Pettinger for Cooke

Various reports say that Capitals traded Matt Pettinger to the Canucks for Matt Cooke.

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  1. habswinthecup-again says:

     A good deal for Vancouver.

  2. BruMagnus says:

    Canucks win this trade, but as TSN said, "it's a trade between spare tires". It's not the fix the Canucks need. It's the typical thing they do when they don't have enough to offer for someone like Richards.

    PS, to all you idiots who think Cory Schneider is the best goalie prospect over Price, Mike Smith, Pogge, Rask, etc… this should be proof because the Stars were offered Schneider and laughed. They wanted Smith way over him. Schneider may get you a 5th rounder… if Huet only gets a 2nd… seriously, think about it.

  3. canucks4ever says:

    sad day for canucks fans : (

  4. canuck67 says:

    Cory could be the best of the bunch!

    Look at Conklin, dud to stud. You just never know until they get quality time to play.

  5. CofRED says:

    I'm happy to see Cooke gone from Vancouver.  He's always, always, a pain in the a** for the Flames to play against and I'm not going to miss him one bit.  I feel a little bad for Carolina, Florida, Atlanta, and Tampa though.

  6. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    Nucks do jack again this year…awesome!

  7. TheDonkey says:

    I am not sold on Conklin just yet.  He had plenty of playing time for a couple of years in Edmonton and he was not the man.

  8. TheDonkey says:

    Hopefully somebody in his new division gives that guy the beating that he deserves.

  9. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    If Schneider gets us a 5th, fleury gets you a 4th.  That overpaid piece of sh*t is useless, i laugh when he becomes the next cloutier.  Noone ever said Schnieder was better than pogge smith rask, but hes not as horrible as to garner a fifth.  THe only reason you say that is cause your bias against the canucks.  Hes worth a lot more than a fifth.  The only reason huet was dealt for a second was to make space for salary, as it was said that montreal was going after a big name player like hossa, however they lost the bid and screwed themselves over.
      Why dont you give your head a shake, Schnieder is ranked 33 in hockey's future, so keep dreaming.  JUst cuase you team gave a kings ransom because your gm jumped the gun on a trade doesn't mean that everyone else is worth nothing. 

  10. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Mediocrity ftw!!  I swear, we shoulda just moved him for some picks or something.  I don't get the deal with signing pettinger.  For some reason, I just don't see this being anything significant.  Well, our chance is not this year anyways, so we really don't need to make any significant moves.  Next year when we have an extra 10 or more million freed, we can make a pitch to sign a real goal scorer.

  11. BruMagnus says:

    Actually, people were saying Schneider was the best goalie not in the NHL… even better than Price and Pogge and Rask… this is a fact.

    Ok, I did jump the gun a little. He's probably worth a 3rd rounder if Huet's worth a 2nd.

    Fleury is worth at least two 1st rounders.
    I believe, though I may be wrong, he is one of the youngest goalies in NHL history (if not THE youngest) to win 40 games… he's also still the youngest starting goalie in the current League and has changed his pads to white at last!

  12. BruMagnus says:

    I dunno man, after 5-0 people were saying it was a fluke, after 8-0 the opened their eyes a little, then 11-1, and now 17-4-4 or something… leads the NHL in SV%

    he had 50 saves vs the Isles, really the only reason we won. some TSN turning point/highlight of the night saves in that game.

    If anything, I am worried that the Pens will force Fleury to play even if Conklin is the better goalie…

  13. BruMagnus says:

    are you really surprised?
    The Canucks have always been a marginal organization and a fringe team at best.

  14. Bure96 says:

    Everyone on Hockey Future's top 40 could be traded for atleast a 1st rounder. All of those guys are just as good of prospects as the guys will go after 15 or 16 in the draft this year (including Schneider).

    You said that everyone said Cory Schneider was the best goalie not playing in the NHL. I think maybe when people said that they meant the best unsigned goalie (before he signed the deal this summer), which some would still argue was true.

    Huet is a 32 year old pending UFA, who's an average goalie. Schneider is young goalie, who will most likely be a solid NHL netminder. Not a star, but a good goaltender. He's struggle now, but many netminders hae a hard time going from NCAA to the AHL. Schneider could get atleast what Huet got.

    You know why the Lightning choose Smith over Schneider? Smith is an NHL ready goalie. Schneider is not. Why wouldn't they take Smith instead? Smith at this point is more of a sure thing then Schneider, because Smith has done more in his career. Smith is older and more experienced. Karri Ramo is about the same age as Schneider, and Helenius, so in  couple years there will be a major goalie controversy if all 3 are fighting for the starting job when there all starting NHL goalies. Now Helenius will likely become trade bait to land maybe a 2nd + 3rd rounder pick?

    PS didn't The Rangers get RAPED by the Yote's? They stole Al Montoya. They gave up a career backup, a goon, and a 3rd liner for a future NHL star goalie, and Marcel Hossa. The Coyote's are gonig to be a scary team in a couple years. Mueller, Turris, Hanzal, Montoya, Wheeler, Doan, Jovo, etc. Them, and the Blues will be the best teams in the NHL in a couple years. A couple other teams coul dbe great too depending on how they fix ther hole's (that include's Pittsburgh).

  15. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Fleury is not worth 2 1st rounders at his current stage.  I don't kno how much he is getting paid currently but i think its around 3-4+ million.  Are you telling me someone would take this salary for a guy who is on one of the most talented group of young individuals teams?  Although vancouver is my favorite team, i will admit that pittsburgh has a much brighter future, however they screwed themselves over with fleury.  They rushed him to the nhl and he could NOT HANDLE the pressure.  It really ruined his development.  He is not worth 2 first rounders, when he can barely crack the line up.  I mean come on, CONKLIN was a crap goaltender on every team hes been on, yet hes giving fleury a run for his money.  Pittsburgh has a bright future, but lets not kid ourselves, noone would give 2 first's for fleury.  With Crosby, Malkin, Staal, letang, gonchar, and formally armstrong and christenson, let alone a large group of other talented youngsters, the pens should have done a lot better, but fleury held them back.  Hes constantly been scrutinized by the media, coach etc while playing for the pens.  He was a first overall pick, and may have been worth 4 or more first rounders when he was first drafted, but his stock has fallen dramatically since then and would be lucky to net one first rounder if any.  And that is a mid round first not the number one he was picked on.

  16. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    I meant to say "Fleury is not worth 2 1st rounders at his current stage.  I don't kno how much he is getting paid currently but i think its around 3-4+ million.  Are you telling me someone would take this salary for a guy who is on one of the most talented group of young individuals teams and is STRUGGLING TO SURVIVE

  17. Bure96 says:

    Even when they were within a goal of winning the stanley cup?

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