Post CBA rumors

I’ve been hearing alot of rumors lately. Alot of them are from Eklunds associates, I don’t know if you guys still believe him after February. I do. Any ways. Here it is.

I’m going to try to say the word Leafs as few times as I can, for all you playa hatas. (I just used rap slogans… I can feel my IQ dropping…)

I’ll start in Montreal. Montreal could have some big improvements when hockey comes back. Selanne has been speculated to go there or Phoenix. Selanne would fit in very well with fellow countryman Saku Koivu. If Kovalev comes back though, Selanne will have to look for another home.

The Senators may be looking for a big name too. The Ducks have been trying to dump Federov for a while, and it’s been heavily speculated that the Sens could be looking at him, all things considered, they’re a very European team, and Brian Murray and Sergei Federov are good friends. Murray is after all, the only reason he signed in Anaheim. There is also a rumor going around that Pavol Demitra is looking to rejoin the Sens.

The Leafs have an interesting debacle on D, as it stands, they could have Leetch, or Pronger from what rumors say, they can only really afford them if theres the 24% roll back, which the playerswant off the table in exchange for a year shaved off contracts. Either way I guess, that means Sundins contract is the only one that isn’t expired yet. Or… is it? Can some tell me? Any ways, Pronger has said several times he’s done in St Louis, and Leetch would not want to play in the youth movement Rangers system, and he hates Glen Sather. If the Leafs decide to go after Pronger, Leetch may look for employment in Philadelphia. The Leafs are making major changes because several players will not be re-signed or will be going to Europe to end their careers. They may take risks with players who are very often injured players like Lindros and Allison who will come cheap, so they can get one (or possibly both if their incredibly lucky.) of these former Norris trophy winners.

Joe Thornton rumors continue to swirl. Detroit, New York (R), Florida, and Toronto are believed to be interested. None of those teams sept Florida have cap space though, so my money is on the Panthers if he leaves bean town.