Points To Ponder, Part II

As the resident “non-hockey, thinks-he’s-so-clever” denizen of this site, it is my sworn duty to ask these questions:

1.) No one has ever seen Mikster and Larry Brooks in the same room together. Are they in fact the same person? Or could they be father and son?

2.) Is Kenny Wu, the figure-skating “Bash Brother” from D3, actually Paul Kariya’s illegitimate love child?

3.) Are “Leaf Expert” and “Scotty” actually the same person, since they have never been seen on the same thread?

4.) On a serious note, what can we do to prevent the gratuitous obscenities and childish name-calling that the “Feeling For Giguere” post descended into? It was admittedly one-sided, but painful to watch and completely unneccessary.

5.) Jeff’s excellent article notwithstanding, I say we get this out of the way, have a town meeting, and put it to a vote:

Will the NHL survive unscathed, or will changes be made, whether you want them or not?

Do you like this sport better as a “niche” sport, with just a (relatively) small following of fanatics, or are you willing to drop some of your “purist” feelings, even if it means “dumbing down” the game, to attract a larger audience?

6.) Please start making suggestions for topics (hockey-related or not) you would like to explore in the coming months. For those of you too shy, too busy, too apathetic, or too lazy to publish an article, SCTP pledges to provide this service fo you – free of charge.

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