Rangers GM shouldn't sacrifice future for No. 8 seed

THE fear factor as it applies to the Rangers is that Glen Sather will respond to the team’s latest string of crash-and-burn by making risky trades in order to acquire a Band-Aid or two to apply to his team’s hemorrhaging arteries when the general manager’s best course of action is simply to allow the body to bleed out.

There is much with which to indict Sather over the course of his tenure that began in June of 2000, but trading pieces of the franchise’s foundation in exchange for instant gratification would not be among the particulars in a bill of impeachment, certainly not since the lockout.

Now, though, with the Rangers somehow as unresponsive to coach John Tortorella after less than one year as they were last winter to Tom Renney after four years, who knows?

It’s darn near impossible to believe that Tortorella wouldn’t have lobbied for the recall of defenseman Ilkka Heikkinen before the Rangers’ flight yesterday to Phoenix, where they open a three-game western tour tomorrow night. But it is just as impossible to believe that Sather would have rejected his coach’s request in the wake of the defense’s puny performance in Wednesday’s 5-1 defeat to Carolina.

Yet, almost as parody, the Rangers march on with the minimum six defensemen on the roster, meaning that barring a move in the next day, Wade Redden will play on after being benched for the final 37:55 on Wednesday. It means Michal Rozsival will play on, and it means that Dan Girardi will play on regardless of past performance.

Entitlement, anyone?

The Rangers’ deficiencies are on display every night. They do not have a playmaking center. They do not have a physically intimidating defenseman. They do not have size on the wing. They do not have fire in the belly.

They do not, in fact, have much at all to show for their grand total of two playoff round victories in Sather’s nine seasons, beyond all-world talents Henrik Lundqvist and Marian Gaborik, plus the hope that Michael Del Zotto, Marc Staal, Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky will mature into championship caliber components.


2 Responses to Rangers GM shouldn't sacrifice future for No. 8 seed

  1. number15 says:

    i can understand if ur fighting for the 1st overall pick and tank the season…. danm Toronto could have done  that last season (danm)

    though if ur at the low lottery level u gotta go for the playoffs….. thats what u play for. plus once ur in the playoffs anything is possible
    just my opinion

  2. trueblue says:

    I dont think the Rangers have a case of putting on a band aid… they have a situatio which requires some surgery… with that being said it is rather difficult for any GM in this type of situation to make some quick fixes under a cap system…

    The best thing Sather could do is clear some cap room by unloading some players… addition by subtraction as Sam Rosen would call it….

    Guys like Kotalik and Roszival are the most obvious… and replacing them is rather easy with guys waiting within the system…

    Its what Sather does with Higgins and Prospal who are both UFA's after this season that will be most interesting…

    I would like to see all 4 players go and get maybe 1 solid player back with some draft picks and prospects… filling any holes with players within… freeing cap space…getting a good position with the number one pick… If Sather could do this, the season would be scrapped but it paves the way for next year and beyond…

    Outside of all this, I can see Drury finishing out his contract and Redden playing the following 2 seasons as well… afterward i can see Redden being forced into reirement to clear up cap space… with the remaining 2 years of Reddens contract being scrapped the Rangers would be free to move on

    Does this mean that they cant be competitive till then??? Absolutely not!

    Scrap this season…follow the plan i set out…next season shop for some help on the free agency market… dont sign any long term contracts with free agency unlesss the players name is Kovalchuk… if they sign him, i say 5 years and no more….

    They have to buckle down right now… no other way around it

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