows…

Ducks sign two

According to The Anaheim Ducks have resigned forward Zenon Konopka and extended Samuel Pahlsson’s contract