Perreault going to Preds camp

Center Yanic Perreault has accepted a tryout invitation extended by the Nashville Predators and will attend the team’s training camp, which opens Monday.Now, this is interesting and surprising. Robitaille and Beech were both recently aquired, and now this makes the number 2 center slot a 3 man race, which Perrault has the obvious upper hand with his face-off specialty and all around talent and consistency. And Nashville BADLY needs a good faceoff man.

I hope he makes the team, because he’d be the most reliable and experienced guy they can add out of the 3 choices.

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  1. distance7 says:

    By consistency, I mean when compared to Robitaille or Beech…

    The top 4 centers in Nashville would look like this if Perrault gets a contract :





    I’d like seeing that more than Robitaille or Beech, but I’d be more than happy to see Beech down in Milwaukee for the Preds AHL team to round out his game some more…if he passes through waivers to send him down.

  2. Marky2Fresh says:

    I wonder why it took this long and even still he’s not being signed. He’s no all-star but he’s very far from bad. I think the Blue Jackets should have tried for him.

  3. robinson19 says:

    I believe it took so long because ever since the last playoff campaign when he was only a clutch faceoff and second powerplay specialist, letting the other centers like Ribeiro, Koivu, Juneau, and even Begin take much more of the spotlight, he has flown under the radar; that stint as a role-player didn’t do his visibility any favours!

  4. distance7 says:

    Here’s some of what GM David Poile has to say about it :

    “When you look at our centers, most of them are more defensive guys, outside of David Legwand and Randy Robitaille,” Poile said. “We’re trying to get a little more balance.

    “If he’s not going to be on one of our first two lines, we’re not looking as much for a third- or fourth-line center. So I guess he will be hitting a home run if he can, or if not, it will be a strikeout.”

    So, second line or bust for Mr. Perrault.

  5. BROADBULL says:

    Small piece to the puzzle in nashville but i think its a great move for them. I think nashville will suprise a lot of people this year .I beleive they will finsh anywhere from 3rd to 5th in the west and will prob go seven games in the second round.Just a guess but i think this team will make some noise.

  6. AHLoldie says:

    Both Robitaille and Beech played for the pens, and neither one is NHL material. Robitaille is a journeyman minor leaguer and Beech doesn’t have the heart. He would be a fine player in Milwaukee. Beech is an above average passer, but is a poor skater, as is Robitaille.

  7. shawn_habs says:

    Good for Yanic. I always he thought he would go to one of the late 90’s expansion clubs.

    Smart approach by Poile. If Perreault wins the second line job, he’ll be a lock for 20+ goals, not to mention the boost in faceoff wins. Poile was smart enough to realize that if Perreault is relegated to 3rd/4th line, he wont be able to contribute.

  8. Bishop7979 says:

    Whats funny is that I read the post where the Gm said basically its a top two line spot or nothing for the guy, but I remember the guy being a somewhat one trick pony with his faceoff skills being what kept him in the NHL this long.

    I mean isnt the guy pretty slow footed, and other than one season with the kings his offence has been somewhat lacking along with his physical play.

    Well if the preds see him as their second line center, something he hasnt been for a couple years now, then best of luck to them,

    I just think they would be better off with “Robitaille the lesser” or “I’d rather be on the Beech than in the rink”

  9. shawn_habs says:

    well, id take perreault over robitaille. beech has potential, but his game isnt nhl ready.

  10. mojo19 says:

    He was never great with the Kings, but he cracked 50 points once with the leafs and once with the habs, the last time was in 2001 though. I think he might be just about done in the nhl.

    Also Yannick is slow, but the preds have some speedy guys (kariya, hartnell, sullivan) so adding one slow guy shouldn’t hurt them too much.

  11. wayne2 says:

    He would be a good signing for them.

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