Paul Kariya Sings The Blues is reporting that free agent forward Paul Kariya has signed a 3-year deal with the St. Louis Blues.

Playing in every game for the Nashville Predators last year, Kariya scored 24 goals and had 76 points.

This is the 2nd major signing for the Blues during this free agent season, as they signed former Atlanta Thrashers forward Keith Tkachuk to a new 2 year deal in the past few days.

Kariya, a seven-time All-Star, has won two Lady Byng trophies as the NHL’s most gentlemanly player. He has tallied two 100-plus seasons and scored 30-or more goals six different times in his career

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  1. flamingsenator says:

    blues are gonna be decent next year…..

    im surprised that the ducks didnt sign him

  2. flamingsenator says:

    haha no kdding eh

    HEY paul!…."no cup for u"

  3. czarrichter says:

    i guess shero isn't willing to dish out the money needed to add the only few remaining pieces to win the cup.  first hannan, now kariya.  hey, at least we signed dany sabourin, woo hoo.

    who knows, maybe he still has something up his sleeve, guess we'll have to wait and see.  i'll be in vegas all week with no computer, ugh.  come on shero, make us proud!
  4. hockeykid9213 says:

    Didnt see this coming woah! I expect him to be pretty good with Tkachuck and another winger. Nashville is probably kicking themselves in the face right now. Going to a central divison soon to be rival. The wings should be mad too for the fact that they coulda got him too.

  5. Kamakaze says:

    Pittsburgh doens't need to sign anyone. They are a young team with little in the way of revenue and not a whole lot of need for an older LW as they already have Roberts, they also have Ricchi, and hwile I will agree with anyone that Kariya would be an addition to any locker room, they don't get enough with him to spend that money. I will agree than Hannan would have been a GREAT pickup, but again, they won't win the cup this year, so you might as well give the kids some ice time and a healthy amount of presure.

  6. Kamakaze says:

    It's possible that they don't expect Selanne to retire…

  7. Stempniak12 says:

    Sweet.  John Davidson is the man.  Blues have never gone after a name like Kariya in free agency under just Larry Pleau.  Things have changed a lot in St. Louis this past year, and its gonna stay that way.  Blues will make the playoffs in 07-08.

  8. flamingsenator says:

    i hope by passing on karyia it means theyre keeping one of scotty or teemu

  9. Stempniak12 says:

    Tkachuk, Kariya, and Stempniak will be nice. 🙂

    Watch out Nashville.

  10. Stempniak12 says:

    Oh and by the way, Nashville and Blues are already big rivals.  Every game between them was great last year, lots of hits and fights.  Gonna be an even better rivalry now.

  11. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    This was totally outta left field.  Who saw this coming?  I honestly thought he would sign with the Ducks.  BLUES? wtf?!  But in all honesty i guess that is just my past talking.  The blues are gonna be a pretty powerful team sooner or later.  THey will be a playoff contender for the next 2 year.s

  12. Stempniak12 says:

    Not a surprise to me.  John Davdson has been talking about getting a big name, even after we signed Tkachuk.  Just wasn't sure who it would be.  I was actually hoping for Drury, but Kariya is great for me.  I think Kariya saw how serious the Blues are about winning after playing with Nashville and all the good games they had with the .  And yes I agree the Blues will be powerful, Davidson is all about winning the cup and I love it.  I don't think they will win it next year but hopefully in the next 5 years they'll contend.  Glad were finally gonna get some respect.  Thanks.

  13. Jrugges says:

    This is a good signing for the blues. I still don't think they're a playoff team though. Kariya will add some much needed offense for sure, but on the defensive side with goalie and defensive personal I don't they'll be able to make the teams in the west. Detroit will again it appears own the central division after adding Rafalski, and most likely a few money either being Bertuzzi, or some other player who can center the second line. Hawks also are looking alot stronger,(on paper), than the blues.

  14. flyerjim says:

    Brian Burke said some mean things about Kariya in the media when Paul signed with rich Colorado for low money and not his budgeted Canucks.  Also, the man is booed mercilessly in Anaheim everytime he steps on the ice.  Maybe these had something to do with going to St. Louis….who is on the rebound.  I don't think the Blues are done this summer.

  15. puckhead94 says:

    Nashville has more players than fans, and their players keep decreasing by the day. They may need the mascot to play in their 2nd defensive pairing if this keeps up.

  16. habsoverserver says:

    tkachuk and kariya could find on ice chemistry.  who will be their third linemate?

  17. Stempniak12 says:


  18. habsoverserver says:

    i thought he played well with mcclement and backes.  will they keep them together?

    stempniak nearly doubled his goal and point output last season and is likely to score be on a  40 goal/season pace in the next couteple years.  he definately deserves to be on the first line. 

  19. Stempniak12 says:

    yea stempniak did really well with those two.  they might keep them together, who knows.  i think murray will just mix things up until he finds out whats best.  kariya gives a lot of options

  20. getzlaf15 says:

    The Blues top line will look something like this:

    P. Kariya – K. Tkachuk – B. Boyes/L. Stempniak

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