Pens make qualifying offers to restricted FA's

The Pens today made qualifying offers to 5 of 7 restricted FA’s fwd’s Colby Armstrong, Erik Christensen, Maxime Talbot Tim Brent, d’s Ryan Whitney, and Ryan Lannon.

They did not extend an offer to Michel Ouellette making him a free agent

Ouellet 25 yrs old, had 19 goals 31 assists for 48 points in 73 games last year
I think it is a move in the right direction for the Pens. Ouellet is a decent player but now they can add or fill his spot with a better player. As seen in the playoffs you need have all four lines going for a deep run.

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  1. The-President says:

    Wrong team??

  2. intelligentscorpio says:

    Michel Ouellette is a decent forward, but not one that can help in the quest for a Cup. We need strong wingers who can stay in the game and play agressive hockey, like the Ducks forwards. Can we find them? It's possible, Shero needs to fill the blanks. Hopefully he can do it.

  3. LEAFS877 says:

    I'm sorry how does this relate to the Leafs?

  4. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    All right, this makes the Leafs a step closer to the Cup.

    If the Pens sign any more RFAs, you can guarantee Toronto will take it all!


  5. kamullia says:

    This is somewhat amazing that Ouellet was not signed by all who are very familiar with the organization.

    It is well documented, going way back to his first year as a coach for the Penguins in the AHL, that Michelle Therrien (the now Penguins coach) had a big preference for Ouellet over many other players. The truth however, is that Ouellet did not belong with the NHL Penguins because of his inconsistency (which he also showed at the AHL level).

    Ouellet is a goal scorer, but a streaky one, which is an issue. But the biggest knock on him has always been his skating, which is well sub-par. The above, coupled with the fact that the vast majority of Ouellet’s goals came on the power play, simply spelled that the Penguins were better off with another player.

    However, the lack of wingers in the system and organization, and the fact that Ouellet was a favorite (if not the favorite) of coach Therrien, simply put in doubt to all who knew these facts that the Pens would shed Ouellet. I am told that in part the reason that Shero was able to push in order to move Ouellet out of the organization was the fact that Ouellet is eligible for arbitration, and due to past recent arbitrations, plus Ouellet’s numbers which are not that terrible, gave enough reason to Shero to make a pass at offering a contract to Ouellet since the overall thought is that $2M dollars was not out-of-reach in arbitration.

  6. jody200411 says:

    The Penguins blow. Theyre gonna be the next Ottawa.

    A fancy, flashy, puckhandling, diving, afraid to hit, no heart team that excels in the season, but chokes in the playoffs.

    Time to draft some big boys Shero who can take the playoff heat (ie: Anaheim).
    Esposito??????????? COME ON!!!!! you  should make a trade for Ribeiro too.

    GO WINGS!!!!!

  7. peataters says:

    just to let you know the world doesn't revovle around toronto

  8. LEAFS877 says:

    Wow! how did i know some idiot would say that!
    The world doesn't revolve around Pittsburgh either, so don't put Penguins articles in a column for toronto rumors.

  9. Penssuck says:

    On the main page this is found, wether or not its on the leafs page i dunno.  But who cares about the leafs anyway?  I can tell you whats going to happen.

    Start off the season slow, but on pace to make the playoffs, than you'll realize that your 1st line center is old and can't play.  You're defense we'll get worn down and beat up.  And you'll miss the play offs by 10 pts.  All leafs fans we'll cry and call for JFJ to do something, he'll trade away some of your so called prospects for old vets and you'll lose again the next year.

    Have fun.

  10. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    You know, you're a *****ing retard.

    This article was posted with the topic button for "Toronto Maple Leafs". People were wondering why. It was fixed. No longer any problem.

    Anyways ass face, the way you ran that off you'd think that was routine for the Leafs. Funny, the last two years the Leafs missed the playoffs by a single point, and for a different reason each time. The first time was because of an anemic defense, and this year, our defense was pretty good (seventh fewest shots on goal against in the league), it was because of our anemic goaltending, which has been fixed.

    By the way, Mats Sundin is still a point per game, and we were 8th in the league, forth in the East, behind Buffalo (conference finals), Ottawa (cup finals), and Pittsburgh, who you apparently think sucks too. Go figure.

    And when was the last time we traded away prospects for an old vet? Perreault is relatively old, but Brendan Bell was unneeded with our surplus of defensive prospects. We did trade Imonen and Kondratiev for Leetch, but *****, what did they become? Brad "One hit Wonder' Boyes and Alyn "Bought out by the *****ing Kings" McCauley for Owen Nolan?

    Anyways, you *****ing fail. You're a *****ing moron. I oppose everything the Leafs do under the Ferguson regime, and even I find obvious idiocy in your retarded post.

    I win. You lose.

  11. kamullia says:

    “…excels in the season, but chokes in the playoffs.”

    Are you sure you were not referring to your Red Wings?

  12. czarrichter says:

    have you seen armstrong and orpik hit?  armstrong laid two of the biggest hits last season behind the net.  ruutu and talbot are gritty.  and lets not forget the vets laraque and roberts.  and HOPEFULLY they'll bring in a defense man to help bring even more grit.  oh and i forgot the wings are known for their grit and not their flashy offense.  and how could you say the pens have no heart?  it takes a team with a lot of heart to go from the bottom one season to over 100 points the next season, it takes a damn bit of heart to do that.

  13. senators101 says:

    How was it his fault that the article was posted for under the leafs? He doesn't even like the Pens, why the hell would he write an article about them?

    And this year wasn't your goalies fault, it was your coaches for starting raycroft for 71 games in a season.  Raycroft had a pretty decent start to the campaign, blame Maurice for not playing Aubin enough to give Raycroft a break.  Your team lost because your defense have more skill in the offensive zone than in their own.  I don't care if you had the 7th least shots against, your penalty killing sucked ass.  4th worst in penalty killing, letting, on average, more than a goal in per game.

    BEFORE you say you were penalized too often, you were pretty much mid-pack.  And to resolve the number of penalties given, think about getting defenseman that can move instead of tall pilons who do nothing but take stupid penalties – namely, Bryan McCabe – who had the 6th most minor penalties in the league.  The Leafs let 90 short handed goals in, while there were teams that were in the 40s.

    And apparently your GM thinks by acquiring Peca (a defensive-forward) and Perrault (a faceoff specialist) your defensive flaws will be hidden.  Good luck with that!

  14. senators101 says:

    Whats up your ass man? That guy didn't know that this was in the Leafs rumors area as he didn't put it there.  Wtf do you want people to do whenever they see an article, ask whether it was placed somewhere else instead?

    Next time I see an article for any other of the 29 teams in the NHL, I'll waste my time and others by posting the following msg:

    "Hello Leaf Fans: Since some of you are talking about leaf rumors in this post, even though it has nothing to do with the leafs, I would like to know, for the sake of interest, whether or not this was posted in the Toronto rumors section.  Thanks for your assistance".

    Hope you have fun reading complete bull****.

  15. Glucker says:

    he didn't blame him for posting it under the leafs, the first poster in this thread asked what this article had to do with the leafs, since at teh time, it was under the leafs… then some idiots that didn't know that thought he was being the stereotypical arrogant leaf fan, which he wasn't, he was asking a legit question.

    our penalty killing wasn't half bad when Peca was healthy, and i know, you shouldn't rely on only one guy… but Antropov and Ponikarovsky where also our PK men, and they got knocked out to, and when they came back they where spending their time on the offense mostly, leaving Stajan and Gill as out go-to guys for the PK… sad

    and I REALLY want to see the stats that say we had 90 SH goals against… I REALLY doubt that out of 269 goals against 1/3 came on our powerplays… even 40 seems high, same applys to the amount of penalty minutes logged… as far as I know, the Leafs tend to be at the top of that list most seasons

    we didn't really have defensive flaws(outside of McCabe) other then the fact that our Defense was on the DL for a good part of the season… Peca was brought in to add leadership, grit, and some PK expertize… Perreault was brought in to give us a good FO man and to give us some hope when going into shootouts… Green was brought in to replace Peca after he got injured…

    And apparently, your GM likes a team that disappears in the finals.. Good luck with that!

  16. Glucker says:

    McCabe for Esposito? 😛

  17. tacitus says:

    the Wings dont choke any more then any other team. Over recent history nobody has more cups then them so how is that choking??? How is outplaying every team in the playoffs this year choking??? ya wow making it to the final four is choking. but ya keep ur uninformed thoughts coming if thats what helps ya cheer for your team that hasn't had half the success the wings have had last season or the past 5 or 10 or 15 seasons.

  18. kamullia says:

    Let’s start off by the fact that I was not responding to you, but to an immature posting, to which I only dignified with a one liner. I sure could have gone on and on about it, but my intent was not insult, unlike the author, but to get a chuckle out of most readers.

    It is quite moronic to make elaborate comments about a team and go on bashing any team. Therefore let us keep that in thought.

    But to your point…it is quite amusing to see how history is perceived in different ways, depending upon the reader.

    You can say that the Red Wings have won 2 cups in the last 10 years, which by the way is the same amount of cups that Colorado and New Jersey have won in the same time period. You can also say that those statistics will change next year, because the success of the Red Wings is loaded in the front end of that history, and not recent history.

    Let us keep in mind that the comparison by the original author was rooted in Ottawa, who have been labeled as “chokers” mostly due to several first round exits from the playoffs (and not so much for losing to the Leafs in the second round). But that history is also front ended, with the Senators only losing once in the first round in the last 5 years. However, in that same time-frame, the Red Wings have never reached the finals, unlike the Senators.

    Another measure of high ineptitude, which the New York Rangers have had to put up with for years, is the relationship to money vs. playoff performance (or lack there of). And other than the Rangers, who had a long history (once again, front ended), of throwing a lot of money into their roster and not making the playoffs, the Detroit Red Wings have a very recent history of throwing a lot of money at their roster, and coming up short in the playoffs. In that light, the players specifically, and the team as a whole is also viewed as a choker, and Detroit certainly fits that description in recent years, something that cannot be said of the Senators who had a more modest payroll.

    But the most important impression of a choker, to myself, is not really losing in the first round. In my view what is more inept (i.e. being a choker) is having the best record in the entire NHL (i.e. Presidents Trophy) and not to at least the conference final, and even worse losing in the first round. And in that light, the Red Wings have been the most recent chokers and that is in the immediate history of the last 5 years. In recent history no other team has gotten the Presidents Trophy and exited the playoffs within the first two rounds more than the Detroit Red Wings. Let us not even consider ending in the top 2-3 during the regular season and also having a quick exit. It is a good thing that the Red Wings reached the Conference finals this year, but even then, if that trend of high performance during the regular season and quick playoff exits, which coincidentally is the same exact description used by the original author when talking about the Senators, then you can be sure that the label of chokers will also be placed upon the Red Wings.

    Good thing I am “uninformed.” Pfft.

    Yes, the Detroit Red Wings have been successful in the past, but that past is very quickly becoming a distant past. And if their general trend for Detroit continues (even with the saving grace of reaching the conference finals this year), you can be sure they will be labeled chokers and you will not need a long memory to understand why.

  19. senators101 says:

    Where do I start.. hmm.
    If someone didn't know that it WAS posted in the leafs section, and cpl leaf fans go on about what this has to do with the leafs, do they not sound like "the stereotypical arrogant leaf fan"?.

    I'm not blaming the 1st post (and if you looked, you would notice that).  I'm blaming the 3rd post where the guy started being an idiot.

    All teams have injuries.  The buffalo Sabres had a bunch of people injured, they finished first.  Ottawa had their top 3 centremen hurt, they went on a roll.  What to do when you have injuries? Make a trade for whats needed.  We got Comrie when were down to one centreman.  Things can be done.

    And as for the stats that say that, I will give you indepth instructions on how to get there, as the URL doesn't work:
    2. Click Stats on the top bar
    3. On the right it says TEAM COMPARISON REPORTS:
          – Make sure you select regular season for the 06/07 year, and for the report view, select penalty kill
    4. The ranking that you see when you get there, is PK%.  and the leafs are 4th last
    5.  To rank them in who let the least to the most goals in, on the top bar, click PPGA.
    6. This is the most crucial step.  Scroll down the list (it will take you a long time till you get to the bottom – where you will find your beloved leafs).

    For Penalty minutes logged: Leafs had the 11th most, but between them and the 16th most, there were only 10 penalties diffence.
    – You will be able to confirm this by clicking TS on that same page.

    You want McCabe's info too? Well here it is:
    Go to the stats page again.
    1. Under Individual Stats report, make sure it says regular season (B/c you wont find any leaf players if you search playoffs) and for Report View, click penalties.  Click Minors to sort the number of minor penalties and you won't have to scroll down far to the McCabe.  Chris Neil is ahead of him but thats the way he plays.

    To comment on that last part of your post – Can't blame our GM when we got the finals buddy.  They disappeared, true, and who got fired? the GM.  If your commenting on how he likes a team that disappear in the finals, wouldn't it be funny if he's the senior exec the leafs hire?  That will be the day. I personally liked Mucks, but it will be bittersweet to see him with you.  Bitter cuz he's better than the leafs deserve, and sweet, b/c you're getting something you are saying you don't want.

    And while we are playing that game, your GM likes a team that doesn't make the playoffs and give them a chance for anything.  And the funniest thing about this is that your president STILL LIKES your GM.  Keep re-signing him to additional years, see how far that takes you.  Oh, and Good luck with that!

  20. Pony says:

    Man get your stuff straight. The second comment was the idiotic one. Just because he didn't know doesn't mean the third comment was at fault. He shouldn't have jumped all over it.

    The Leafs had 90 PPGA against, yes, this is not the same as having 90 goals SH like you so wisely claimed. Some teams where in the 40's? Well the Sens were not either.

    I don't agree with using injuries as an excuse so I won't, but either way the injury card works better for the Leafs consider they were number in man games lost.

  21. Kraftster says:

    Hey Kamulia, always interested to hear your take.

    I shared your surprise that MO was not tendered.  Partly because of the relationship you described, but, more so because I just doubted that Shero would let any of the younger RFAs leave without getting something in return. 

    Ouellet's game has every weakness that you described, but I don't think there is any denying the improvement that he made during last season in his forechecking and backchecking.  Those improvements didn't keep him from putting up inconsistent offensive numbers (particularly goals), but, it showed a surprising level of commitment.  When you know that your coach is your biggest fan, it could certainly lead to some apathy when it comes to working at those parts of one's game.  I don't think that happened with Ouellet last season.  I was Ouellet's biggest critic early in the season — let's face it, the guy was hardly there — but I have to give the guy some credit.

    Will he ever improve his skating?  Probably not much.  And while the spots in the NHL for slow footed finishers (inconsistent, yes) may be shrinking, the bottom line is, there is still some demand for guys who have a knack for finishing.  Ouellet's done that at every levevl he's ever played.

    As you noted, his numbers are "not terrible."  In fact, they are competitive with many players that a lot of Penguin fans really burned for at the trade deadline (ex, Brad Boyes).  If the numbers would fetch Ouellet $2 Million, then I'd hope that the arbitration is not so poorly set up that no one in the NHL would pay him that.  And, if its correct to think that someone will pay him $2 Million, then, I have a hard time believing that Shero could not get anything in return.  I guess we give the GM the benefit of the doubt and believe what he says, but, I just hate to see a guy that the team drafted and developed through its own system into a player who nearly had 50 points in his first full season exit without getting the least bit of compensation in return.

  22. kamullia says:

    Ouellet absolutely made strides, there is no doubt about it. But you could say that the entire team made strides, because the entire forechecking done by the Penguins during last season, was equivalent to a space-age improvement on a can-and-cord telephone.

    Regardless, merit should be given, because he did come to par with the rest of the team in forechecking and did improve his game overall.

    But for a team that is quickly rising and is need of scoring, and by that I mean consistent regular scoring wingers, at some point you just knew that Ouellet simply did not fit into a Penguins’ Cup-contending team, and that is the final and ultimate goal given to every GM. And in that light, at least for myself and many other competent hockey followers and analysts, it was just a matter of time (Therrien or not) before Ouellet would be given the boot. It simply was inevitable.

    It is sad. But I think sadder is the fact that he could not improve on his skating after all those years and with all the players and trainers available to improve on that aspect. Just think this: If Ouellet would have become, as a very minimum, fast enough to keep up with the vast average of the NHL players (and that does not mean being extremely fast by any means), do you honestly think he would have been let go? Just think of the offensive points translation that it would have done to Ouellet’s numbers. But all in all you are right, it is still sad to spend all of a team’s time and effort into a prospect, just to let it all become a waste (as far as the Penguins organization is concerned at least).

    But keep in mind that odds are very good that this is not the last time you will see Michelle Ouellet on the ice of an NHL rink, because there are more than enough NHL teams that with all the shortcomings that Ouellet has, he would still be an improvement for their organization. Just not for the Penguins.

  23. kamullia says:

    Sure. And Sundin, and a 1st round pick in 2008. He’s yours!

  24. senators101 says:

    Yes, I meant 90 ppga.. figured that was obvious as i was talking about penalty killing and not their powerplay.  Also, I never said the Sens were in the 40s.  I'm saying that your penalty killing sucks ass and instead of blaming raycroft, blame the fact that you had below par (WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY Below) penalty killing.

    You contradict yourself saying that using injuries isn't an excuse and then saying that this is one of the reasons they didn't make the playoffs.  Obviously it plays its part, however, the leafs weren't the only team in that situation.

  25. Pony says:

    I fail to see any contradictions, maybe you can point them out for me? Show me where I said that's why the Leafs were out of the playoffs I merely claimed that if you were gunna play the injury card, as you did saying the Sens and Buffalo had injuries, then take into account how the Leafs were number one in man games lost.

  26. LEAFS877 says:

    what's up my ass?

    Well when the rest of the league thinks that Leafs fans feel that they are the center of the universe it starts to get on your nerves.

    And i wasn't waiting to jump all over this guy for assuming i was just being arrogant.
    He didn't know that the article was under the Toronto Maple Leafs, fair enough.
    But you still can't argue that he looks like a total retard in the scheme of things can you?

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