The Remaining 33 games for the Leafs

With the All-Star game behind us, the focus for myself and many other Leaf fans for the remainder of th 2006-2007 will be on two separate potential storylines: the trade deadline, and the playoff run.

Assistant GM Don Maloney Speaks on WFAN660

New York Rangers Assistant GM Don Maloney appeared on a radio spot on New York City’s WFAN660. Maloney spoke with the incomporable Steve Somers.

Flyers Movements

The latest news on the Flyers

The Flyers appear to be preparing their strategy for the off-season and the Philadelphia Inquirer reports they’ll likely target two of the league’s top players.

Bruins Will Deal Soon..

In Boston news, it seems rookie GM Peter Chiarelli is ready to make some roster changes. The B’s had a rough go heading up to the allstar break and are in dire need of an energy forward and some defensive depth

M. Lapierre returned to Hamilton

Montreal’s young centerman Maxim Lapierre has been returned to the AHL’s Hamilton Bulldogs.

Hart Race

The Race for the Hart Trophy is on, and this season it looks there will be a first time winner

What will happen before next season?

The title says it. Okay just copy, and paste the next part, and just write who, or what will happen.

Final NHL All-Star Game Roster

With the All-Star game days away I thought that I would post the final rosters, so here they are, the starters are bolded:

Who is the NHL's best 1, 2 punch?

Which two players work together better then any other 2 players in the NHL?

No New Schedule

This is just mind boggling. 19 of the 30 teams voted for the schedule to go back to last seasons, a majority. However they needed 20 votes (2/3 majority) in order to make the change.

Now why would 11 teams not want to change the schedule? Money. Less travel means more money. The fans out west only get to see Crosby and Ovechkin once a season, if that. Is that fair? Teams out east won’t see Pronger, Sakic, Iginla or Thornton more than once.

Why I can't stand Don Cherry….

I find it embarrassing that so many Canadian Hockey fans hang on this guys every word. For many it’s what they look forward to every Saturday after the first period, they want to watch this guy go on about topics that only matter to him.

More of the Same From Leafs Docs?

TSN.CA IS REPORTING that Maple Leafs sophomore Kyle Wellwood is out for six to eight weeks following surgery. Remind anyone else of last year?

One hint: think big E.

The Best Canadian Team Right Now

TSN’s The Reporter’s with Dave Hodge concur that the Vancouver Canucks are the best team in Canada, they have been playing their best hockey and scoring is no longer a problem. Find out if they can keep the streak going, what they need entering the playoffs and who is expendable.