Pronger to the Blues?

Although not directly sourced (in a link, it’s in a video, Making the List) it is believed that Darren Dreger of is reporting that the St. Louis Blues are interested in making a deal to reacquire Chris Pronger.

HTR believes that a return to ST. Louis for Pronger would be great for the Blues organization and fans. Pronger was traded for financial reason several years ago and the fans in St. Louis adore Pronger. One of the potential holdups is that the Blues and Ducks are in a tight playoff race and are in competition with one another which leads HTR to believe that a trade to an Eastern Conference team is more likely.

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  1. futurebruin says:

    this is gettin awfully confusing..earlier there was an article saying that anaheim and boston agreed in principle to trade pronger to your saying he could go to st louis..somebody please clarify for me

  2. cam7777 says:

    he will stay in anaheim.  perhaps bob murray is just allowing these rumors to swirl in order to help his old friend Brian Burke raise the stakes for Kaberle's potential trade…

  3. mojo19 says:

    What would really help Burke is if Pronger is traded. Say Pronger goes to Boston or New Jersey (both linked to him), and Bouwmeester is taken off the market. How valuable is Kaberle now? If New Jersey got Pronger, Boston would probably make a pitch for Kaberle, and Philly probably would too (especially if Jay-bo is not available since hes linked to Philly).

    Bidding war like crazy. And if Burke doesn't get the offers hes looking for for Kaberle, I bet Kubina could still be moved for more than he's worth.

  4. futurebruin says:

    ya okay. hes gonna be traded but the big question is is it to boston, st louis or someone we havent heard about yet

  5. Kramer says:

    The NHL trade deadline should be a national holiday and all businesses should be closed.  Nobody's able to watch it on TV cuz everybody's working.

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