Post CBA rumors

I’ve been hearing alot of rumors lately. Alot of them are from Eklunds associates, I don’t know if you guys still believe him after February. I do. Any ways. Here it is.

I’m going to try to say the word Leafs as few times as I can, for all you playa hatas. (I just used rap slogans… I can feel my IQ dropping…)

I’ll start in Montreal. Montreal could have some big improvements when hockey comes back. Selanne has been speculated to go there or Phoenix. Selanne would fit in very well with fellow countryman Saku Koivu. If Kovalev comes back though, Selanne will have to look for another home.

The Senators may be looking for a big name too. The Ducks have been trying to dump Federov for a while, and it’s been heavily speculated that the Sens could be looking at him, all things considered, they’re a very European team, and Brian Murray and Sergei Federov are good friends. Murray is after all, the only reason he signed in Anaheim. There is also a rumor going around that Pavol Demitra is looking to rejoin the Sens.

The Leafs have an interesting debacle on D, as it stands, they could have Leetch, or Pronger from what rumors say, they can only really afford them if theres the 24% roll back, which the playerswant off the table in exchange for a year shaved off contracts. Either way I guess, that means Sundins contract is the only one that isn’t expired yet. Or… is it? Can some tell me? Any ways, Pronger has said several times he’s done in St Louis, and Leetch would not want to play in the youth movement Rangers system, and he hates Glen Sather. If the Leafs decide to go after Pronger, Leetch may look for employment in Philadelphia. The Leafs are making major changes because several players will not be re-signed or will be going to Europe to end their careers. They may take risks with players who are very often injured players like Lindros and Allison who will come cheap, so they can get one (or possibly both if their incredibly lucky.) of these former Norris trophy winners.

Joe Thornton rumors continue to swirl. Detroit, New York (R), Florida, and Toronto are believed to be interested. None of those teams sept Florida have cap space though, so my money is on the Panthers if he leaves bean town.

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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Let the Leafy haters be heard.

  2. rojoke says:

    I distinctly remember that there were a couple of players who signed contracts back in the summer of 2003 that had rollover clauses written into them so that if the league lost a full season, then instead of lapsing, that year would be tacked on at the end of the contract. I’m pretty ceratin that both Chris Pronger and Joe Sakic signed deals like this. I just wonder if this is correct, are there any other guys who got the same provisions.

    As far as Montreal is concerned, they could very well be buyers in a wide-open free agent market, and unlike summers previous, could get some players interested in signing with them. Their last two playoff seasons had first round upsets. Their farm system is finally starting to develop some younger players, and they are starting to regain some respect within the league. They still have some holes to fill with regards to size, both on the wings and at the blueline. When you add in a greatly improved exchange rate, they can now afford to go that little bit further in an effort to land that free agent that maybe slipped through the cracks in years past.

    I just don’t see Fedorov playing in Ottawa, not even under Bryan Murray. If Forsberg doesn’t come back to Colorado, although he says he will, you can bet the Avs and Pierre Lacroix will be knocking on his agent’s door. I think the Sens will let Jason Spezza move up another step and maybe finally establish himself as a top line player in the NHL.

    I’d look for Leetch to either stay in Toronto or retire. But the Leafs are going to jump into the free agent market again. Aside from Kyle Wellwood and Carlo Colaiacovo, there’s no one really ready to jump up from the farm team. Colaiacovo has been injured a lot in his two seasons with St. John’s, but when he plays he’s about as good as they get.

    If the Rangers were to sign Joe Thornton, it could move their scheduled rebuilding program ahead by a year. But the question still remains about his temperment and his tendency to take dumb penalties. Also there’s this to consider; the NY media. If you remember in the first round against MontrĂ©al, he was basically shut out in a playoff series the Habs came back to win in 7 games. While he played hurt for much of that series, he did get some heated criticism from Boston writers for his poor showing. And this was the team that drafted him and developed him into one of the top power forwards in the game today. Can you imagine if he had a similar situation in NY? They’ll chew him up, spit him out, then puke all over him afterwards. The only way he could avoid that type of criticism is if he were to win a Cup for them straight out of the box. And they don’t have the tools in the box to pull that off again.

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I’d have to agree on most parts. But there is also a possiblity that the owners came up with, that instead of the 24% roll back, contracts would shave off a year, that would save the Leafs, and give a possibility for Pronger. Pronger and the Blues may decide to waive that clause because he is tired of getting his hopes up every year and then getting knocked out early… so… why does he want to be a Leaf?

  4. briseboisfan43 says:

    Montreal sounds like they are ready to make a big move in the FA pool for once. After acquiring Kovalev and Bonk, Gainey showed he is not scared of adding big names to the team. Selanne was supposed to join Montreal last off-season but he went to re-join former teammate Paul Kariya in Colorado (can you blame him?). It makes sense that Selanne would go to play with fellow Fin Saku Koivu in Montreal but the Habs will not dish out the $6 Million he made in Colorado. Neither will the Avs, so I doubt Kariya and Selanne will ever be playing together again.

    I doubt that Ottawa will be seeing Fedorov wear one of their jerseys even though the Murray-Fedorov connection makes sense… the Senators would have to give up a lot to get him. If this was thru free agency, they just don’t have the money.

    Interesting article, a good read but Leetch has played with the Rangers for 17 seasons (minus 15 games with the Leafs) so how do you figure he hates being in New York?

    I think he will return there because it looks like the Leafs just used him as a rental although he did play some fine hockey in T.O., they would be stupid to let him go but I guess they can’t afford him anymore. Philly does sound like a place he would go to…

    Florida is a low-profile team, and I don’t think they have a whole lot of money, but Joe at $5 M is worth it if you have similar young players on your team. This could make the next Cinderella team. But I believe strongly that Joe will stay in Boston. The Bruins have less than 10 players under contract and are ready to start fresh. Thornton should be at the top of their priority list but it’s all a question of IF Thornton does want to continue to play in Boston.

  5. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Joe’s mad at how the Boston media treated him in the playoffs. They really trashed him, but he had a bad rib injury he was carrying.

    It’s not that Leetch wouldn’t want to play in New York, it’s that he wouldn’t fit in with the youth movement, and him and Glen Sather hate each other.

    I’m actually incredibley shocked that people are not really ripping my article. Is it because I used less massive Leaf fan propeganda?

  6. therapist says:

    Maybe you try to be hated too much.

  7. TheCoach says:

    Federov will not play in Ottawa. I repeat. Federov will not play in Ottawa.

    The Senators will have to re-sign Hossa and Havlat, and with Redden, Chara and Alfredsson all making over 4 million, there will be no room for Federov. Hossa will make in the same range as Alfie, and Havlat will make around 3 million. There will be no room.

    Ottawa will likely go with a similiar roster, with maybe a depth addition via free agency and prospects will come in. I could see them trading a guy like Smolinski to shed some salary, as it appears as if a guy like Chris Kelly, Brandon Bochenski or Patrick Eaves will be ready to play a 4th line role. And with Vermette playing on the top 3 lines, Smolinski could be a nice cash save. They need it to re-sign Hossa and Havlat. I think Spezza will make the step to the top line.

    So no Federov.

  8. NYRules says:

    I just want to see selanne do good again and i think MTL would be good for him. Also i could see him and Kariya goin back to ANA cheap and playin with fedz. I wouldnt mind seeing that either, i like all 3 of them and they coculd be one nasty line.

    I think Selanne would be most successful in MTL tho i dont know why i just see him there, maybe its being close….er… to winnipeg where he was unstoppable

  9. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Ottawa is very similar to Toronto in alot of ways. Federov may decide to play for cheaper then he ussually would because Sens fans are so hockey crazy, and he’ll get to play with guys with with his style of play. Then again, the guys already got 3 cups and a hart trophy, it could be thought that he’s got his glory and crap, end his career for money. There are alot of things pushing Federov to the Sens.

  10. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    To anyone wondering why I mentioned once or twice the possibility of Federov going for a lower price when his contract is still on with the Ducks… Federov has a walk out clause for after the second year. Though if he breaks out of it to get money… he’s sadly mistaken.

  11. ranger_fan says:

    Eklund still exists. I told everyone in February it was a bunch of **it. I was correct. For the sake of seeing whats new, a deal this week? Was he serious. They are still miles away.

    Thornton isnt going anywhere unless its a deal that lands them Sidney, who missed the combine!

    Leetchy will most likely be in NY. NY isnt doing a youth movement. The did sign before the CBA expired Nylander and Weekes. They still want to win, so Leetch would be welcomed back, just like Richter and Graves were the night #35 was raised.

    I don’t really know the Sens. The risked nothing getting Hasek. I don’t know if the new owner will spend money or not. I really don’t know what is in store for the Sens. I would be shocked if Gainey didnt resign Alexei Kovalev. Alex cant be a great player when he gets out of NY.

    Selanne is washed up. Therefore he would be good in Toronto or Detroit.

  12. mikster says:

    I am not too sure about the Canadiens wanting Selanne. He is old and I think he lost his scoring touch as well. Maybe with Koivu he could do well, but i think they rather stay with Kovalev.

    Senators should look to get a goalie, and I think a possible candidate may end up being Khabibulin. Forget the offense, they have offense and solid defense. They need a goaltender, badly.

    Fedorov can end up going anywhere really, and i would not be surprised if the Devils, Stars, and Blues (if they let Demitra go) end up making offers for him.

    Pronger is not going to the Leafs. This happens every year where the Leafs could get a big name star and they never end up getting that player. Their biggest signing in the UFA market was Eddie Belfour in the past couple of years.

    I think they can try to keep Leetch (after giving up a handful for him), but Leetch may also be interested in returning to the Big Apple or the Blues may end up making an offer (goodbye MacInnis).

    As for Big Joe. Detroit may be an option, NYR not going to happen. Florida can try but it will cost them too much young talent and they don’t have the finances to keep Thornton.

    Toronto, once again…..not gonna happen.

  13. TheCoach says:

    I don’t think they are miles away. I really think they are a football field or two away.

    Eklund isn’t the only one reporting this. Even TSN and Sportsnet are saying a deal is close.

    Here’s a quote from Bob McKenzie: “Could a deal be struck tomorrow? Perhaps. Could it take a couple more weeks? Perhaps. Could it all still blow up? Perhaps.”

    Even Brian Burke said that he thinks it’ll be done by July 1st.

  14. mikster says:

    Not doing a youth movement????

    I know it’s not a complete youth movement, but it very well is a youth movement when you trade away veterans for prospects and draft picks.

    Not to mention the most likely scenario that Moore, Murray, Tyutin and Kondriatev will play, maybe even other younger players.

    They signed Weekes because you need goaltending, and he was just a “back up plan” in case there was a season and in case that Dunham still stunk, or got injured, and LaBarbera was not ready to play in the NHL.

    Nylander was a logical acquisition because of Jagr.

    Of course they still want to win. What kind of mentality is it for a team NOT to win, unless you are the Caps or Pens battling to get 1st overall.

  15. TheCoach says:

    I really think Kovalev will go back to Montreal. I don’t think Selanne is the player that Kovalev is, and if the Canadiens make an offer to anyone, it should be him.

    Once again, I don’t see Federov going to Ottawa. The Senators are prepared to go with Spezza as the top center, and need to re-sign Hossa and Havlat. Unless Federov will take a very small contract, which I don’t see happening because he already has 3 cups. If he wants 3-5 million dollars, Ottawa will not pay him. They have bigger problems than a center. If they’re going to dish out one more big contract, it’ll be to a LWer or a goalie.

    Even with a rollback, I can’t see the Leafs affording Pronger. He’ll still demand in the 5-7 million range, and with Sundin at 8, Belfour at 7, etc, I can’t see the Leafs going for it. Toronto would be better of putting that money towards inexpensive players and building a good team, not just getting a good player.

    Joe Thornto will stay in Boston. The Bruins have the money, the cap room, and the control. Unless the get the #1 pick, he won’t be traded.

  16. TheCoach says:

    Crosby will play đŸ™‚

  17. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I heard salane didn’t even play this year and that he is a shaddow of his former self. His numbers on a LOADED CO team last year show that distrubing trend.

  18. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    The Flyers have some interesting decisions to make. They have a BUNCH of kids that look like or are REALLY ready to play. Pitkanen, sidenberg and Nittymaki are READY. That fills holes from guys like Ragnarson (retired) and maybe Timander? Nittymaki makes the need for Sean Burke about zero. Burke was HIGHLY valuable in working with Esche in terms of shaping him up to be a #1 goalie in the NHL.

    I would find it hard to belive Jeff Carter and Mike Richards won’t be playing on the Flyers next year. Will there be room for an RJ Umberger? Who knows?

    Players like Amonte, LeClair and Burke will be getting whatever is left of their contracts bought out. So an “have” team like the Flyers can take advantage of the repriced NHL talent. I highly doubt the $$$ from those old contracts will go towards any cap.

    This leaves the Flyers pretty loaded with kids who make very little which is a good thing. A rumor that wont seem to die is Paul Kariya to the Flyers. He seems a bit soft for the Bullies but perhaps this is going to be a new kind of game? If what I predict comes true – they will have the money for Karyia and one or two others without blowing the budget. Don’t be suprised if they pick up Brian Leetch if he is avalable. They wanted him 2 seasons ago. They wanted him at the trading deadline and he would be GREAT to help with Sidenberg and Pitkanen not that Desjardin isn’t a good teacher but you can see how that kind of influence for a year wouldn’t hurt at all.

  19. mojo19 says:

    Sounds like you really don’t have much faith in Joe Thornton. He’s pretty much the best player in the game. Boston media/fans were wrong to have treated him the way they did, and you are wrong also.

  20. therapist says:

    The Sens already have Hasek (although you probably know that) he isn’t that washed up. He won a cup with the old Red Wings and he’s in pretty good shape for his age. Give him a chance…

    But where do you come up with Khabibulin to Ottawa? First, why would Tampa ever let go of this guy who just won them the cup? He would of made $6.5 Million with Tampa this year so how do you figure the Sens would get their hands on him?

    Fedorov would of made $6 Million with his current contract with the Ducks this season… I don’t think he wants any less than what he is currently making which is why you could say the Ducks are “stuck with him” if they don’t want him.

  21. mikster says:

    Haha, well if they get him. I say it’s either Rangers, Hawks, Sabres, B’Jacks, LA.

  22. mikster says:

    Hasek is washed up, he is getting older. He took a full year off the NHL, came back from retirement to humiliate CuJo in an unclassy manner, he got injured a bunch of times. The guy has a groin issue.

    He missed another year now. There is not way that i see this guy play more than 45 games. I think his contract expired as well, and he is once again mulling retirement.

    Khabi’s option was exercised, so after July he is either a RFA or UFA depending on the CBA.

    Tampa doesn’t like to give too much money away, and Khabi is known for his greedy holdouts.

    With Hasek leaving the Sens, it opens up room for them to make a pitch at Khabi.

    Either way, the Sens need a reliable goalie, and they have none of that right now.

  23. mikster says:

    Flyers have good youth that is ready, but they can’t throw them out on the team and make them play. The Flyers still need a real Cup run and Clarke has to do it.

    So, do not expect too many young players on the Flyers.

    Kariya would only go to Toronto is he thinks about heading East, if not he is staying West and either returning with the Avs, or signing with the Nucks, Blues, or Wings.

    I can see the Flyers trying to pick up Leetch since Hitchcok would love to get the guy. The Devils also wanted him last season, and if they somehow end up losing Neidermeyer, then they will do everything to get Leetch, but i doubt Leetch would want Rangers fans to hate him.

    So…expect Leetch to go to NYR, stay in Toronto, or go to Dallas or Blues.

    Also, the Flyers need a centre, since Roenick may think about retirement still.

  24. rojoke says:

    I never claimed to be Thornton fan or a Bruins fan. He is one of the top power forwards in the game, and he is the most important player on the Bruins roster over the past three years or more. He played great in the Worlds, but that’s a short tournament. He still gets easily frustrated and takes bad penalties, ones that could, and have, cost his team wins. He was injured during the last playoff round in 2003, and he did get treated unfairly by certain members of the media. I think that if he was better able to control himself and be more disciplined, he’d be that much more of a threat on the ice.

  25. hockeyhead says:

    joe thornton rumors????????????????????????????

    simply put…..NO.

    where did you hear joe thornton rumors???????the media trashed him?????i don’t think so. new england media is like listening to the weather report. you listen but you don’t believe it.

  26. nordiques100 says:

    i think he was purposely trying to get under your skin and it worked apparently.

  27. habsoverserver says:

    I agree with you on Selanne.

    Montreal would like to re-sign Kovalev at an

    affordable price. Selanne is that he is one year closer to retirement and the Habs prospects are one year closer to the NHL. How much is anyone willing to pay for 15 even strength goals from a first line wing past his prime?

    And as I said a while ago – Bonk will score maybe a dozen goals in Montreal. Dumb signing.

  28. hockeyhead says:

    yes, that would be true….but if he did hear a rumor like that i would like to know where it is coming from because it sounds pretty outrageous.

  29. ranger_fan says:

    Yes, I did state they werent doing a youth movement, obviously they are, but it isnt completely youth. I think Leetch could very well sign back in NY. Remember when his rights were traded to Edmonton, and he didnt get a deal until August or so, but Slats was in no rush, and did get him for 2 years.

  30. nordiques100 says:

    well Mats Sundin sold his house in the Toronto area so that may start the sundin out of toronto rumours even though that would clearly not be true.

    it is little things like the media slamming joe that people turn that into big rumours.

  31. nordiques100 says:

    hasnt really been mentioned anywhere but what if the Canucks lose Naslund? They could replace him with Kariya. it wouldnt be too big of a drop off in talent.

    It is doubtful that Kariya will go to Philly. hell if the flyers have money to spend then why not mike modano? he does have a successful history with hitch. not that he would leave dallas or anything but….

    not really sure where naslund would go. i mean he simply may be too expensive for any of the high priced teams to afford. and he has done nothing in the playoffs. he does have one thing going for him. he is the posterchild for the greedy self centred player. just ask moore.

    the habs would be best served to get some more big body players and to bring back kovalev. the soft selanne wont do.

    dont at all think the sens will go for Feds but they will get a centre. one who can check and win faceoffs. though bonk wasnt that great he does need to be replaced. they do need a veteran to play behind spezza. but they will first spend money on a goalie.

    i dont think leetch wants to be the next paul coffey at the end of a career and play for like 6 teams in 2 years. coffey after edm and pitt went to det, car, phi, chi. among others. leetch will stay a leaf or go back to the rangers. his choice will be for family reasons.

    leafs need blueline help, some scoring forwards and a good backup goalie . they may not grab all or any of the top talent but may be able to pick up some of the 2nd tier talent out there. they may plug in lots of kids like they did in Quinn’s first year. they pretty much threw in a few no names back then like mike johnson and tomas kaberle and eventually exceeded expectations. they may hope the same holds true this time around.

    Thornton will go nowhere. the media is not going to dictate anything the Bs do. Sinden isnt stupid. he wont get rid of the franchise.

  32. hockeyhead says:

    i wouldnt put anything into it……toronto, detroit, florida and rangers are believed to be interested.

    if joe was on the market…wouldnt every team in the league be interested????

    he is the best player out there and he is only getting better.

  33. PayUpSucka says:

    “Selanne is washed up, therefore he would be good in to or det”

    Who gave this clown his own button? Take a look at that garbage you call the rangers, they’re all about signing old geezers as well fella. At least our geezers produce and make the playoffs once a decade.

    As for Eklund, the guy does exist, he’s on every major hockey radio show, and provides updates for fans daily and you rip him for trying to provide fans with some lockout insight? You’re a class act all the way bro, keep up the good work.

  34. ranger_fan says:


    You are telling me Selanne can do someone close to what he did as a Jet or as a Duck!?

    Yes, the Rangers have done wrong, but I am a true fan. Its not who wears the jersey, but what logo is on it. Last check, NY had gone a year without signing an old geezer, actually Messier, and Gretzky fall under that one. Holik isnt too old, Jagr wasnt signed… I suppose we could bring in Kirk McLean and Guy Hebert, but that was because Richter went down.

    The Leafs and Wings still look to be bringing in Vets though, and thats why I mentioned them. Marchment and Leetch for Toronto, and basically the whole Detroit team is around 38 years old, with about 3 exceptions.

    Eklund does exist, but he is doing nothing but Libel and Slander. Paying him $10 for hope is like going to church and paying the tithe. You pray for something.

    I’ll try to keep up the work. My own button is something that I don’t like to mention. It is used almost as much as the 2003 draft day rumors one. Any thoughts of ideas. The only thing I have debated that doesn’t deal with the Rangers is That Orr was the most blessed player ever, with skills, not knees of course.

  35. PayUpSucka says:

    I agree Selanne is washed up, seems like yesterday he was breaking the rookie scoring records. Were getting old fella.

    The rags will be fine, just going to take a while for that youth to mature, then hopefully slats will keep them around long enough to watch them win.

    Ek is relief from no hockey on the tube, he’s just a fan with a little more access than us. His sources are viable though, I hear him as a guest on sports radio shows, he has an inside scoop but no more than MacKenzie on TSN.

    Orr is the most talented player ever, had those knees held up who knows how high those career totals would have gone. Wish I had gotten to see him play.

    And I guess you can’t really put any articles out until we get the word on the lockout ending, I think leafy’s covered just about everything from jersey colors, to rinkrats, haha.

  36. ranger_fan says:

    I’m still skeptical on Sather. He did very well at the deadline, no doubt about it, but I just dont see him getting a lot of sucess. I think its hard for any GM in NY. You are basically a puppet thanks to Dolan. I actually hate Dolan now, because I am first a Jets fan, and he is really tieing up the new stadium proposal.

  37. SabresAreCool says:

    i completely agree……why would ottawa want to acquire Federov when they have Vermette and Spezza ready to blow up in the nhl?????? There were rumors at the last trade deadline that alfredsson might not be with ottawa anymore…..they are really deep on right wing when you got havlat on the third line. who is ottawa’s goalie for the upcoming season???? Prusek??? HAsek?? (didn’t he re-retire cause of the lock-out??) or Emery???

    If you ask me The sens could use a goalie like BIron or Noronen….maybe with the Muckler connection

  38. SabresAreCool says:

    thank you for seeing it like it really is…..Nobody is going to the Leafs because even with the roll-back they will be over or at the cap. I agree with your assesment on ottawa.

  39. SabresAreCool says:

    with carter and richards making the team will philly even have a roster spot for another player????? if a buy-out doesn’t count towards the cap then philly maybe could get one player like leetch, because he would probably play for real cheap for a team he wants to be on….but i don’t envision them signing more than one player

  40. SabresAreCool says:

    Leafy we love to hate you but i’m glad you’re here….it feels good to talk about free agents again.

    Thronton will stay in boston….99% positive unless a crosby deal involves him…boston will continue to build around him.

    Montreal will get a top-line winger…if they can’t resign kovalev, selanne would make fans happy, even though he’s lost some of his finish. they could also try to get a player like palffy or demitra but that’s just a guess

    No way the sens get federov….vermette and spezza will be on the team next season…they need a goalie

    LEafy, leafy, leafy…..absolutely no way in hell, that pronger will go to the leafs. they are over any cap that will be put in….they have kaberle, and mccabe, with coliacovo coming up…..let the leafs bring up the young guns like steen, wellwood and coliacovo, and try to resign leetch(on the cheap) and acquire a young back-up goalie…

    the greatest positive of a cap will be the end of all the high-priced stars to the leafs, red wings, and colorado, rumors. but every rumor will send someone to NYR because of the youth movement with all the cap space.

  41. nordiques100 says:

    actually the rangers with holik and jagr have 20 million tied to two players alone. add in the overpaid kasparitius and nylander and there is about 28 million tied to 4 players. say a cap at 40 million then how will the rangers pay for the remaining 16 players with just about 10 million to work with?

  42. ranger_fan says:

    Holik is 9 or 9.5 depending the way it was structured, and we only pay 6 for Jagr. If a cap happens, it should be a 5 million dollar cap penalty on the caps.

  43. ranger_fan says:

    when people were rumored to NY, lots of times they were true, unlike Kariya, Kovalev, and every other vetran to toronto.

  44. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I feel wanted… thanks…

  45. SabresAreCool says:

    ok then lets officially begin the star defenseman to Buffalo rumors….they should have cap room and definately need a stud defenseman….they also need to deal a goalie

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