Prospal Signing With Atlanta or Anaheim

It is being reported by TSN (, that unrestricted free agent forward Vaclav Prospal has accepted a deal with either the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, or the Atlanta Thrashers. The deal is reported to be for 5 years and worth between 20 to 25 million dollars.Prospal played a major role in Tampa Bay this season, leading the team in points with 79, one more than Vincent Lecavalier. Prospal was traded to Tampa in 2001 by the Florida Panthers, since coming to Tampa he has blossomed into a good playmaker.

My take: I think Vaclav will likely sign with Anaheim, at this point they are more desperate to get a flashy forward than Atlanta. Although Atlanta is close to losing Kozlov, they did not lose a fan favourite like Anaheim did. The Ducks needed to sign a player like Prospal to help ease the pain felt from the loss of Paul Kariya.

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  1. Sands says:

    If this does happen… will this not allow the Ducks to sign Fedorov? thats some money they won’t be able to use and sign Fedorov….. so…. then who’s the most likly team Fedorov is going to….. Cause it was the Ducks for a while…… this will lead to a few interesting things…. let’s see what happenes….

    o and by the way Prospal is a good fit with the ?Ducks…. he should play well there… and if it’s with Atlanta they are really helping out the second like…. and will help them not just be a one line team.

  2. cwthrash says:

    If Waddell is holding firm on the Kozlov deal at slightly over $3M a year, why would he then go and offer Prospal $4M+ per season. If he was willing to do that, he would have signed Kozlov more than a month ago. And Kozzie is the player that Atlanta would prefer to have. If the monetary terms reported are correct, then it’s not Atlanta.

    If you want to get technical, Atlanta has already lost Kozlov. He is an unrestricted free agent testing the market. But him and the team are playing a cat and mouse game, trying to see who will flinch. Both sides have put a good bit of coverage in the press about struggling to reach a contract, even though he is open to all bidders. And he has said a few times before this started he wants to stay in Atlanta (of course he won’t say such things right at this moment when he’s trying to get some more money out of the team).

    Long story short, this all leads me to believe both sides want to reach an agreement with each other. And both sides are actually being smart in their approach. Most fans just don’t have the patience to believe this. It may turn out he gets signed by another team, but Kozlov’s first option still remains the Thrashers. It will continue to be unless one or both parties makes a stupid move. After being intelligent up to this point, stupidity doesn’t seem that likely (especially given the involved parties).

  3. MossRocks says:

    Not to mention that Prospal isn’t worth more than $3M/yr. I agree with you. I’m not a Kozlov fan, but he’s a better choice than Prospal for crazy money. Waddell should also hold firm on his offer to Kozlov – he’s not worth more than that. This is not the time to start wasting money.

  4. cwthrash says:

    I’m so-so on Kozlov. Have to see if he can keep it going into next season.

    I agree as well that the offer is what he is worth. I wouldn’t complain though if DW upped the ante to $3.5M per (max), sometimes you have to give a little more to get what you want. Unfortunately, that’s the way they play this crazy game. But no more than that.

    I also based my assumption of this being Kozlov’s first choice on another factor. Even though I don’t know for sure, I’d be willing to bet he has receieved offers from at least one or two other teams for at least the amount being offered by Atlanta. Of course those offers may only be a year or two, where the Thrashers are offering three. But he could already have a richer contract that what DW has offered. He wants more security and Atlanta may be the only team to offer him that. Besides, he’s not the type to tell the press two or three times he likes it here and not mean it. Who wouldn’t when you have free reign to play an offensive game with Heatley and Savard?

    All that being said, he still may go to another team. I don’t have the first clue as to what his agent has seen or talked about. I’m just shooting from the hip, and hoping I’m not too far off target.

  5. cgolding says:

    would make more sense with the duck philosophy of team over any single player to go with a guy like prospal over federov. especially since reports tend to show that federov deal ain’t likely in anaheim where the money flow is not exactly a river. he would probably be a good fit there, especially with the loss of oates.

    gonna be tough to fill kariyas shoes there regardless, i’m sorta sad he left was hoping he’d be one of those guys to ride out his career with one team. who knows, maybe he’ll do a year with the avalanche then go back to the pond when selanne waves goodbye and heads back across the proverbial pond to play in europe in his older days.


  6. jon95616 says:

    If the Ducks do sign Prospal tomorrow then i believe they will step out of the Federov bidding and maybe bring back Oates and or Thomas and thats it. If they were going to get Federov it would have already happened.

    Federov is obviously waiting to see what happens in the next few weeks (months?) in the NHL. Such as if the Rangers will move Lindros or Bure…where Cujo goes…etc.

    would Prospal replace Kariya for the Ducks?

    Prospal: 79 points

    Kariya:81 points

    Kariya is obviously the more dynamic player but the point totals are pretty close, not too bad although im sure most Duck’s fans would rather have Federov.

  7. kremlin says:

    Fedorov is going into early retirement. There’s no team offering him a contract worth more than 10+. He overplayed his hand – stupid.

    No seriously, I’m a big Wings fan and I hope Fedorov still returns to Detroit, depite all the rumors. Otherwise, I’ve no idea where he should go…probably NYR if they can lose some of their expensive players.

  8. kremlin says:

    I can’t see Prospal going to Atlanta. They have some solid forwards and will focus on contracting some defense.

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