Leafs Need To Re-Build!!!!

For the past 40 years us Leafs fans have not been able to witness a Stanley Cup parade down young street, we have had terrible ownership in the form of Harold Ballard, and some controversies. When MLSE took over their goal was one thing, and that was to make money! It was not to put a contender on the ice, it was to make to ONLY make the playoffs!

The Leafs have two very desirable assets who will be UFA’s this year in the form of Mats Sundin and Darcy Tucker. Darcy Tucker is at his highest value right now and unless we don’t do something with him now, JFJ will probably give him a 5-year/30 million dollar contract! Do you want that? He has to go, and he has to go this year!

Paul's Rumor Roundup!

It looks like JFJ is now taking offers for Darcy Tucker, the three leading candidates for Tucker’s services are the Detroit Red Wings, Edmonton Oilers, and the Calgary Flames. Notice that all of the team are in the West? It seems as though Tucker has told JFJ that if he will be traded he wants to go to the West. His reason? He is an emotional player and wouldn’t be able to play his best if he faces the Leafs alot.

A Collection of Submissions

Do You Beleive in the Pens?

Toronto Trade Speculation

The could soon be Standing, Stats, and Awards.

Oilers offer up serious cash to Smyth

Rumours have it The oilers offered up a multi-year contract (4-6 years) at $5M a year.

Legit Backup for the Canucks

As mentioned on the Hot Stove Chicago is looking to unload a goaltender….

Gump Worsely: 1929-2007

Don Cherry just mentioned that Lorne “Gump” Worsely has passed away at the age of 77.

No Time

Aside from being a great Guess Who song, no time refers to the Canucks current predicament with the loss of Ryan Kesler. Many believe he wasn’t having a good year, but I beg to differ.

Yes he has only racked up 16 points (6 G, 10 A) in 48 GP with a +1 rating, but those stats don’t tell the whole story.

2007 NHL free agents

Just for your information…

Most Respectful AND Disrespectful Fans

Who are the most respectful and disrespectful fans in the NHL???

Bertuzzi a leaf?

Tsn is reporting that Bertuzzi wants to sign with the leafs when free agency begins. Here is the link

Longing For the Days of Yore

This used to be one of my favourite times of the year. Logging onto the net each day and checking the usual spots for any trade rumours about my favourite team.

I say “used to be”, because I happen to be in a very sucky position this year – I’m a Maple Leafs fan.


Every team, whether in the playoff race or not, has a player that will more than likely be traded. The bad teams try to unload their UFA’s for picks and their veterans for prospects. While the good teams trade away the under performers to make room for rental players.

Kesler gone 12-16 weeks

VANCOUVER — Vancouver Canucks Senior Vice-President and General Manager Dave Nonis announced today that forward Ryan Kesler will undergo hip surgery in Colorado.

“After further consultation with one of the leading physicians with regard to hip injuries it was decided that surgery was the best course of action,” said Dave Nonis. “The best long term decision for Ryan and our hockey club was to have the surgery immediately.”