Possible deal in the works?

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that the Blue Jackets and the New York Rangers have been in discussion about a possible trade.

Some of the names that are directly mentioned in this article include Marek Malik, Paul Mara and Pter Prucha. Although not specifically mentioned in a possible trade rumor between the Jackets and Rangers it is believed that for the right price Jagr could be on his way out of town.

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7 Responses to Possible deal in the works?

  1. intelligentscorpio says:

    Jagr is no longer the player that he once was. He has not been the same player since he wanted out of Pittsburgh.

  2. wheresthesoda says:


    is that necessary?

    any blockage?

  3. wheresthesoda says:

    Yea, there was also an article in the Post about the Rangers have been scouting the past couple of weeks.

  4. NHLman says:

    Seems like a fair trade granted Rangers scouts have determined that Vyborny and Foote haven't lost their skills.

    Vyborny and Foote


    Prucha and Malik/Mara

    I happen to like Vyborny a lot as a player.

  5. beckfan05 says:

    First of all, why bring in Vyborny? He has as many points as Prucha this season but he's 7 years older and more expensive? And he's never scored more than 22 goals in a season!

    So I don't understand why?

    And how can anyone that has the slightest bit of interest in hockey believe what the Columbus Dispatch has to say? Since when did Nylander become a Czech?

    I personally think that Prucha needs to be sent down for a week or so to get his game going.

  6. GlenSather says:

    The Blue Jackets might have an interest in several young forwards, including center Brandon Dubinsky and wingers Ryan Callahan and Nigel Dawes.

    Lol , they better come with something alot better than David Vyborny or Adam Foote if the Blue Jackets want any of these guys.  I think the Blue Jackets are a bad fit for the Rangers to trade with unless they wanna give up Rick Nash which I dont see them doing.

  7. ovechkin8 says:

    if i was NY GM i would go after zherdev foote and vyborny
      to columbus:
    2nd round 2008
      to New York:

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