Trade Deadline: What'll happen?

Trade season is starting pretty soon, and teams need to start deciding whether they are going to contend for a playoff spot, and take a run at the Stanley Cup, or will they dump some impending UFAs, tank, and hope to win the draft lottery.

Ric Jackman Aquired By Ducks! is reporting that the Anaheim Ducks have aquired defenseman Ric Jackman from Florida for a conditional 2007 draft pick.

Trade Between Nucks and Leafs?

The Canucks are on a bit of a hot streak, yet Naslund isn’t a part of it. The Leafs are finding it hard to score goals, yet it wasn’t the case when Sundin was injured.

No I’m not suggesting Naslund for Sundin. It wouldn’t benefit either team.

Mid-Term Grades, Comrie Trade Domino, Few Trades?

Mid-term grades on teams that have completed Game 41.

The Comrie trade to the Ottawa Senators could have a domino effect on the league.

To counter that statement, why could the general managers be nervous to not make as many trades as the media and fans expect? Find out another reason other than the usual “cap” talk.

And before you continue, congrats to Team Canada defeating Team USA in the WJC semi-finals in shootouts. USA had many opportunities to put the game away in OT, but failed to score as they hit a crossbar. Goalie Frazee was outperformed by Carey Price (something tells me Frazee won’t be so good in NHL shootouts). Good luck to Team Canada in the Finals, and Team USA for the Bronze medal. By the way, I hope that a Swiss ref won’t be used in the medal games and in next year’s WJC. Go Canada! Go USA!

Canada Vs. U.S.A. (A.K.A. The Nail Biter)

Oh the suspense;
Oh the horror;

Is the (new) NHL really that bad?

I have been reading a lot of posts not only here but on some Devils forums and I have come to one conclusion:

Hockey fans are the hardest to please.

Washed up.

For this article I just want to hear everyone’s comments, and I’m just gonna write who is what, but not the reasons why.

Send Deal Prospect For Comrie

To Ottawa: Mike Comrie
To Phoenix: Alexei Kaigorodov


Who made up the rumor of trading Mats Sundin! 17 POINTS IN HIS LAST 11 GAMES!(< <

Bernier and Carle demoted

In a suprising move, San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson today annouced the demotion of forward Steve Bernier and defenceman Matt Carle.

What’s so suprising about this is that Bernier and Carle are considered two of the club’s most promising young players. They both came in late last season and were outstanding for the Sharks in last spring’s playoffs.

MVP(s) on each team!

Note: Before reading,this is a pretty long article.

30 teams means 30 MVP’s,well not exactly a will name a few for each team if i have to.

OVERHAULIN' – Philadelphia's Plan for the Future

Phili will NOT be making the playoffs this year, just accept it and build for next season. Here is my plan for Philis future:

The following players need to be traded PRIOR to the deadline:

Most underrated players in the NHL, Sundin

Before I get to the most underrated players in the NHL I would like to mention Mats Sundin. He is a horse who gives 110% every night. He has 16 points in his last 10 games. I read an article on sugesting Mats Sundin for the Hart trophy. It will never happen but it should. Anyway here is a list of the most underrated players in the NHL.*All stats are as of January 1st.