Rangers Add Krog Through Waivers

According to newyorkrangers.com, the teams official website, the Blueshirts claimed Jason Krog off waivers from Atlanta.

Krog is now part of the Rangers’ active roster. This is like another Brad Isbister.

My take: Won’t do much. Trade Cullen… please.

5 Responses to Rangers Add Krog Through Waivers

  1. Uncleben says:

    obviously used to help their AHL team and roster filler when there's injuries

  2. XOXOHTH says:

    Just a quick question from a hockey fan foolishly familiar with the Rangers roster. Where does he fit in? He isn't a scorer or a playmaker, you have plenty of those anyway. Also the line with Ward, Hossa and ????? (Hollweg perhaps) seems to have been playing good hockey lately. So is he a fourth line guy? A reserve forward? An extra piece for a future trade?

  3. XOXOHTH says:

    Not Hollweg its Betts………I think.

  4. ranger_fan says:

    Wow. Now I don't think he can go to Hartford without having to go back through waivers.

    Simply put, the Rangers have way too many mediocre forwards. Too many mediocre defensemen. One mediocre goalie.

    For those about to bash me hang on a second.
    While a fan favorite, I think NY would be wise to demote Hollweg. Possibly a conditioning assignment. The guy has been working hard, and a tip of the cap to him. But I would love to see him in Hartford getting an offensive responsibility. Ryan has put up solid offensive numbers before turning pro, and may be he needs a confidence lifter. I know the Rangers are soft, and would be hurting without him in the lineup. But at last check, Immonen was sitting around doing nothing, and if we gave him 10 minutes, we might actually get some offense.

    Hollweg has some offensive upside, and if he does have a club option, I think a two week stint could be beneficial long term to himself, and the Rangers. I think he is still pointless.

    Another youngster is Prucha. He has picked up his game, but earlier in the season may be he needed something to lift up his confidence. I am just throwing these ideas out there because NY must be gearing up for a trade that is going to send a couple of forwards in the deal, and that is the only reason slats has from getting Krog.

    If I had to speculate – I think Jason Wards days are limited with Jed back. Unfortunately I don't see Marcel Hossa here long term. I really wish he would get more ice time. Every time I notice him with the puck he is able to keep posession against the boards and can create chances. Betts could even be traded. Sather is confusing a lot of us.

    Hopefully we can land a center out of this OR a defenseman to replace Malik. Or a LEGIT BACKUP GOALIE!

  5. mikster says:

    Don’t give up on Cullen. He was asked to do too much this season. He’s a skilled forward, but best used on the 3rd line and he was very good on the point with Carolina on the PP. Have we seen him there? No.

    He works hard, tried, and shows effort. He’ll become a Ranger, just like Kaspar has.

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