Possible starting line up

I heard today on the fan 590 in Toronto that JFJ has been given the ok to cut whoever he wants and replace them with whoever he wants…as long as he stays under the cap of course. To me that’s good news for Toronto. Ill tell you what I think they should do, and please feel free to tell me what you think:

The leafs as off right NOW (these numbers are after rollback):

Sundin $6,840,000

Nolan $5,627,047

Belfour $4,560,000



Klee $1,900,000

Tucker $1,596,000

Stajan $805,600

My Buy Outs & Reasons:

Nolan-Way overpaid; injured; old

Belfour- There’s a better goalie on the market; old

Klee-Under the new agreement he’s going to be over paid; also old

Payroll for Roster Now: $14,979,600

Leafs I would Resign:

Brian Leech($3,000,000)-To good to let go

Gary Roberts($1,500,000)-Heart and Soul of Team

Payroll for Roster Now: $19,479,600

The Leafs Lines would look as follows:

Lw C Rw

Roberts Sundin ?

? ? Tucker

? Stajan ?

Perrott Wellwood ?

Leetch McCabe

Kaberle ?

Colaiacovo ?



Obviously there are a lot of holes in the lineup, these will be primarily be filled with FA’s, Farm Kids (ie: Stajan, Wellwood, Colaiacovo, Tellqvist, Perrott), and maybe a rookie in the upcoming draft (ie: Crosby BTW I am not saying well get him LOL).

Free Agents I would go after:

Adam Foote($3,500,000)-A stud on the defensive side; a huge need filled for Toronto

Markus Naslund($6,000,000)-A sturdy fellow Swede for Sundin to play with

Eric Lindros($500,000)-He’s always wanted to play for leafs;cheap

Nikolia Khabibulin($6,000,000)-A proven goalie; best on the market

Glen Murray($2,500,000)-A rugged player to finish off the top line

Adam Deadmarsh($500,000)-Can be a gamebreaker if in good health; cheap

Brian Rafalski($1,000,000)-Good all around player; two way player

Donald Brasher*($500,000)-cheaper and younger enforcer than Domi

Martin Gelinas($500,000)-a team player;good in playoffs; cheap

* ive heard that Brasher may be bought out?

The Leafs Starting Line up:


Naslund Sundin Murray

Roberts Lindros Tucker

Brasher Stajan Deadmarsh

Perrott Wellwood Gelinas

Leetch Foote

McCabe Kaberle

Rafalski Colaiacovo



Total Roster payroll: $38, 979, 600 (Still under cap)

Well not to bad in my opinion, what do you think?

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  1. habsforever says:

    LINDROS FOR 500 000????? haha RAFALSKI 1 MILLION keep dreaming

  2. NemiNA says:

    Typical leafs fan artile.

  3. flyersfan10897 says:

    what do i think? keep dreaming is what i think. just because the leafs “pursue” a player does not mean they will sign there.

    anyway, i highly doubt khabibulin is going anywhere. but *gasp*, who ever heard of a free agent staying on the same team? i know, its crazy.

    if the devils cant resign neidermayer, there is no way they are letting rafalski go too. besides, he is worth more than 1 million and is better than a 5th defensemen.

  4. wingerxxx says:

    I’m glad that you made the title of this “POSSIBLE starting lineup,” otherwise, I’d really rip into this.

    Lindros won’t sign for anyone for half a mil, even if it’s the Leafs. Not even Deadmarsh will sign for that amount, injuries taken into account. Plus, he’d be useless as a full time third liner. He would need more ice time. Leetch is not a given, to come back. McCabe needs to mature on a 1st pairing anyway, he’s got to improve his defensive play.

    Bottom line, there is simply no way that they are going to acquire that many big names, when the other teams in the league will want them just as badly. Toronto would have to blow Foote away with an offer to get him to leave Colorado. The Leafs need to play their younger players…The days of signing all that you want through free agency is simply not going to happen this easily anymore.

    I could make a fantasy roster like this for the Rangers too, but I won’t. Because I know that it won’t happen. It won’t for the Leafs either. They have some decent younger players, let them mature.

  5. Scott24 says:

    Im a Leaf fan and would love for this to happen but its way too unrealistic.

    This article on thefourthperiod.com talks about how Scott Niedermayer would have no objection uprooting his family from New Jersey and bringing them to Toronto which I would love to see happen.


  6. frezz says:

    i think ur hilarious dude thats never going to happen half the shit u put on here isnt going to happen u would be lucky to get one of the extra players u named… but ur just another leaf fan… not to mention good luck doing ne thing on the trade deadline with ur cap at 39mil unless ur cutting players.

  7. venom21 says:

    I’m a diehard Leaf fan, and even I laughed at how biased this is. There is no way the we would be able to get Naslund, Murray, Lindros, Deadmarsh, Rafalski, Khabibulin, Foote, and Leetch. And defintely not for that amount of money. Sure Lindros might come cheap but not at 500k, that would make him one of the lowest paid players in the league. Raflaski and Murray will also both get much more money than that. Also, I highly doubt Belfour is bought out (even though I think that would be the best option). Nolan is almost a certainty to be bought out, and after that a lot of the same faces as before will be brought back by the Leafs.


    1) Belfour (Ferguson won’t go back on signing him)

    2) Tellqvist (cheap backup, not ready to start)


    1) McCabe

    2) Kaberle

    3) Klee

    4) Colaicovo (dear god, I hope Quinn actually lets him play finally)

    5) Pilar (has potential, can be resigned for cheap)

    6) I think the Leafs will try to get someone like Brendan Witt or Mike Rathje to fill a D spot, or they’ll go back to good ol’ reliable Aki Berg (note the sarcasm). Leetch will not be back in blue and white unfortunately.


    1) Sundin (big contract but there’s no way he is bought out)

    2) Tucker

    3) Stajan

    4) Domi (will not play anywhere else, he’ll be back for cheap)

    5) Niewendyk (wants to play in TO, will take slightly less to stay)

    6) Antropov (hated by most Leaf fans, but he’ll be resigned)

    7) Ponikorovsky (still young, resigned for cheap)

    8) Kilger (showed some promise, he’ll be back)

    9) Lindros (I’m on the fence about this one, could regain his old form playing for home city)

    10) Murray (the only big name signing for the Leafs this offseason)

    11) Mogliny (said he’ll take a major paycut to stay in TO, as long as his injury issues subside)

    12) Wellwood (need to introduce a youngster into this still veteran dominated team)

    Depth Chart:



    McCabe Kaberle

    Klee Rathje

    Colaicovo Pilar

    Mogilny Sundin Murray

    Poni Niewendyk Antropov

    Tucker Lindros Kilger

    Wellwood Stajan Domi

  8. rise_against says:

    Alright i admit Rafalski is under paid but mark my words Lindros will not be paid much more if he plays for the leafs!!!

  9. rise_against says:

    Hey it was fun making it…and i did have to do some research to put it together…and obviously there not all gonna get signed…i was merely showing my thoughts on what i would do as a fan.

  10. Maximus says:

    Personally, I would not spend up to the cap maximum if I was a GM of a team. It gives you little room to operate your team during the season. I am sure some teams will be in the 38 million range, but I think a smart team will try to have a payroll of around 34 million and that gives them 5 million to work with if they want to add players during the season to make a run for the stanley cup.

  11. Scoot says:

    Belfour should stay in net. He’s expensive, but he’s worth it. Even at his age, he’s one of the better goalies in the league – 75% of the teams in the NHL would upgrade with him in net.

    Many people probably find this article far-fetched, but it isn’t really. Toronto has enough money to buy out the entire team and sign whoever wants to play here. I’m not saying that T.O is going to get every free agent they want, but many players would love to play in Toronto. I bet that 95% of the players in the NHL would rather play in a large market where fans care about the game than places like Carolina and Florida where they couldn’t sell out the arenas during The Cup finals.

    Toronto will have a strong team this year.

  12. NYRules says:

    i cant even respond to that

  13. frezz says:

    you make a good point… and i can garuntee you not a single gm will at least not until the trade deadline that is… im sure teams are going to want to have a bit of room to nab some guys at the deadline.

  14. still_fly72 says:

    This thread is retarded, you just stacked the Leafs once again by putting unrealistic salary figures. Murray and Naslund are goal scoring machines and won’t end up on the same team. Foote is one of the best defenceman in the league, Khabibulin is the defending Stanley Cup champion goaltender. No way in hell you’ll sign Rafalski for a million. Murray’s value is probably higher than 2.5 as well.

    Brashear is not a good replacement for Domi, Domi is a team player and Brashear is a team cancer. Deadmarsh is washed up. Lindros is the only one I see going to Toronto.

  15. wheresthesoda says:

    yea i think thats a leafs fan wet dream….never will happen

  16. frezz says:

    anyone has enough money to buy out any team thats why they are owners… i dont see toronto buying out there whole team for the hell of it… and really i mean if your buying a guy out ur paying him 2/3rds of the rest of his contract thats gonna add up to 20mil or so when its all said and done… i mean please if the owners are fighting so hard for a cap what makes you think tehre going to toss 20million bucks away once its done just so there team can be good right away… i think you leaf fans need to face the facts… not saying ur team will suck but its not going to be the best in the league at least not this year dont count on winning a stanley cup anytime soon sorry its just the facts guys.

  17. frezz says:

    thank you finally someone who makes some bloody sense this is what ive been trying to tell all u crazy leaf fans. u know its just not all of you detroit is in the same boat to … if your going to post what you think a team looks like try not to make it a fantasy draft team for christ sakes i mean lets talk some realistic hockey here people.

  18. beefer says:

    I’m not saying they’ll do it, but anything is possible. With the salary cap of $39mil, the Leafs will be spending about $23.5mil less on salaries than they did the last time there was hockey. So the money is there and it won’t cost them any more than it did then. Plus, their profits will be higher since their spending is capped(even though they will have to share revenue) And don’t forget… this chance for buying players out without it counting against the cap is a one time deal. If teams buyout a player in the future it will count against the cap.

  19. frezz says:

    how the hell do u figure they have money to blow you arent paying attention at all my friend.

  20. frezz says:

    yep i mean it would be a dream for detroit colorado toronto philadelphia new york all those teams dont really have a chance of being overly competative i would be suprised to see more then 2 of them make the playoffs

  21. Maximus says:

    I agree with you that most players would play in Toronto over Atlanta or Florida where hockey is somewhat as popular as lawn bowling. However; Toronto simply can no longer throw around money at any player they want. Fans of Toronto, Philly, NYR, and Detroit have to realize that the way teams sign players are going to change. Instead of five teams having any player that they desire, every team will have an oportunity to develop and keep its player. Say, for example, Edmonton wins the draft lottery and signs Sidney Crosby and he goes on to play seven great seasons with Edmonton. He becomes a free agent at 25 and Edmonton offers him 20% of the team budget. I do not think he will jump ship to Toronto or Philadelphia unless he is unhappy with the Oliers organization. I think the best players on each team will stay with their team. It will be the second and third line players that will be jumping teams hoping for more money. Each team will only afford one superstar. The days of the Colorado avs and Detroit Red Wings are over.

  22. NemiNA says:

    I wasn’t ripping it. I was just saying it was typical. If you didn’t put “Possible” in the title, the I would rip it. At least were all thinking of hockey again! At least we’re freindly now! I’m a Flyers fan, so come season time we’ll be at each others throats! I hope you enjoy this free agent season as much as I will. Deadline day every day!

  23. NemiNA says:

    I like that for the most part. The only thing I see wrong is that Niewendyk MIGHT not come back, he may retire. Wasn’t Wellwood a center?

  24. NemiNA says:

    same here, I think philly had a fighting chance though. Their too strong depth wise to not make it in.

  25. werdo says:

    Remember – the new league minimum is $450,000. Those players (4 mentioned at 500k) won’t be playing for the same $$ as the worst rookies in the league.

  26. beefer says:

    First of all, I’m sure the Leafs aren’t one of the teams that was pushing for a salary cap. Its quite obvious they don’t mind spending money. The team salary was about $62.5mil in the ’03-04 season. Now they will be forced to spend no more than $39mil. If they planned to spend what the usually do, they could have $23.5mil to use towards buyouts if the so chose. And as I said, this will be the only year they can buy out players and not have it count against the cap. If they don’t want to have their inflated salaries hurt the team in the future. Hell, I’m not even a Leafs fan, so I don’t care what they do. I just see that if teams are going to buy out players, this is the year to do it.

  27. habs_punk says:

    Alright, I’ve checked this a few times, and not only are the players and salary numbers incredibly unrealistic, but your addition is just plain wrong.

    I’ll give you the benefit of a doubt that after buy-outs and resignings the Leafs payroll will be $19,479,600.

    But after that, you just go off somewhere…

    3.5 (Foote) HA

    6.0 (Naslund) HA

    0.5 (Lindros) maybe, but not for that price

    6.0 (Khabiboulin) HA

    2.5 (Murray) maybe, but not for that price

    0.5 (Deadmarsh) HA

    1.0 (Rafalski) HA

    0.5 (Brashear) HA

    0.5 (Gelinas) HA

    If you add those numbers together, you get $21M, add that to the previous payroll you listed, and you get a total of $40.5M, which is over the cap. Add to that the fact that only Naslund and Khabi will sign for close to what you predicted, and NEITHER will end up in Toronto, and it equals one pretty crappy article.

  28. Kamakaze says:

    Are you kidding? I just finished up in another article about a similar subject. You DO NOT get 5 starts (that is, 5 players that are ACTUALLY ON the teams first pairings). It just does NOT happen.

    You don’t need ANY of those guys.

    A lineup of forwards with Sundin, Roberts, Stajan, Mogilny, and Antropov and checkers like Ponikarovsky, Tucker, Kilger, Wilm, Domi, you DO NOT NEED Lindros, Foote, Naslund, Deadmarsh, Brasher, etc etc…

    I’d say MAYBE a right winger for the first line, perhaps a player like Murry, as I would think a line like Stajan, Mogilny, and perhaps Tucker or Antropov would be pretty nice, while still having Sundin and Roberts as the top two forwards, and capable checkers with Ponikarovsky, Wilm, Domi and Kilger. Throw in some of the younger guys here and there, and your forwards are pretty good so far…

    I’d say with McCabe, Kaberle, Colaiacove and Pilar, you have some room for depth. Leetch, ok.. sure. let’s just IMAGEN he stays on the team, he is a good vet, and apparently can still play. Add a big tough guy back there, nothing fancy, someone in the mold of Cullimore, Matvichuk, Hill, an older guy, who could be tough, a good defenseman as a 6th or 7th man.

    As for the goalies, I don’t know, if Belfour is ok to play, let him split time with Tellqvist, or get a veteran goalie to split time with. You don’t need Khabibulin. Either way you should probably save some money.

    Let’s round out the roster, with the players they have under contract, or were on the team last year, sans any buyouts or guys not returning, let’s say around the area of 31-33 mil. easy…

    Figure Murray will cost about 3mill EASY, and add that d-man for about .5 to about 1mil. You would have an estimated 34-37mil in salary. Below the cap, with some room to wiggle. Also, you have a GREAT lineup on the ice.

    Two top lines of Roberts, Sundin, Murry, Antropov, Stajan and Mogilny, and checkers Kilger, Tucker, Ponikarovsky, Wilm and Domi… with McCabe, Kaberle, Leetch, Colaiacove, Pilar and a tough vet…

    I just fail to see the problem here. You won’t need to score 15 goals a night if you can actually keep the puck out of the net. And with guys like that, you will still have highlight reel goals and hits.

    Then again, I’m a Devil’s fan, so what do I know?

  29. Nolan02 says:

    I agree with the lines you listed for the most part. I think I would throw in Alexander Steen whom they signed a short while ago and also kyle wellwood. It’s time to give Wellwood a chance.

    I think I would throw Wellwood in on the third line with Tucker and Kilger and move Poni down with Domi and Wilm or Steen.

    What do you think?

    Just as long as they don’t sign Belak or Berg

  30. Motherpucker says:

    What do I think?

    I think you’re *****ed in the head.

  31. 92-93 says:

    this plan is too complicated and has too many payroll errors to be taken seriously.

    I’m a leafs fan and I think its cool that this much effort has been taken to construct this kind of line-up. But Lindros, Brashear, Deadmarsh are not players on want on my Leafs squad (keep Domi – he was one of the best players in the 2003-2004 playoffs, get Sullivan or O’Neill or Murray instead).

    Finally, what is it about Lindros that Leafs fans continually want him to play in T.O.? are we living in 1992? I mean, the mere suggestion of Lindros is an embarrasment to Leaf fans everywhere.

    Allison, Allison, Allison!!! (at least his injury isn’t chronic and he does not have the kind of baggage that the Big E has)

    or just bring up Steen and/or Wellwood.

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