Potential Bruins' trade targets

Tuomo Ruutu – The roughneck forward is exactly the kind of skill/sandpaper player the Bruins love for their third line roles, and he’d fit in perfectly with Chris Kelly and Rich Peverley. The Bruins are interested in Ruutu and have several former Hurricanes players on the B’s that have given their recommendation on the scrappy Finn. Unfortunately two major stumbling blocks stand in the way: it appears Carolina is going to sign him to an extension just as they’d done with Tim Gleason. The price for Ruutu is a first-round pick plus some kind of prospect.

Ray Whitney – the crafty forward has been in Boston’s sights before at the trade deadline, but he seems to be a veteran intent on carefully picking his landing spot. Who can forget the Los Angeles Kings trade that was blown up because Whitney started demanding a three-year extension before agreeing to go there? Whitney is still a crafty playmaker and a guy that could certainly give the Bruins an offensive shot in the arm, but he’s got some very serious no-trade provisions that would have to be worked through. He’s also proven in the past that he’ll attempt to leverage any potential deadline deals into something financially beneficial for him as well. The Bruins wouldn’t be looking to make any contract guarantees until they see what kind of fit an impending free agent like Whitney would be with their team. Indications are that San Jose and the New York Rangers are also interested, but the Coyotes are also right in the thick of a playoff spot in the Western Conference. Whitney won’t move as long as the Desert Dogs have a chance at the postseason. A pick and/or a prospect would be the going rate for Whitney as it was two years ago.

Shane Doan – The Coyotes Captain’s name has been kicked around as available given the possibility that Phoenix could be relocated to Seattle – or some other willing NHL wannabee market next year – but don’t bet on Doan going anywhere. Doan will want to ride off into the sunset with the Coyotes franchise, and once again no move is going to be made as long as Phoenix is perilously close to the playoff bubble.

Jeff Carter/Rick Nash – The Bruins have had scouts at the Blue Jackets home games and presumably it’s because they are one of the few franchises that will undoubtedly be sellers at the trade deadline. The B’s have discussed Jeff Carter in the past dating back to a one-for-one trade possibility for Phil Kessel back when both players were just starting out, and Nash is obviously a special player that would require a high cost in players and picks. Either player would require the Bruins to move an affordable young asset on their team or a prospect/pick package that would hurt (Dougie Hamilton) the long-term health of the franchise.

Ryan Smyth – the blood-and-guts Edmonton Oilers forward is the exact kind of veteran presence that could give the Bruins a facsimile of the skill set and net-front presence that Mark Recchi brought to the table. Smyth is said to be hesitant to waive his no-trade clause this month, but the Bruins are definitely interested in the aging hockey player. It would likely cost the Bruins a high draft pick to bring on Smyth, who also commands a cap hit over $6 million.

Jarome Iginla – the Flames Captain has a no-trade clause and says he’s sticking it out with the Calgary Flames. Iginla would fit in perfectly with the Bruins temperament and style if he did decide to relocate anywhere for a playoff push, and came away impressed with Zdeno Chara’s leadership skills after the defenseman barked at the Flames superstar during the third period the NHL All-Star game. Iginla would cost the Bruins a first-round pick and a talented young player if he were available and it truly appears that he’s staying put in Calgary.


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  1. Boston_Bruins says:

    "…and [Iginla] came away impressed with Zdeno Chara’s leadership skills after the defenseman barked at the Flames superstar during the third period the NHL All-Star game."

    I'm surprised no d-men are mentioned as that's the first priority to add some depth back there. Although Horton's injury adds some uncertainty upfront. I've been saying Ruutu or Whitney forever now, and my opinion hasn't changed.
  2. 93killer93 says:

    I want the opinion of a bruins fan.  Seeing how the Oilers need defence, how would you feel about a trade based around

    Hamilton, 1st
    Hemsky, Whitney
    You guys get a boston native and solid defenceman in Whitney who is still relatively young. And Krejci gets one of his line mates from the olympics in Hemsky. 
  3. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I agree…Hell, even make a pitch for Selanne. Chiarelli type players.

  4. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Would be cheaper for Boston to go Whitney or Ruutu. As well, they are probbly looking for more firepower on the third-line.

  5. reinjosh says:

    Since I don't think a big trade is going to happen, I'd like Burke to be relatively quiet going past the deadline.

    I really only want him to target David Jones, a guy with good size, a decent scoring touch and who knows how to play in front of the net. I don't want any part of Dustin Penner, his attitude and work ethic is terrible.
    Have Army play on the 4th line with Brown and Steckel making an awesome energy line, Boyce or Crabb playing 13th man, Connolly/Jones/Lombardi (although I'd like to see Kadri playing in the place of Lombardi) playing third line, top two lines stay the same.
    Play three offensive lines deep, one energy line and go forward with that setup. 
  6. reinjosh says:

    I'd like to see them go after Whitney. I feel like he would be a perfect fit. Ruutu sounds like he's going to reup with Carolina so he's probably off teh market.

    Whitney I think is the best option. Add some scoring, add some leadership. Only issue is Phoenix is making things difficult for teams enquiring about him or Doan, by winning and being in a playoff spot. No chance either moves if they have a decent shot at playoff revenue. 
    I'm not sure Whitney would come cheaply though, as everyone keeps suggesting. The guys on pace for an 70 point season. He's going to be costly. 
  7. reinjosh says:

    Hamilton is going no where. He's the slick puck moving dman they have been searching for forever and with the way teh team is going, they have no reason to move him for two injury prone players.

    Why not wait a year or two and have Hamilton be a part of the core. They just won the cup, no reason to sell off the future for another shot (which they by all accounts have anyways).
    They have other assets they can use like Caron, their 1st, Spooner, Knight. I'd move all of them over Hamilton. 
  8. TheLeafNation91 says:

    So, Phaneuf and Kadri have excellent attitudes? Their are tons of players like that.

    Why not take a risk on Penner, it will be relatively cheap and he's only signed until the end of the year.

    And Colorado will not give up Jones, and if they do, he will cost more than Penner.

  9. reinjosh says:

    Have you ever actually listened or read a Kadri interview? The attitude he has is completely different from the moronic ideas the media has created and idiots have listened too.

    And *****y is fine as long as you can back it up. Penner is lazy and I want no part of a lazy player. It's bad form.
    Jones has only once scored more than 20 goals. His value can't be that much more. And he's signed just as long as Penner. Penner is a lazy bum. 
  10. albertateams says:

    Jones is a nice option and could be available. Colorado has 3 forwards signed for next year and will need to sign Duchene and O'Rielly, so maybe Jones is moved before he becomes a UFA. If the Avalanche remain in the playoff hunt they probably won't move him. 

  11. reinjosh says:

    This is probably true. There seems to be a lot of that. The guys with the most potential to move aren't likely to since so many teams are still fighting for a spot.

    Maybe we see some more Johnson-Stewart type swaps this year though. Teams more willing ot move young guys signed long term if they can fix a major weakness.
  12. JoelLeafs says:

    Standings are too close. Deadline needs to be postponed for a few weeks. 😛

    Also, is MTL in the race now? lol
  13. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Eklund's predictions were pretty much correct…Except for number 1, he missed on that one by a mile. Sigh.


  14. 93killer93 says:

    Never thought i'd say this but, in Eklund's defence I don't think anyone could have predicted Kulemin dropping that much statistically.  

  15. 93killer93 says:

    As per Eklund, Toronto's top target is Nash but they are also extremely interested in trading for Schenn. And Boston could bring in Jason Blake.

    On another note, an interesting read about Nashville. If they can get Radulov back this season and add a guy like Carter, they could become a legitimate contender.
  16. reinjosh says:

    Maybe not that much but many different statistical analysis guys were saying last season wasn't sustainable and basing it on his shot percentage. 

    Its more than likely he's not a 30 goal guy. Some of us were wrong. But he didn't los the rest of his game. It's still there and it still fits on the second line. 
  17. reinjosh says:

    I think they could become a major contender with just Radulov. 

    They already have one of the best goalies in the league, right their with Lundqvist. They have possibly the top defensive pairing in the league in Weber/Suter, and they have a pretty potent offense for having only one player over 40 points (and he's at number 50 in league scoring). 
    Nashville is still an underrated team. Adding a potential gamebreaking forward could actually be enough to make they a legitimate contender. 
  18. 93killer93 says:

    I think Radulov is iffy. If he comes in and performs he makes them a contender but they could still use some scoring especially if they're going up against a team like detroit.  

  19. reinjosh says:

    Adding Radulov puts them on equal footing with a team like Detroit. You add his 20 or so odd goals (and thats assuming his game hasn't grown since he left the NHL), and they are even in goals for. 

  20. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Okay, we all kind of figured it would be hard to repeat that feat.

    However, the only issue I have with this comment is you justifying his low production numbers saying it was expected…Yeah, it was expected, but it was also expected that he would atleast hit 15-20 minimum.

    I would take a 20 goal season from him any day, any season…does not need to be 30…It just cannot be under 10.

  21. reinjosh says:

    I wasn't justifying nor explicitly saying it was ok. I even said I was wrong.

  22. NonLeafFansAreGay says:
    Wilson is an idiot.

    Instead of shuffling the lines he should be devising a way this team can break the trap. They were incapable of mounting any offense against it against the Jets and the Habs. When Philly finally clued in and started playing it in the late 2nd early 3rd of the game last week the Leafs were also powerless to do anything about it.

    The book on the Leafs is out. Crowd the defense or the forwards in the defensive zone and make them make a, usually poor, pass out of their zone. If you can't do that back off to mid way between your blue and the red line and keep them to the sidewalls. Once they cross the blue line do not give them more than a few feet of skating room. They are either too small, too scared or both to take the puck to the net right now.

    If I'm Sutter and Renney I'm having my team watch the tapes from the Jets and Habs game, you need very little talent to shut the Leafs down right now, you just need to play the proper system.

  23. KingCanada says:

    Some of these targets are optimistic at best…

    Boston doesnt have their 2nd or 4th rounder this year, their 1st will be 25th-30th because they will win the division.  They have no one on the farm and the only solid prospect is Dougie Hamilton which Im sure they want to keep!

    Might be able to pickup Whitney or Smyth for maybe their 1st rounder this year and a mid rounder 2013 but thats about it…Unless you add Hamilton, then options open a little of course but thats a mistake if you ask me.

  24. dumbassdoorman says:

    Ya I think the Bruins could cause themselves some long term problems if they trade away too much more in terms of picks. That is of course unless they plan on trading away assets to recoupe after making another run. And I guess if you feel you can you always go for it, right?

  25. KingCanada says:

    Well if Horton can come back from the concussions then I dont see why they dont take another stab at winning 2 in a row.  But still I would keep Hamilton at all costs and move the picks instead! 

    I dont think Chara plays his entire contract so someone will have to replace him in the next 3-4 years.

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