Penguins Want Winger

The Fourth Period reported several rumours about Ray Shero discussing trades with Ottawa for Vermette, Marian Hossa from Atlanta, Micheal Ryder from Montreal and J.P.Dumont from Nashville.

It seems that Shero is in the market for a winger to play with Crosby. But what would he give up to get any of these players?

Surely, there is a need for scoring from other than Crosby and Malkin.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome.

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  1. zane says:

    i dont like the pens at all i like Malkin tho …thats about it really……
    if Ovechkin had a team like he did …..
    i think Ovechkin would be on top

  2. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    Ryder can be had for a fart.

  3. Pronger44 says:

    and the Leafs are still out of playoff contention, and the Habs sit between 4th and 5th, aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, lifes great.

  4. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    Your mom is Michael Ryder.


    The Pens should look at trading Staal while his stock is high…
    Staal + Roberts to Ottawa
    Vermette + Foligno to Pens…

    I personally think that Staal is being misused by Therien who is one of the worst coaches in the league (IMO)
    yes Staal is a fine penalty killer, and his defensive skills are impressive for his age…but he is BIG, STRONG and FAST for being big and strong, perfect power forward mold…
    He should be a second line center… he simply doesn't fit with the Pens, since Crosby and Malkin are both franchise centers…

    Trade Staal now, give him the opportunity he needs, get a winger to compliment your tremendous talent at center.. and get a coach.

  6. pensfan29 says:

    this has nothing to do with the article… post something with some news or imput

  7. pensfan29 says:

    not necessary..HTR needs to clean up the uneccassry comments

  8. pensfan29 says:

    First of all, Staal's stock is no where near high right now.  Second of all you can't give up on the kid already because he is in a sophomore slump.. HE is only 19 for god's sake.. he scored 29 goals last year!  Now IMO Malkin is going to become a winger along with Esposito and have staal on the second line as a center.  And yes please get a coach who will stay committed to a set of line combinations for atleast one game please

  9. nyr30 says:

    this is my first post on here guys so take it easy with the flaming.

    now i know that trading between divisional rivals is pretty rare now but in my opinion a trade between the rangers and penguins could maybe benefit both teams.

    it's well known jagr has been for his standards not what he should be and staal has been having a sophomore slump. so from a rangers fans point of view i'd like to see the rangers go for staal.

    whether or not this could happen is another story. jagrs age, declining production, his attitude also has been coming into question. where pittsburgh would be trading a future star.

    but the plus points are that if crosby and jagr clicked it would be scary. and for the rangers MY OPINION is that after signing there 2 big free agents they should be building around them. possibly jagr doesn't fit now.

    how about something around.
    jagr +
    staal + orpik

    value wise by all means tell me if i am a million miles of. i also know things may need to be tweaked for cap considerations.
    so i'd like you guys opinions. cheers

  10. chanman says:

    Dumonts more of a 3rd liner…has he ever scored more than 20 in a season?

      Pitts problems are in goal and Defence still….seems like a forwards lineup like they have should be able to figure out the goal-scoring thing…

  11. ferron says:

       That is a beautifull trade,for once! This trade would be great for both teams, Stall would join is younger brother and Jarg back with the team who made him popular!

        One thing is sure will the Pens be able to afford 3 Superstar's centers in Stall, Crosby and Malkin, all of these guys will make over 7.5 mil each in a couple years so IMO Stall will be the one going.

    to Montreal= Stall, Malone

    to Pens= Ryder, Huet, Fisher, Grabovski and White


  12. chanman says:

    You're not going to get rid of Jagr that easily. Staal is 20, defensively strong, and potted 30 last season. And a fraction of the $ Jagr carries. And he'll be playing alot longer.  No way.

  13. chanman says:

    Works out nicely as a Habs fan. You get Staal and get rid of everything you don't need all at once.

  14. lrdstanley says:

    I agree !!!!!!!

  15. intelligentscorpio says:

    My point was "how can Shero improve the Pens."
    Other than Ryan Stone who may be ready next season, and possibly Viellux in the next two or three years, there is no one in WBS that can make a difference on the NHL roster. Esposito is still two, maybe more years away from making it to the nhl.
    Now is the time to tweak the forward lines and make them formidable while we have Crosby, Malkin, Stall, Gonchar to name a few key parts for a run at the Cup.

  16. habsoverserver says:

    koivu never scored more than 20 something in a season either. 

    dumont is a second line player and his salary reflects it.  not his fault the sabres didn't want to pay what an arbitrator thought he is worth.  he did respond by having the best season of his career with nashville. 

    i don't see why nashville would trade him though.   he was their second leading point getter and top playoff performer. 

    i agree on the pens' problems but crosby doesn't have a sniper who can convert his passes. 

  17. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    Mommy Michael Ryder appears to have to 2 sons and maybe a third. What a slut~!

  18. RedSENS says:

    Chanman is right they should adress the problems in goal and on the back end but what about:
    To LA:Staal and Sydor
    To Pens: Brown or Frolov and Preissing or Blake and a high draft pick
    La gets a two way foward and a veteran d-man 
    The Pens get a needed veteran d-man also Frolov could put up better numbers with Malkin or Brown could click with Crosby.


    I am by no means giving up on Staal… I just feel that he will never be able to fill the role he is meant to play (1st or 2nd center) on the penguins due to Malkin and Crosby…
    I disagree that Malkin will become a winger… He is WAY to good a set up man, and should not be "forced" to play center simply because they have not found a suitable winger to take advantage of Crosby…
    The Pens are 2 finishing wingers away from being the most feared offense in the league and maybe one of the most feared in hockey history…

    Finally I rate Staal's stock as high right now because everyone knows he is in a slump and knows what kind of player he will become… I actually think now that Shero could get more for him…

  20. Quebec4Life says:

    They guy is not even 16 years old dont worry about him

  21. Wings19 says:

    To Red Wings: Jordan Staal + Ryan Malone + Brooks Orpik 

    To Pens: Niklas Kronwall + Derek Meech + Johan Franzen + Samuelson

    The Red Wings don't really have a solid second line center and could put Stall there, with Malone and another Red Wing. The Wings could use a phyiscall presence on the blue line. For the Pens, there in need of defense so they get Kronwall who you can also throw on the power play, and Meech, who probably would already be playing in the NHL on any other team, can be used as a good 5th defensmen. Samuelson is a very good player and probably would blossom beside Crosby, and Johan can be a good third line guy.

  22. Wings19 says:

    He hasn't ever scored more than 20 in a season, but he has had a 66 point yeaar so i think he can fit the role as a 2nd line center.

  23. Hills420 says:

    Atlanta should trade Hossa for Malkin. Hossa needs a new home and Malkin is ignored in Pit for Crosby.

  24. gronk says:

    I like this trade.  Preissing would look real good in a pens jersey.  Still not sure I want to loose staal unless we get a quality top 6 winger.

  25. intelligentscorpio says:

    Malkin is the future of Pittsburgh and Hossa is in the final year of his contract and will become a free agent at the end of this season. Would you please get your facts and background correct before you propose Malkin for Hossa.
    In my opinion Malkin is a franchise player, although in Pittsburgh he is playing behind Crosby. 

  26. Burgergold says:

    "only" 5 seasons of more than 20 goals
    you can also add the 9 goals in 25 games in 98 and 10goals in 34 games this year

  27. kamullia says:

    There’s something else to add on here, and that is that Mark Eaton has been diagnosed today with a torn ACL and is out indefinitely (season?).I think their top priority now is certainly a defenseman, even with the dire need for scoring wingers.

  28. intelligentscorpio says:

    Well, that takes care of Orpik and Sydor, with Nasreddine also available.

  29. kamullia says:

    If by “that takes care of” you mean that Orpik, Sydor, and/or Nasreddine will be a suitable replacement for Mark Eaton, we most certainly disagree. Just because any team has spare defenseman does not mean that the replacement will be as effective, and as things were the Penguins had a seemingly porous defense. Losing their top defensive defenseman is most certainly something that is to be concerned, especially when the offense has been spurting along and not firing on all cylinders. In other words, they cannot rely on outscoring the other team, regardless of how many they let in.

    If you meant otherwise, I totally agree that this basically means Orpik is not going to be scratched any longer (something I still do not understand why it happened to begin with), and that Nasreddine is still available…but we are still talking a different style of play and I am not so optimistic to think the team’s defense will not suffer with the absence of Eaton.

  30. habsrock99 says:

    How about:

    Ryder + Bouillon for two 4th Round Picks(08 and 09)?

  31. chanman says:

    I'm not sure the argument that his salary dictates what tier of player he is. 2 years ago, 2.9 million was too high. He made 2 and then this year 2.5 I beleive in Nashville.

    Currently, with the inflated contracts around, I suppose you may be right. 2 years ago, it was without a doubt too high.

  32. chanman says:

    Your right I checked he has seasons of 23, 23, 22 21 and 20. 

      Taylor Pyatt was a 4th liner or healthy scratch in Buffalo during his seemingly long tenure here. Then he became a top forward when paired on the top line in Van. I suppose it has a lot to do with who you play with, and the ice time. He's a good player, just not in the same group with Ryder, Hossa and other names mentioned by the writer.

  33. lukeleim says:

    that's a pretty good trade.

  34. Burgergold says:

    yes malkin is a franchise player but you already have them in pittburgh

    they are deep enough at center position that they actually could trade malkin, but not for hossa UFA at the end of the year

  35. gronk says:

    Malkin is just as essential to Pittsburghs success as Crosby (IMO).  He is a great player and has really picked up his play defensively this year, as well. It is also a huge stretch to claim that Malkin isn't appreciated in Pittsburgh.  Fans as well as players love him.

  36. gronk says:

    I still like the idea of seeing a BIG scoring winger.  A physical scoring winger.  If we can find that piece of the puzzle this team will be fine with the defence they have.  That is an enormous blow to lose Mark Eaton considering he leads the team in +/- and I assume in blocked shots.  However, I think this team is still a top 6 forward away from running the table.

  37. kamullia says:

    I am also a big fan of a physical scoring winger, a true power forward, which is part of the reason why I have been a supporter in the past of moving Jordan Staal to the wing and leaving him there to grow into the position.

    However, when your house is on fire, the yard be damned. We are talking about a team who was 25th on defense among 30 with Mark Eaton and that includes having had a better showing at the beginning of the season and slowly sliding down the scale. Up to now I would have been a proponent of the same idea, but Eaton is too big of a loss for this team. He plays in the top pairing, blocks the most shots, has the best +/-, and does a lot of intangibles that people overlook. Scuderi will probably do fine in the top pairing, because he truly has been doing a wonderful job, but he does not block shots at the rate Eaton does and does not have the capabilities of Eaton. Something will be lost, but not all for the top pairing. The problem becomes the trickle effect down the line. Or am I the only one who sees the signing of Darryl Sydor as one of the worst moves that Ray Shero has done in his tenure as General Manager? Sydor is not as terrible as he was at the beginning of the season, but now he is just barely competent. Unless he steps it up in an extremely dramatic fashion (along with the rest of the team), the Pens are good for at least 4 GA per game with their present lineup, unless they are playing an opponent composed of completely anemic geriatrics.

    I have been a huge critic of Malone, but he did an incredible turn around, especially in the corners and defensively, along with a lot on offense. Hats off. Talbot is easily the secret stealth weapon that no one notices unless they are true hockey fans. Maxime is a pure gold find for the Pens in all he does. And Eaton is simply and without a doubt, their best defensive defenseman. All of those combined, a bloated GA, and finally a lack of scoring, simply SCREAM out loud “need help on defense“.

    We are in the same wavelength here, except when it comes to the fact that you believe the Pens can weather the storm with a power forward, and I seriously doubt it. Perhaps you do not take into account that they would have to give something in return for a prominent player as you describe, which will further slim down the roster on defense. The days of players for picks are gone in the cap era because they want impact players to fit under the cap, something the Pens have plenty of. To top if off, in a bidding war, the Pens would have to step up their efforts because the two things by far that most teams are seeking and are both in low supply are scoring power forwards and effective, physical, defensive defensemen. Shero would have to make some magic, and frankly I have not been extremely impressed thus far with his work.

  38. Asquaredx2 says:

    Why would the Kings make that trade? Brown and Frolov are both better players than Staal, and will remain thus. Brown is untouchable unless Malkin or Crosby goes to LA. AND you want them to take Sydor, give up a d-man AND a high draft pick?

  39. Asquaredx2 says:

    From an Ottawa standpoint, no thanks. For all of Staal’s defensive prowess, Vermette is just that much better defensively and is a better producer offensively. Roberts could be had for much cheaper than that, and Foligno is one of Ottawas best and most NHL-ready prospects.

    If guys like Vermette or Foligno are traded, you better believe it will be in a package for a top-line NHL player, even though a line of Heatley – Spezza – Staal would eventually be one of the biggest, most dominating first lines in the league.

  40. ChyldProdigy says:

    You kinda contradict yourself there.  When somebody's stock is high it is because they are playing well right now, not because people know they can even though they are slumping.  If his stock WAS high (like last year) he would certainly be worth more than vermette/foligno (ie throw in some picks with that).
    A better example of a 'high stock' would be a guy like Antropov who was worth nothing last year, but could bring back a lot right now.
    I agree with your thoughts on the trade though, just sayin is all 😛

  41. Gamble says:

    You realize you just claimed Vermette was better than Staal right?

  42. intelligentscorpio says:

    What I meant was that it is a no-brainer for Therrien now that Eaton is injured, he has no choice but to play Orpik. I do also agree that Pens still need to improve their defense in any case. Now with Eaton's injury, Shero must not only fill the immediate need, but also look beyond this year as Eaton is a free agent at the end of this season. He may or may not be back or Shero may or may not want himback or he finds a better, more suitable replacement or cheaper replacement. Who knows.

  43. intelligentscorpio says:

    I totally agree with your assessment of Shero. Atleast there is someone out there that agrees with me on this.

  44. NiittymakiForVezina says:


  45. gronk says:

    I'm not ready to throw Shero under the wagon yet, but he definitly needs a change.  Kumuillia made a very good point and is right that I didn't take into consideration what the penguins would have to give up for a strong power forward.  I went to the Capitals game the other night and the defense was horrid, so yes, I very much agree with you now that a legit stay at home defender is needed.  The pens would still have to give up good talent for him though, but I could handle losing a young prospect, say Goligoski.

  46. GUINSchief21 says:

    all of you are dumb. yes, the pens may need help here and there, but they are still competing with the team on the ice, MINUS Crosby, without Fleury, Eaton, Roberts… this is a makeshift lineup everynight, and they are still contending and as of today (2.20.08) at noon, they have the leading scorer, one of the hottest goalies, and role players like Ryan Malone and Maxime Talbot stepping up everynight. let alone players like Taffe, Kennedy, Kris Letang, and Nathan Smith logging minutes everynight. I’m not against trading away a future star such as Staal, but they are only going to do so if they get som value back, and I don’t mean a one year fill in for a run at the cup. they are going to make their run at the cup without any trades. Staal WILL BE a superstar in this league and I hope its with the guins. HE’S 20! any of you know who Vincent Lecavalier is? yea, I’d hope so.. he came into the leauge with a lot of hype and didn’t really fulfill that hype til his 3rd or 4th season and now he’s a franchise player. Staal is very similiar in playmaking ability and size, strength, and skill. Lecavalier is definitley a better player but I’m just saying, giving up on Staal now is a mistake. if they do go get a Vermette or a player like that, it’d be ok but when Sidney comes back and they’re in first place I don’t think any moves are necessary. and Therrian is a bad coach? he lost lost the best player in the league for over a month and his team’s in first place? yea…. get rid of him. you all suck donkey nuts.

  47. intelligentscorpio says:

    It is unbelieveable but true that the Pens got Marian Hossa and went on a remarkable run to the Stanley Cup finals and to Game 6. Now, that was then, this is now. The Pens are in 5th place in he Eastern Conference and need desperately scoring winger(s). Who do you think can be traded for, to complement the excellence we have in Crosby/Malkin/Staal, and who do we give up? Feel free to check the roster of teams that have no chance to make the playoffs or are looking to shed salary or players. Mind you, Ray Shero does not have a lot of cap room either!!!!

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