Pens Express Interest in Robinson

According to, the Pittsburgh Penguins have reportedly been granted permission to speak to New Jersey Devils assistant coach Larry Robinson about their head coaching vacancy.

Robinson has two years remaining on his contract as a special assistant with the Devils, who are currently battling the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in the Stanley Cup Final.

Former head coach Rick Kehoe was fired by the Penguins at the end of the season.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Robinson has said he would welcome the challenge of helping rebuild the Penguins and teaching the younger the younger players.

“That’s what I enjoy,” Robinson told the newspaper. “I certainly don’t mind having a number of veterans, but I think the teaching part of it is what I enjoy the most about this profession, so that’s one of the reasons” he is interested in the job.

However, Robinson is concerned about the team’s inability to find financing for a new arena to replace the 42-year-old Mellon Arena, the oldest building in the National Hockey League.

“The only thing I question is that they’ve been talking about the need for a new building and that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere,” Robinson said in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “That’s the only thing that scares me. It’s great to say you want to rebuild, but without an arena, you kind of have to ask, what are you rebuilding?”

Robinson was an assistant with the Devils in 1995 when the team won the Stanley Cup and then was the head coach when they repeated the feat in 2000, taking over for Robbie Ftorek late in the season.

He also won six Stanley Cups as a player with the Montreal Canadiens.

5 Responses to Pens Express Interest in Robinson

  1. mikster says:

    He is a top, maybe the best, real available candidate for teams that need to hire a coach. I wouldn’t mind if the Rangers hire him, though he seems to shift back and forth, interested and disinterested. Latest Larry quote from the NYTimes: “If I wasn’t interested, I wouldn’t be talking to them,”

    He’d be a great fit for the Pens though. They are young and they definitely could use Robinson. However, Robinson may want a big paycheck, which the Pens may not want to give. I think Robinson should actually take the job. Pens are rebuilding and bringing in a coach like Robinson, the Pens fans would feel a bit more relieved. Just like Hartley, Robinson has nothing to lose with the Pens. He has time to put the system in there and the Pens are not that bad of a team, they cna make it back.

    So, Robinson is one of the 35 candidates for the Pens. This will be interesting. I say Ted Nolan should be in the top 5 for them as well.

  2. matteo says:

    Have fun with that one Larry……..nothing better than coaching a minor league team playing in the NHL. Good thing he likes teaching youngsters…he is going to have to do alot of it.

  3. MantaRay says:

    Robinson has strong reservations about the Ranger$ and is leaning more towards the Pens..for now.

    He will probably hold out for a third or fourth option before making any decision.

    If Keenan goes to NY, he will sign with the Panthers in a second.

  4. guinsfan4life says:

    One of the comments in the papers here the last two days and after last night when Mario met with season ticket holders to answer questions is that Mario pushed Patrick to contact Larry Robinson to guage his interest. This is very interesting if only for simple reasons;

    1) At one point, Mario has said that he leaves all day to day hockey operations to Craig Patrick. In the past three months we have seen upper management personnel fired, minor and the pro level coaches fired. Think Mario is taking a more aggressive approach and perhaps a little steam away from Patrick?

    2) How would the penguins afford Robinson? He makes about 500k with the Devils as an assistant. He would likely command a salary in excess of 1 mil per year to coach the guins. We paid kehoe 350k last year.

    3) If Mario is gauging Robinson’s interest, and Robinson will be in town later on next week to golf in Mario’s tourney, maybe Mario can see himself playing for Robinson if he still has the urge left?

    ALl things to consider.

  5. mikster says:

    Robinson has strong reservations about the Ranger$ and is leaning more towards the Pens..for now.

    What proves that? The Pens don’t have a new arena and probably won’t get one. He says that is what scares him and why would he be much interested in a team that scares him?

    Keenan ain’t going to NY, too many complications and the Panthers’ owner does not want to dump Keenan.

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