Palffy Wants To Remain A King

Ziggy Palffy is among one of the players most mentioned as the NHL trade deadline approaches. But Palffy’s agent says he has begun talks on a long-term contract extension with the Los Angeles Kings….Paul Kraus met with Kings owner Philip Anschutz and general manager Dave Taylor recently and was told the teams is not actively shopping Palffy around. Taylor says he told Kraus that the Kings would be open to discussing a contract extension.

“They’ve said they don’t want to trade him and they’re not actively shopping him, and I take that as what the situation is,” Kraus tells the Los Angeles Times. “But never say never, right?”

Palffy is scheduled to make $7-million next season on a club option. He’s eligible for unrestricted free agency after next season but has indicated he wants to remain in Los Angeles.

Palffy has been able to maintain his focus on the ice, despite the rumors. He is on a nine game point scoring streak and has 11 goals and 21 points in his last 14 games.


13 Responses to Palffy Wants To Remain A King

  1. zednik says:

    Much like Kovalev wanted to stay a Pen. . .


  2. infoengine says:

    He’s going to stay a king. No doubt about it!

  3. kings33 says:

    Palffy is not going anywhere, la cant cant good players if they trade palffy that can put up numbers like palffy does in this last 3 weeks. he has been on fire, has point in 9 streak, and gm dave said that they are not shopping for palffy and are negotiating for a long term contract. It would be great if la trads Smolinski, Potvin and Yushkie and Johnson if anybody wants him for maybe a 1 or two good players because none of those guys arent really doing shit for la. specially potvin and johnson this year. yushkie abviusally can help a playoff team who needs a help in the d and smoli is a good scoring help but not great one. i think la will pull off some kinda of a trade before 11th of march.

  4. keon says:

    Just as long as Palffy doesn’t go to Toronto, I don’t care where he plays. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great offensive player, but he only plays 40 games/season. He needs Simenko and McSorely on his line for him to play healthy all season!!!

  5. Aetherial says:

    He is second on my wish list for Toronto (Satan being first).

    The Leafs don’t need more grit up front (Nolan) but they could use the scoring I think.

    I believe he will be traded, who knows where.

    Kovalev said he also wanted to remain a Penguin!

    I think we all read thefourthperiod already don’t we?

  6. amazing_jesse says:

    I think he’s going to Philly, but it will be a 11th hour deadline deal and only if LA slides.

  7. Enchilada says:

    Another stellar cut and paste job by Leaf expert Kudos to you and your hard work! Thank you for the insight.

  8. guinsfan4life says:

    No way he signs a contract extention unless the Kings

    1) Agree to loose in excess of 50 mil. per season

    2) Palffy takes far below market value

    Smokescreen. He will be gone at or before the deadline.

  9. Leaf_Expert says:

    Thank your mom for da insight she gave mah dick….

  10. Leaf_Expert says:

    Thank your mom for the insight she gave mah dick…

  11. Leaf_Expert says:

    Thank your mom for the insight she gave mah dick….

  12. Enchilada says:

    Her insight she gave your dick was “I think it is a little on the small side and rarely ever scores!” Now that is insight.

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