PJ Axelsson's overrated offensive ability

I have been reading alot about Axelsson to Ottawa rumours or dreams because he would play well with Alfredsson and because he is an underrated offensive player, but is that actually true?I have no idea why people seem to think that Axelsson would play well with Alfredsson… is it because their names rhyme or because they are both swedish? Well it certainly is not because Axelsson is an underrated offensive player. Here are his career stats and his best and worst stastical years in the NHL:

career 655 84 146 230 -39 245
best 66 17 19 36 +8 24
worst 77 7 10 17 -14 38

For full stats check out http://www.nhlpa.com/WebStats/PlayerBiography.asp?ID=174

He has never scored 20 goals, never gotten 40 points. He would not play well with Alfie, he does not have the offensive ability.

Futhurmore, he has missed 64 games due to injury in the past 3 years, an average of more then 21 a season. Forsberg being injury riddled is one thing, cause he can make something happen when he’s healthy, not so with Axelsson.

The one thing Axelsson is recognized as is him being good defensive forward, despite his -39 mark over his career. However the sens are already stacked with forward penalty killers such as Fisher, Vermette, Kelly, McAmmond, Donovan and Alfie… all of which, except Alfie and Fisher make less then the 1.8 mil Axelsson makes.

What’s more, his playoff performance (36GP, 4G, 2A, 6TP, 20PIMs, -6) are very unflattering and worisome for a team that is looking for a deep playoff push.

All of this said, Axelsson is a good, usefull defensive forward, BUT he would NOT play well with Alfie despite the swedish connection and at 1.8 million dollars, + what they would have to trade to get him, he is too expensieve for the Sens.