Pittsburgh interested in Stumpel and ready for more!

If you think the Penguins are done signing free agents, think again. The recent additions of Sergei Gonchar, Andre Roy and Ziggy Palffy, plus last year’s signing of Mark Recchi, have drastically improved the Pens’ roster, but according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, they plan on adding a goalie, another center and one more defenseman. Including Stumpel! Read on…

Source: http://www.thefourthperiod.com/news/pit050807.htmlThe Penguins have been targeting veteran center Jozef Stumpel, along with goalies Curtis Joseph and Sean Burke.

Burke has reportedly been offered a two-year contract, and appears to be ready to accept it.

Joseph, meanwhile, is weighing his options, but the Post-Gazette reports he’s waiting on Pens GM Craig Patrick to get back to him.

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  1. mikefitz21 says:

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GO PENS


  2. mikefitz21 says:

    Wait till Forsberg goes down again, they’ll all be cryin in Phi land cuz Clarke spent all his money. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. dudemar says:

    I’m a Pens fan but let’s face it, the Flyers are still scary…they’re lineup is just badass right now. I wouldn’t be talking smack just yet, but damn, things are looking pretty ood in the ‘burgh right now too! Still hoping the Pens go for Thibault though.

  4. Ace_Bailey says:

    If fans are still apathetic about the Pittsburgh Penguins, the franchise has to move without question. If they run into budget problems and deficit problems then its the city, not the team. I’m just saying that even with a star studded lineup, it still could be too late to ressurect this team.

    Prove me wrong Pens, prove me wrong.

  5. titans says:

    Ummm now Ive been saying all along I like the Pens moves, but shouldn’t they be looking for defensive help (don’t give me Gonchar, I’m talking about a defenseman who can play defense)

  6. titans says:

    Oh I think they will. Hell even I’m goin out there in October to watch a game! I can’t wait, so I can only imagine how Pens fans feel.

  7. guinsfan4life says:

    They also said in that article, that the penguins are also looking for d-help. A solid defenseman that plays defense like you said. But they do have that on their roster now just young players.

  8. Lint07 says:

    I’m making a road trip from Canada to Pittsburgh to see 2 games there too in october (Atlanta & Florida)

    Should be fun!

  9. Lint07 says:

    Sign those 3:

    Sean Burke-G… +/- 3M$/year

    Jozef Stumpel-C… +/- 2,5M$/year

    Jason York-D… +/- 2M$/year

    And call it an offseason.

  10. titans says:

    I’ll see you October 22nd Flyers vs Pens! We’ll see then!

  11. Pens4Ever says:

    They need someone like Brooks Orpik

  12. titans says:

    Yea I am looking forward to my Pittsburgh road trip, except for the Pittsburgh part…not exactly a happening city.

  13. thedude720 says:

    I doubt they’ll sign Cujo. The Post-Gazette said they contacted Joseph/Agent and that if they were still interested to call him back. It said Joseph was still waiting after about a week I think, while Burke has the two year offer. Both are past their prime, but I think Burke would better suit the pens opposed to Cujo who was sent down to the minors in ’03. Stumpel would be good, but who knows who they will get. Getting Palffy was a total surprise as he was rumored to not go anywhere near the burgh.

  14. KOZMOE17 says:


    I think you are bang on on these three. Burke is ideal for splitting the load with Fleury as co #1.

    Stumpel is a solid player as is York who can both provide quality minutes every night, and give the “star” players the chance to win it.

  15. PensFansRejoice says:

    Id rather thet get Malkin over instead of signing Stumpel. Pocket that money, and should they be in the hunt for a playoff spot in march, use it to pull a trade.

    Burke should NOT get more then 1.5 a year. Hes 38 for crying out loud. He WOULD be a good teacher for Fleury though. Did he not help out with the grooming of Esche?

    As for Dmen, Im not too keen on any that are left. I had been hoping the Pens would get Rathje 🙁

  16. PensFansRejoice says:

    Scuderi and Orpik will be our defensive Dmen. Scuderi is positional and gets the job done. Orpik is the physical force of our D. Granted, half of our defense will be young, still in their first 3 yrs of pro hockey, but I dont think theyll disappoint.

  17. crazzzy says:

    Don’t think too low of Cujo. He was only sent to the minors that year because Hasek came back and they were trying to force him out. If you look at his stats from his time in the NHL that year, they’re still very, very good. I just have no idea of him as a mentor. Burke isn’t as good as Cujo, but he has had the mentor role before in Phoenix/Philly (both with Esche as the student).

  18. thedude720 says:

    I just looked at his stats, I guess I underestimated him. I remember seeing him in a few games and he let in some soft goals. I also looked at Burke’s stats and he’s always 50/50. I dunno, I guess either of them would be a good fit. Their both pushing 40 and they could get injured. I think Fleury will be great this year now that we have an insanely better team than last season.

  19. Lint07 says:

    The thing is, with your 1st line being: Lemieux / Crosby / Recchi, your star on the 2nd line becomes Palffy. So it would make sense to find someone he likes and that he’s used to play with (both being Slovakian) so you have an instant chemistry with your 2nd line being: Malone / Stumpel / Palffy. Put Malkin on the 3rd line and let him time to develop. Give him some PP2 time and make him play with Fata and Koltsov for example.

    On D, they absolutely need a stay-at-home. That should’ve been their priority in the offseason. One that would do the job and come rather cheap would be York. He’ll add some much needed veteran leadership on D too.

    As for Burke, given the fact that some teams are dying to find a decent #1 goaltender, his price will rise considerably. Besides, he is still a very good goaltender in my book…

  20. NemiNA says:


  21. BUTTMAN says:

    You know.. all this Pens suck/Flyers suck talk makes me happy. It tells me that our rivalry going to be back and heated again. It brings me back to a few years ago when I mapped out all the pens/flyers games and adjusted my life accordingly.

    So…I may hate the flyers fans, but thanks for being there to hate! 🙂

    Before the season starts and the talk gets ugly…. Here’s to the glorious hatred we have for one another!

    *raises beer*

  22. cups_n_burgh says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Its been too long! I remember going to college in Penn State where the Flyers and Pens fans would be forced to live under the same roofs. When the they met in the playoffs in ’99 it was intense! There can only be a good rivalry if there are two talented competitive teams… and I think we have that now.

  23. nj814 says:

    pens could and probably will beat the flyers

    forsberg is great but is injury prone and the pens will be have too good of a powerplay for the flyers. and the flyers will take a lot of penalties with hatcher and im not sure but i think they still have brashere? the pens will be too fast

  24. cactusjim says:

    Question – did you (or more appropriately, the author of the Fourth Period) actually read the article from the Post-Gazette?

    At no time did Chuck Finder say the Penguins were actually talking to Joseph Stumpel. He did, however say “The Penguins would like to add another center and possibly one more defenseman to their roster. Coincidentally, one of the free-agent centers available is a former Kings and Slovakia teammate of Palffy’s, Jozef Stumpel.”

    And he left it at that.

    Add some fuel to the fire… Pittsburgh radio shock jock, Mark Madden, has reported at least twice in the past week that the Pens are talking to Eric Lindros. Furthermore, the Pens were rumored to be talking to Yanic Perrault (sp?) in the past (i.e., past seasons), but would like to add an above-average faceoff man.

    IMHO, Lindros and Perrault are closer to what the Pens are looking for (Lindros is a second-line winger, Perrault can win the crucial draws) than Stumpel, a perrenial 15-goal man who would, more than likely, command .5-1 million more/season (if you believe the rumors that Lindros is looking for $1.5 mil).

    Your thoughts?

  25. guinsfan4life says:

    Yeah it is all pure speculation at this point. Why in the hell do they have Finder doing hockey anyway? I wish they wouldnt’ have move Dejan, he covered the team the best, I think.

    Madden also reported Kovie to the pens was a done deal, and it might have been if they didn’t low ball him.

  26. cactusjim says:

    I agree with you on the Dejan thing – he wrote intelligent, well thought out, careful (i.e., not blatant rumor), funny articles. And his Q&A section had twice the entertainment value (imo) than Dave Molinari’s.

    Not that Finder and Molinari are bad – they are good at what they do – I just get the impression that Dejan had a passion for hockey, whereas Finder and Molinari like sports in general.

    As far as Madden goes – I think he goes for ratings and I noticed a pattern with him about 5 years ago – he says things to spurn debate, which is the bread and butter of his radio show. If he didnt say controversial things, his whole broadcast would be people calling and agreeing with him which, I’m sure you would agree, would be boring, ratings would slip, and he’ll be back commentating on Saturday night cable access wrestling.

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