Possible starting line up

I heard today on the fan 590 in Toronto that JFJ has been given the ok to cut whoever he wants and replace them with whoever he wants…as long as he stays under the cap of course. To me that’s good news for Toronto. Ill tell you what I think they should do, and please feel free to tell me what you think:

The leafs as off right NOW (these numbers are after rollback):

Sundin $6,840,000

Nolan $5,627,047

Belfour $4,560,000



Klee $1,900,000

Tucker $1,596,000

Stajan $805,600

My Buy Outs & Reasons:

Nolan-Way overpaid; injured; old

Belfour- There’s a better goalie on the market; old

Klee-Under the new agreement he’s going to be over paid; also old

Payroll for Roster Now: $14,979,600

Leafs I would Resign:

Brian Leech($3,000,000)-To good to let go

Gary Roberts($1,500,000)-Heart and Soul of Team

Payroll for Roster Now: $19,479,600

The Leafs Lines would look as follows:

Lw C Rw

Roberts Sundin ?

? ? Tucker

? Stajan ?

Perrott Wellwood ?

Leetch McCabe

Kaberle ?

Colaiacovo ?



Obviously there are a lot of holes in the lineup, these will be primarily be filled with FA’s, Farm Kids (ie: Stajan, Wellwood, Colaiacovo, Tellqvist, Perrott), and maybe a rookie in the upcoming draft (ie: Crosby BTW I am not saying well get him LOL).

Free Agents I would go after:

Adam Foote($3,500,000)-A stud on the defensive side; a huge need filled for Toronto

Markus Naslund($6,000,000)-A sturdy fellow Swede for Sundin to play with

Eric Lindros($500,000)-He’s always wanted to play for leafs;cheap

Nikolia Khabibulin($6,000,000)-A proven goalie; best on the market

Glen Murray($2,500,000)-A rugged player to finish off the top line

Adam Deadmarsh($500,000)-Can be a gamebreaker if in good health; cheap

Brian Rafalski($1,000,000)-Good all around player; two way player

Donald Brasher*($500,000)-cheaper and younger enforcer than Domi

Martin Gelinas($500,000)-a team player;good in playoffs; cheap

* ive heard that Brasher may be bought out?

The Leafs Starting Line up:


Naslund Sundin Murray

Roberts Lindros Tucker

Brasher Stajan Deadmarsh

Perrott Wellwood Gelinas

Leetch Foote

McCabe Kaberle

Rafalski Colaiacovo



Total Roster payroll: $38, 979, 600 (Still under cap)

Well not to bad in my opinion, what do you think?