Leafs should re-acquire Owen Nolan

The Toronto Maple Leafs are missing three wingers currently, Darcy Tucker, Alexei Ponikarovsky, and Kyle Wellwood. Center isn’t as much of a worrying point, because Matt Stajan can always move up. Wing has been a problem for the Leafs since back when they had a 60 million dollar team, with their top three wingers, Nolan, Roberts, and Mogilny often hurt. Now the Maple Leafs are facing some injury problems, and there’s a cheap affordable option.

Somthing's Fishy In Colorado

Earlier in the season coach Quenville annouced that if one of their goalies were to lose, then the other would get the start (since neither were distinguishing themselves as the #1).

Best D in the Game..

When it comes to the spotlight, the 3 stars, and the big bucks, look to a high-skill forward, or the acrobatic netminder. But what wins games is Defence, and an oft-overlooked and unherald componate are the men on the blue line.

Look at the Whole Picture

OK. This is my first post on this site. I’ve been reading the posts and adding a few comments but I haven’t gotten too involved. I’ve been reading posts from several different sites and a common occurance that I’ve noticed is that when someone proposes a trade (Phoenix and Philly for example), fans from at least one of the teams jump out and immediately say that that’s a terrible trade. My question is:do they really think about the trade and the factors that are involved, or do they just want to get that coveted player for free?

The Sens winning isn't a sure bet in Toronto

A CP article yesturday said “Few things are a sure bet these days in the parity-filled NHL but Ottawa beating Toronto is about as safe as it gets.” As much as I believe the Leafs suck, it’s not a sure bet by a long shot.

Most overrated players in the NHL

Here is a list of the most overrated players in the NHL. Before writing this article I did lot’s of research and scaned through all the team rosters in the NHL. So here are the ten: *all the stats are as of December 30th

The Blues Have A Lot To Offer….Trade Wise

Everyone knows the Blues have sucked this year, maybe the team wasn’t clicking, maybe they were all underacieving, maybe the coaching was the problem, but whatever the case atleast 6 of the players could find themselves ending the season elsewhere.

Canucks claim Cowen

Tsn reports the Vancouver Canucks have added depth by claiming Jeff Cowen of waivers from the LA Kings. Cowen has 2 assists in 21 games this year. The 40 yr old has 40 goals 70 points in 325 games.

What nucks need to do to stay on top of Northwest

Trades Nonis should make to stay on top of Northwest.

Lets move on shall we…

Yeah i reread what i wrote, even i do not understand half of what i said.

It was Canada’s game, and still is credited with the creation of the sport, but when was the last time a canadian team even won the cup? (92-93) And only 6 times in the last 20 years. Its everyone’s game. I’m not saying american born players are any good, cause we all know that most of them are not. So lets move past this, we all share an interest in the sport of hockey, lets build on that, and not where the game started.

Avs at the deadline: active?

The Colorado Avalanche lost yet another game last night to drop lower in a division thats tighter than any other. In the Northwest Division the teams are all separated by two points if any at all, and the Avs went from first to last in two games.

So that brings me to my questions. What, if anything, should Colorado do with their roster at the impending deadline.

Ovechkin Stats now…

Alright, its only fair that since i was putting down Crosby i should hold AO to the same standards. You be the judge of it.

Unacceptable! 7 in a Row? No. Now something has to happen!

Alright, well no more sitting back and watching this mess. Something on Broadway needs to change. Which is exactly what Glen Sather better be telling himself.

Something has to happen to change this mess of a team, which 7 games ago was 1st in it’s division and held the 3rd seat in the Eastern Conference. AND now as we hit the halfway point of the season, they are on the outside looking in.