Peca deal done. Just waiting to be finalized.

According to TSN the Toronto Maple Leafs and Michael Peca have agreed to a 2.5 million, one year contract. The deal is supposed to be finalized on Tuesday.

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  1. mcpickl says:

    which makes him 33.

    what does he have to do with peca anyway?

  2. leafs_suck_sens_rule says:

    more like 8 off years, 1 horrible year and 1 final 4 apperance

  3. leafs_suck_sens_rule says:

    u cant afford carter


  4. leafs_suck_sens_rule says:

    my captain may be a swede, but you sir, ARE A RACIST

  5. 92-93 says:

    first, in no way should Peca disrupt the ice time from Wellwood and Stajan down the middle and he should be a third-line centre at the most. He’ll have plenty of minutes on the PK anyways.

    second, speaking of the Leafs’ PK, they should have one of the best in the league considering Stajan and Poni’s PK numbers and now with Mike Peca and Hal Gill (whose only real value comes on the PK).

    third, give Antropov and Poni the first-line wing assignments. the latter has proven he can click with Mats and the former’s stock in terms of getting traded could go up dramatically playing beside Sundin (if Antropov stays healthy of course).

    fourth, surround the defensively unreliable and offensively inconsistent but gifted O’Neill with the two young kids.

    fifth, Peca on a line with Kilger and whoever makes the team on the right side should make it difficult for other teams and should also provide a little bit of offense from the fourth line. Domi’s departure is really going to help here.

    possible lines:






    [Marlies: Westrum, Williams, Earl, Battaglia]




    [Marlies: whoever doesn’t make the team above along with Wozniewski]



    [Marlies: Pogge, Racine]

    trade bait: Antropov, Tucker, Tellqvist/Aubin, one of the young defensemen, Gill, Kubina, Peca

    trade target: a skilled, speedy, young, scoring winger

    On defence, I really think White and Coliacovo will make the team but guys like Pilar, Kronvall, Harrison, and Bell will make it interesting.

    I think Pohl and Suglobov are the frontrunners but Williams, Battaglia, and Westrum are all going to challenge for the depth spots on the forward lines.

    finally, in net, Aubin and Telly will battle it out and i think the loser should be traded. give Racine and Pogge the starts in the AHL.

  6. leafs_suck_sens_rule says:

    montreal and vancouver are in canada idiot, and the centre of the hockey universe is

    Rideau Hall

    1 Rideau St.

    Ottawa, Canada

    (lord stanley had an idea in 1892…)

  7. burnz30 says:

    They have a self imposed cap that they can’t go over. If they loose some/most of the caes they will be in trouble. You can chose to walk away from the award if you want. I don’t see that happening, but they may be forced to move some players if their payroll gets too high. They’ve already lost Mckee, Greer, and Pyatt. They’ve got some holes to fill. I think that they will struggle to get to where they were last year.

  8. leafsmarlies says:

    Why wouldn’t you want Pohl on the second line?? Like everyone says the Leafs need scoring, Pohl is a scorer/playmaker. Steen was on the first line for most of the season and look how he preformed. Stop being so old fashioned.

  9. leafsmarlies says:

    Why wouldn’t you want Pohl on the second line?? Like everyone says the Leafs need scoring, Pohl is a scorer/playmaker. Steen was on the first line for most of the season and look how he preformed. Stop being so old fashioned.

  10. burnz30 says:

    I like the lines. I kind of have a feeling that Battaglia will make the team. Image Peca centering Kilger and Battaglia. That would be a pretty tough line to play against- they can hit, skate, and they all have some offense. I just think that Battagia might have an inside edge because he and Maurice are familiar with each other from Carolina. I think that Batagglia might also have more offensive potential than Ondrus. I really like what Ondrus last year, but I think Battaglia might be a better fit. I’d get rid of Antropov to get Ondrus in the lineup.

  11. burnz30 says:

    They actually had a winning record when Sundin was out with the eye injury. Their problem was mid Jan to early March when they lost way too many games( I think that they won 4 of 20 in that span).

  12. leafsmarlies says:

    Havent we learnt already that Antropov, poni and Sundin don’t work, and why would you have peca as a fourth liner over Stajan?

    Give suglobov another year in the minors to mature, he made a lot of foolish play’s in the 3 or so games he played with the leafs last year.

  13. 92-93 says:

    “Havent we learnt already that Antropov, poni and Sundin don’t work” …

    um, did you watch the last 12 games of the regular season. obviously, you did not. all 3 played very well together. i can remember those two games in Philly in which the size of these 3 guys really helped the leafs. you shouldnt just tow the line and copy everyone else’s opinion when it comes to this line or, in particular, Nik Antropov.

    and yes – i explained why i had Peca as a fourth liner. Stajan IS A BETTER PLAYER RIGHT NOW comapare to Peca. He is younger, has more offensive upside, and is also a two-way forward. again, in the last 12 games when Stajan finally got a shot at Centre after Allison’ s injury, he showed what he could do and deserves a shot ahead of Peca.

    watch some leafs hockey sometimes, its really exciting. fyi, they are the team in blue and white.

    Suglobov is just a suggestion, like i said in the post, others will be competiting with him. the edge he has over the others (with the exception of Williams) is that he has the speed and skill the leafs need on the wings and for the shootouts. Maurice is also much more familar than Quinn could ever be and is employing a different style of game than Quinn.

  14. nordiques100 says:

    Well it was such a blatant lie when quinn was saying there were jobs open and the kids had a chance, then he cut wellwood and kronvall in favor of playing the veterans. injuries forced him to back off that plan and we know the results. the kids got good experience and it paid off quite well.

    i am glad that era is over with.

    and i really think Pohl will have a pretty solid year as the 4th centre for the leafs. he is a good skater and versatile enough to contribute at both ends. he was a JFJ guy which is obviously why he was the first guy dumped when players like Domi and even wilm cried foul about playing time.

    the east is tough. you have philly, ottawa, carolina and buffalo still up top. yeah the flyers have no set goalie, the sabres lost tons of grit and leadership, the canes lost about half their team and the sens dont have a secondary threat after their top line but all are still very good teams. the rangers are still solid thanks to jagr and lundqvist and so is jersey no matter what their cap problems are. i have learned to never bet against brodeur. and then teams like the habs, thrashers, panthers, boston and tampa battling the leafs. the isles are in that group too but not sure that turmoil that is going on there is going to help them a whole lot. the caps and pens are a year away i think. those kids they have need experience and need experienced players with them. but thats like 7 teams fighting for 2 spots.

    for one thing, the leafs wont be floating through games with a guy like peca in the lineup and maurice behind the bench. and there wont be games thrown away by bad coaching decisions like leaving berg and belak to go up against a jagr type player in the final minute for a defensive zone faceoff. there wont be leaving sundin on the bench for an important PP just because the coach doenst want to break up a set line. and there wont be riding a goalie through a slump just because he would pull a suck attack if he ever got pulled or replaced.

    the leafs are already much more competitive and harder to play against than last years team. say what you want about the not so great signings of kubina and/or gill but i will take them any day for any game than berg or belak on D.

  15. 92-93 says:

    agreed about the Quinn comments.

    I am not sure that Pohl will take up one of the valuable Centre spots although you never know considering Maurice saw him play well for the Marlies last year.

    i am very much looking forward to a team without Domi on the fourth line and with guys like Pohl, Westrum, etc. on the fourth line.

    my early predictions in the East:

    1. Ottawa

    2. NYR

    3. Carolina

    4. Buffalo

    5. NJ

    6. Philadelphia

    7. Florida

    8. Montreal

    9. NYI

    10. Atlanta

    11. Boston

    12. Toronto

    13. Tampa Bay

    14. Pittsburgh

    15. Washington

    The gap between 1st and 15th will be much smaller this year in the East (40pts max separating 1st from 15th). The good teams are not that much better and the bad teams either got better (Boston, NYI) or are simply developing (Pittsburgh, NYI).

    and i am not trying to be harsh on the leafs or anything. i think 6th and 12th are going to be seperated by like 10 pts at the most. i think the Isles have a very good shot at making the playoffs and everyone is really blowing today’s events way out of proportion (gee, you think that the Isles were being covered by the toronto media or something).

    i think Maurice will make all the difference in the world and i DO think he has more to work with than Quinn did last year … but not much more.

    and as i have said since July 1st, the signings have improved this team but only slightly, which is a real shame considering the opportunity that was out there (and no, its not some vague, unrealistic opportunity … it was a very real, tangible one). i believe JFJ has ultimately failed this offseason and may or may not held accountable at the end of this season. last offseason, he has less to work with and made signings that made sense at the time (with the exception of Belak, Berg, and Domi). this offseason is another matter altogether.

    my hope is that some of these mistakes are traded during the year to free up cap space that was needlessly gobbled up during this offseason by some pretty questionable players.

    decisions will have to be made about potential UFAs and tradeables (re: players without a no-trade clause):

    Gill, Antropov, Telly, Aubin, Tucker, Sundin, Peca, Kubina, Belak, O’Neill. in terms of freeing up cap space … that’s about $22 million dollars worth of decision-making and the only certainty in any of that is Sundin in my opinion.

    and i am looking forward to what might transpire

    p.s. Belak is not tradeable.

  16. Air33 says:

    TSN said that they have less then a mill in cap space.

  17. nordiques100 says:

    though pony and antropov did play well at the end of the year with mats, i think steen is the right guy to play with sundin. he should emerge as an even stronger player than he was as a rookie. he has the good speed and skill set to keep up with mats. maybe one of the twin towers can play with mats but i wouldnt saddle him with both again. i think pony can be a good energy forward who is solid two way, but not enough skill to be a top line forward.

    i would like to see what those two do when they dont play together. i think either one of them say would be a nice fit with wellwood because the smallish centre could use some muscle on his wing.

    based on ice time, peca will have the second most minutes among the forwards after sundin. it would be ideal to play him with kilger as in all likelihood him and chad will be the top PK pair. but i think if you have peca on the ice so much, it would be prudent to put him in a better position to provide offence and thus it may be a good idea to have tucker by his side. yeah they wont be the best of friends but it may be the line that could get the leafs going every night and one that would make sure the team doesnt fall asleep like last year.

    one key question is if stajan is a centre or a winger. he thrived at the end of the year with steen and oneill, but those two may receive greater roles, while stajan’s will diminish. but i think he could play on the wing very effectively and is another who could be used along side peca. i think peca could really help stajan take his game to the next level. stajan’s game is already leaning to one of a player who is strong both ways.

    oneill may get the first shot playing with sundin. maurice knows him well and knows what he can get from oneill. it will all depend on jeff’s mental state. he’ll never be fully recovered from losing his brother, but if he is in top shape and a bit more focused, he should be a much better player than last season. and i think maurice will be able to push the right buttons with oneill to get him going.

    though a guy like wellwood would be the kind of playmaker he needs, him and oneill are not very strong defensive players and i think maurice will probably isolate his weaker defensive forwards and not load them up on one like like quinn did.

    i’m not sure maurice will roll 4 lines as much as quinn did and with the likes of sundin and peca i dont think he can. i think we’ll see a very active bench, some players double shifting, and plenty of line matching.

    a few possible forward combos would be:


    ponikarovsky-wellwood-pohl (or suglobov)


    williams (or suglobov)-stajan-oneill

    here, it would be about more balance from lines 1 through 4. each line would have some offence but a bit of a defensive presence.





    kilger-pohl-ondrus (or belak)

    here the lines would be top heavy on the first 3 lines and a traditional 4th line full of role forwards who wont get much playing time.

    i like the fact that there are really 3 jobs open up front and at least 8 forwards for now competing for those spots.

    and i forgot about bates, he’ll have a shot albiet a long one to make it.

  18. Guinsfan87 says:

    Im not a racist, its a simple fact euro’s dont lead there teams to cups

  19. nordiques100 says:

    the events on long island today will either serve as a rallying cry for nolan and the players, or completely destroy the organization. the talent is there for the isles to do damage but that kind of turmoil does no team any good.

    dont call them mistakes outright just yet. maybe better to call the new players questionable, let them play a game first before comparing them to the horrible guys like berg, belak etc. who were wrong to bring back the 3rd, 4th time.

    Dont forget the belfour mistake the previous summer too. it would not have been considered a mistake had he not had back surgery before the ink dried on the contract. then paying him in the lockout year almost a full salary and not buying him and his suspect back out the next summer.

    hey i’m not about to give the norris trophy to kubina but i wouldnt be sending him to the beer league either. yeah the money is bad, but forget the contract for a second. in toronto he wont have to shoulder the load with mccabe and kaberle in front of him. in tampa he had dan boyle and thats it. sydor was fading as a player and paul ranger was still a rookie. sarich was ok but nothing special. secondly, playing for maurice may help him plenty. i see some potential there for a guy like kubina who has a decent two way game with a bit of an edge, doing well in the type of style maurice wants to implement. to a lesser extent the same goes for gill. yeah he isnt a great skater, but he played for sullivan who is a terrible coach. i think maurice has the wherewithal to make sure the weaknesses of some players get isolated. for example, gill will likely play with a good skating partner. if gill doesnt get overexposed, he should be effective as a PK guy and as a 3rd pair blueliner.

    there is of course a chance the new guys will struggle. but to me i think much of that talk is from us seeing how the leafs have been defensively for the last 8 seasons. and those guys played for two teams that kind of struggled last season. is kubina worth 5 mil? heavens no. but can he succeed if surrounded by good players and a good coach? for sure.

    i think all of us have been seeing that quinn propaganda for so long that we fit any of these new players the leafs have now into the ways of quinn. i think really we have to wait to see what maurice does and how each player fits in to what he wants to have happen. you say the D improved just slightly. i think the D improved significantly because berg is gone, belak is a forward and rick ley is not longer running the D. and there will be room for 2 youngsters to be regulars on defence. kubina has been a number 1 before and played 25-30 minutes before. he may have slumped last season but if i had a choice between kubina or berg, kubina wins out every time.

    yes, not many points will separate 5-6 from 12-13. it wouldnt be shocking if toronto missed the playoffs but it wouldnt be a surprise either if they find the heart to get there too.

  20. Francis10 says:

    The can’t know a signing before a player signs, but trades maybe..

  21. Francis10 says:

    Peca will not be 4th line center getting 18 minutes a game…

    second line center probably, 3rd line center maybe, but Peca will get 18 minutes a game and will not be on the 4th line

  22. org17 says:

    with 7 natural Centers (steen, peca, sundin, antropov, wellwood, pohl, wilm) on the team, wonder if this is the time….to move Mats?

    Look at the numbers – what could you possibly get for $7m out there?? Wonder if you could get Gionta & Gomez out of the over-payrolled Devils, send them some $, Stajan, and a young D-man…then take these two stars and make it:

    LW- C- RW-

    steen- gomez- gionta-

    kilger- antropov- ponikarovsky-

    tucker- peca- oneill-

    pohl- wellwood- ondrus-

    of course, this is pie in the sky. The cap would be quite an interesting tool here though.

    But I say, if you are never going to give him a legit winger, and you are going to keep making natural centers wingers, then we’ll keep bleeding blue & white forever.

    What about making an offer sheet to Zherdev on Columbus? Offer, sign, and dump a salary to make room?

    What about helping Buffalo and their probs, by trying to pull Afinogenov off their hands?

    Why not try to give Daze a new start in Toronto? He’s still younger, and probably affordable.

    What about approaching another restricted guy – Kunitz in Anaheim, Svatos in Colorado?

    How much would it take to get Sykora to Toronto?

    Or maybe admit their mistake, and try to reacquire Boyes?

    And Anson Carter is not an answer, just another question – duh, why did he do so well last season—oh yeah, the twins….

    And Gary Roberts to Toronto would be great for character, but only affordable if Keenan is crazy enough to get rid of another asset for nothing. Gary should come to town for $750k, just to be close to his daughter, now that she needs him as part of his life (and he truly is!).


    All I can tell you, is even in this league of young stars, this will not cut it:

    LW C RW

    1stline – sundin- –

    2nd – steen- ponikarovsky-

    3rd tucker- peca- oneill-

    4th kilger- wellwood- ondrus-

    5th – antropov- Suglobov

    6th – pohl- –

    7th belak- wilm- Kukumberg

    And I feel sorry for the lost souls of Wilm and Khavanov.

  23. Guinsfan87 says:

    your liviung a fantasy

  24. 92-93 says:

    i assume that the belfour mistake you refer to is not buying him out, but to be fair to JFJ – he was coming off a season in which he dominated the Sens in the first round and had 10 shutouts. people love the 20-20 hindsight when it comes to mentioning Belfour.

    i remember you saying repeatedly to leaf fans to stop settling for so little when it comes to their club. i find it curious then that you are so happy that we have signed questionable players and are so happy just to see others like Berg returning. why would you settle now? especially during an offseason when JFJ actually had room to move (and yet you were very anti-JFJ right after the Kaberle resigning and critical of him during a period in which Ferguson didnt have a lot of room to move).

    why should leaf fans settle for ‘questionable’ new players?

    the leafs didnt need another offensive D-man who is inconsistent and coming off a bad year. that’s all i have to say about Kubina. the leafs needed a McKee, a Mitchell and both were available. there were other defencemen out there besides them too.

    Kubina will do OK for the leafs and IS an upgrade over what they had but the leafs could have done much much better.

    Gill – forget about it. I’ll just let anyone defending Gill right now to keep going so i can edit-copy and paste it later on in the year. it should be that obvious, but to some its not.

    sure, Gill and White might work out. he might improve their PK. but how many times will he cost the leafs goals this year. for 2.1 million? for 3 years? AND taking up a valuable D-spot from a younger defencman? no thanks.

    for the price of the D, its has improved very slightly. BUT the good news is – as you mentioned – that JFJ didnt resign guys like berg, etc. AND the young guys are coming up through the system now. all good moves and good news.

  25. 92-93 says:

    i know this.

    but i posted what I thought the lines should look like.

    i dont think Peca should be taking ice time away from the young kids. he can get the ice time on the PK and as a 4th line centre.

    to suggest that he is a 2nd line centre is a stretch (not surprisingly, there are many in the toronto media saying just that). 3rd line centre … maybe.

  26. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Good, solid signing by the Leafs.

    But I wouldn’t give JFJ credit for it. Signing a guy who wanted to go to Toronto isn’t that difficult.

  27. my_sphincter says:

    As I said, Europeans just started to break into the league in the 80’s (they used to play in Europe — big surprise). The ones who came earlier were few and far between and idiots like you held them back. There have been very few non-Canadian captains in NHL history, let alone Europeans.

    So, if you look at the fact that the first European Captain was appointed on an interim basis in the 1993-94 season, we are just talking about the last 11 seasons (in that time there have been relatively few European captains).

    Another question I might ask is… if your biased and ill-informed views extend to your opinions of black, aboriginal, or Jewish captains, or if you limit your bigotry to Swedes, Finns & Russians?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!

  28. Scottman75 says:


    But working out a contract is.

  29. the_word says:

    Stajan and O’Neil are natural centers as well

  30. mrleaffan says:

    It’s not the wrong info.. it is just not cap related info, probably because the NHLPA (which is’s source for almost all of their salary numbers) only posts the player’s official current salary, not the number of years they are signed for, or the total.

    Most times a player will make more as the years of his contract go by, so often the total number is reported as “terms of the contract were not disclosed”; so in those cases, all TSN or anyone can do is go to and look at the actual salary for this year.

  31. mrleaffan says:

    I thought boyes was a centre? And he must be pissed that he puts up 69 points and then will get demoted to the 3rd line behind bergeron and savard. Murray will be a firt line player for sure.

    And you are right about Kessel, I just read an article today that he is coming to the NHL this year after all.

  32. mrleaffan says:

    Here’s my take on the lineup




    Suglabov-Stajan-Battaglia(or Pohl)






    Of course if we get Carter (which we still can, we have the cap room) insert him on the first line, and move steen to left on the second line, and bump a winger off the 4th line.

  33. cecilturtle says:

    Peca must have a girlfriend in Toronto… I’m sure in a years time he will realize lots of women can make tea much much better than Miss. Migilagotti and he’ll sign somewhere else next year or ask for a trade before this years deadline!

  34. 92-93 says:

    I think Campbell sums it up:

    “And judging by Ferguson’s moves this summer as the Maple Leafs’ GM, there is little doubt he has grown into his role and showed far more hockey maturity than last summer, when he failed to take advantage of buyouts, dithered much of the summer away and watched free agents go elsewhere.

    Whether you agree with his moves is one thing, but what cannot be disputed is Ferguson’s decisiveness. Shortly after last season, he and his hockey department identified their most pressing needs and Ferguson went about filling them.

    The Leafs have addressed those needs as much through subtraction as they have addition. Much has been made of the additions of Andrew Raycroft, Kubina, Gill and Peca, but just as importantly, the Leafs’ extreme makeover is just as much of product of not having the likes of Allison, Lindros, Tie Domi, Ed Belfour, Alexander Khavanov and Aki Berg around. That will give Maurice at least a fighting chance to eliminate the culture of entitlement that many veterans on this team had with Pat Quinn behind the bench. It will also allow him to introduce a much higher tempo in both games and practices.”

    Although I disagree that Fergusons moves this summer were that good, he at least make a decisive attempt. he has gotten over his fear of making a move and addressing areas that need to be addressed in a quick manner. now he just needs to aim better.

    problem is, i think its too late for him. but the good news is towards the end of Campbell’s comments. if Maurice is capable of working with what he’s got – and he is IMO – the leafs could improve on last year, make the playoffs, and perhaps JFJ will be around at this time next year.

    in other words, at least JFJ gave himself a shot.

    moreover, although i know leaf fans shouldnt just be satisfied with the subtractions he’s made, they were necessary substractions that – during the Quinn era – were not made frequently enough.

    my hope is that this year, the word that will best describe this leafs squad will be:


  35. 92-93 says:

    i have suggested elsewhere that the Devils trading with the Leafs is a possibility (but a very slim one). I would love to see the Leafs get Gomez but there cant be much salary going to the Devils in exchange (re: you’d have to trade a guy like Wellwood, a young defenceman like Coliacovo, and a 1st rounder to get Gomez … all of which have hardly any salary too them).

    as for trading Sundin, i’m sick of hearing it. the answer is not to trade Sundin, its to not take up your cap space by blowing 7 million on guys like Kubina and Gill but that’s for another disucssion.

    finally Tucker could be considered a top-6 forward but most won’t for whatever reason.

    i’d put Poni as a third line forward along with Antropov (not surprised that a leaf fan has undervalued Antropov).

    and Wellwood as a fourth line centre? after one year in the NHL with 45 points? i mean, … no no no no. 3rd liner or 2nd liner.

    and why is the name ‘khanvanov’ still being mentioned?!?!

  36. 92-93 says:

    damned if you damned if you dont.

    i keep hearing that ‘no one wants to play in Toronto’

    or that the leafs only sign washed-up, ineffective vets.

    i dont think Peca fits that description.

    unfortunately, a lot of people here in leafland believe Peca should be a 2nd line centre ahead of Wellwood and Stajan.

  37. intothevoid001 says:

    i didn’t mean vancouver and montreal were in the states, i’m not that stupid… lost the meaning of that post with a bad choice of wording.

    and yes, i did pass high school geography.

  38. my_sphincter says:

    No answer???

    Quel surprise!

  39. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    How pathetic are the Leafs? Mike Peca is now there 2nd highest paid forward at 2.5 million. Just goes to show u that the leafs have an “elite” crop of forwards.

  40. 92-93 says:

    in terms of your opinons and your obesssion with the leafs, …

    surprise surprise.

  41. org17 says:

    agred on the D side – Kubina could be a Berg-like bust, except more $$.

    khavanov – where is he, then?

    good post – thanx

  42. 92-93 says:

    khavanov is a goner.

    the less i have to mention his and Berg’s name from here on in, the better.

    but, the leafs have about 22 million dollars on players who either need to be let go or are tradeable (in other words, without a no trade clause and who are not prospects):

    Sundin – 6.3

    Antropov – 1

    Raycroft – 2.0

    Tucker – 1.6

    O’Neill -1.5

    Peca – 2.5

    Kubina – 5

    Gill – 2.1

    Telly/Aubin 0.5

    Belak – 0.6

    TOTAL: 23.1 million (more than half of the 44 million cap)

    untouchables should include Sundin, along with the young kids (steen, stajan, wellwood, poni, etc.). the rest could be traded, kept, etc. … but are movable nonetheless.

    so before the end of this season or by this time next year, we could see a very different team depending on the standings heading into March of 2007.

  43. 92-93 says:

    khavanov is a goner.

    the less i have to mention his and Berg’s name from here on in, the better.

    but, the leafs have about 22 million dollars on players who either need to be let go or are tradeable (in other words, without a no trade clause and who are not prospects):

    Sundin – 6.3

    Antropov – 1

    Raycroft – 2.0

    Tucker – 1.6

    O’Neill -1.5

    Peca – 2.5

    Kubina – 5

    Gill – 2.1

    Telly/Aubin 0.5

    Belak – 0.6

    TOTAL: 23.1 million (more than half of the 44 million cap)

    untouchables should include Sundin, along with the young kids (steen, stajan, wellwood, poni, etc.). the rest could be traded, kept, etc. … but are movable nonetheless.

    so before the end of this season or by this time next year, we could see a very different team depending on the standings heading into March of 2007.

  44. Mario_n_Sidney says:

    couldn’t help trapping…anyone who knows how to spell dousche is one. BUNG!!!!!

  45. Mario_n_Sidney says:

    I know i spelt it wrong, you leaf fans are so predictable. You can’t comeback with anything so you bash spelling or punctuation. Point taken. I’m a retard.

  46. leafsmarlies says:

    Didn’t Pohl sigh a one way deal? They won’t be able to sign Carter, so put ondrus in his spot, for obvious reasons, and they look good.

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